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30 Drabbles

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Jake stared down at his computer screen from where it sat in his bedspread, rereading the green text over again.

GT: Hey jane guess what i found today!
GT: Jane?
GT: Youre away from the computer arent you?

There was still no response, of course. Jake started to type in another question, but thought better of it and deleted it.

No one was online. It was a rare occurrence, but it did happen, and sometimes Jake hated it. He glanced over at his poster-covered walls, hoping to think of something to do, but there was nothing. He was too tired from an earlier fight to want to venture outside again, and he wasn’t hungry enough to try to open a can for dinner.

A comical pile of his grandma’s arsenal sat across the room, and Jake stood up to idly poke through it. The authentic Tomb Raider Sexy Thighstrap Double Holster hung empty on a bedpost; Jake filled both holsters, then decided against putting it on. He glanced back at the laptop screen. Still no response.

Jake gave a dramatic sigh. There was plenty to do, really, but nothing that he wanted to do, because right now he wanted to get Jane’s opinion on something and she wasn’t online. There was no way to contact her. He bonked his head on a sci-fi movie poster out of frustration.

Again Jake went to the laptop, pulling up the Pesterchum client to see who was on. Jane was logged in, but away from the computer, and Roxy wasn’t there at all. Dirk seemed to be on, but he always was, and Jake knew that if he tried to send him a message, he’d just get the auto-responder. He didn’t really want to try out the auto-responder tonight.

Jake glanced up again and stared for a moment at the cookalizer, the last uranium-powered device to remain un-plundered. There wasn’t much he’d want to do about meals once that was gone, not that meals now were very great. He made a mental note to mention uranium in his next letter to Jade.

That wasn’t enough to distract him though; after a few minutes, Jake’s eyes slid back onto the computer screen. With another exasperated sigh, he let his head fall back on the bed, staring at the ceiling for a moment before reaching out and grabbing the nearest comic, flipping open to a random page.