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Quick Oneshots/Crossovers - Part 25

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[The shot opens on the interior of a kitchen. A woman is washing a dish by hand, drying it, putting it away and looping the tea towel around the oven handle]


[She looks out of the window and heavily sighs, and a guy comes up beside her]


[The woman turns, and frowns]


WOMAN: Don’t sneak up, it’s not nice.


GUY: Did you know I was behind you?




GUY: Then why aren’t you scared?


[The woman shrugs on a bright green dressing gown from seemingly nowhere, pulling on a hood that is the Hulk’s face. She turns to the camera and pouts]


WOMAN: That’s my secret. I’m always scared.


[The shot widens slightly to show the guy]


GUY: No, you’re not. You’re always telling me you stalk guys at work and don’t care if they go to HR.


[The woman goes red, puts her hand over the camera, despite a couple fingers spread to show movement blur]


WOMAN: You can’t be completely honest about the truth when I’m filming, dear.