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And give myself as truly as an arrow flies

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Regina was lying in her bed in her chambers alone and silently whimpering. Like so many nights Daniels death occupied her dreams, night after night she saw her mother crushing his heart over and over again and like many nights before she woke up with a scream, trembling and tears in her eyes. Trying to shake the remains of the nightmare away Regina stood up and walked to balcony where the sun slowly started to rise. It was still early but going back to sleep wasn’t an option so Regina did what she always did when the horrors of her past where suffocating her: She went out to the stables. As she walked through the castle hoping not to meet anyone she thought back at the time where she had love, a future.
Now it’s been years since she was trapped in this castle, first as Leopold’s wife and now as queen or rather as the Evil Queen. She knew it shouldn’t bother her what peasants were thinking of her and it clearly showed over the years that fear was quite an effective tool, but it also made her even more lonely. She shook her head to and told herself stop thinking like that she won, she was the queen she had power and as soon Snow White was out of the way the people would love her like they loved her brat of a step-daughter. When Regina reached the stables the smell of horses and straw made her feel a bit better and as she got up on her horse and could feel the wind in her hair she almost felt content, almost.
Regina kept riding for some time, deep in thoughts about all the things she had to do today. Leopold had left a mess when he died 5 years ago, not having any idea how to run a kingdom. She had her hand full fixing his mess, the wonderful, beloved and caring king, she thought bitterly. Nobody ever saw the true face of the gracious men like she did, the cruelty and coldness, not that anybody ever would’ve cared. But all of this was behind her now.

Suddenly Regina got startled by a noise and ripped out of her thoughts she looked around. After watching her surrounding for a couple of minutes she decided that it probably was an animal and that she should continue her ride. Regina was about to give her horse the signal to continue as she saw him- A tall man with long dark hair hiding in the woods aiming an arrow at her. But it wasn’t the weapon directed towards her heart that made Regina swallow hard it was the look in the eyes of that men: it was blank hatred almost a manic look, a look that Regina told he was here to kill her. Probably taking revenge for one of the many evils she committed. Memories of dead or dying people and glowing hearts turned up before her eyes but she pushed them back like she always did.

Regina was no fool she know that her people hated her and that too many wanted her dead so she wasn’t surprised at the man who kept starring at her. The queen watched the men how he stared right in her eyes and released the arrow. Regina was about to let the arrow disappear with a wave of her hand and rip the heart out of the stupid archer who dared to aim at her but then a thought crossed her mind: Why stopping it ? There would be nobody who would miss her besides maybe her father. Everybody hated her and the nightmares kept coming. She thought she would be free after Leopold dead but the memory of the past had a strong hold around her heart and before really realizing what she was doing Regina dropped her hand and suddenly there was only pain, excruciating pain. The arrow had hit her stomach a little beneath the original aim. Regina tried to breathe through it but the pain flooded like fire through her veins, she had the feeling she was burning alive. That’s when she realized that it wasn’t just an ordinary arrow but one dipped in poison. As another wave of pain went through her she couldn’t keep herself on the horse anymore and with a dull sound she crashed on the ground, her stallion galloping away.

The impact made her cry out and she curled herself up. The pain was so severe that she barely could think straight anymore and it took several minutes till Regina realized that she could use her magic. Regina held her hand over the wound but no magic was coming not matter how hard she tried so she let her hand totally exhausted falling next to her. She should’ve known it wouldn’t work healing never has been one of her strong suits, Rumple never thought it as something important to teach her and besides that only lessons which almost got her killed she never really practiced it. Something she started to regret as the pain kept getting stronger. Even though Regina would never admit it she was scared so scared. She thought about Daniel and if she would see him again, finally being reunited. A thought which almost made the queen smile. She had closed her eyes but as she suddenly heard a laughing they snapped open again. The man who had shot the arrow was standing over her and grinning madly at her. Regina tried to threw a snarky comment at him but all that came out was a rasping sound what made the archer snarl: “What are you saying Your Majesty I can’t understand you?. It hurts doesn’t it? You have no idea how much I enjoy this and how thrilled your people will be as soon somebody finds your body. Can you imagine the celebration and the worshipping I will receive for killing the Evil Queen. You are a monster and…” Regina couldn’t hear everything else he thought about her as darkness took over her. That also was how she would die, alone in the woods only accompanied by the man who was about to take her life. The last thing she was thinking before death would claim her was that the crazy laughing archer was right she was a monster. A monster nobody would miss, a monster that probably wouldn’t be granted a nice after- life. She doubted that whoever was in charge of life and death would put Daniel, her good and pure Daniel with somebody like her dark, evil and not worthy. While she was fighting for each breath she heard a voice, a voice which didn’t’ belong to the man standing over her. This voice was warm, deep and comforting. But before Regina could think more about where the kind voice was coming from everything went black.