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Looking Toward The Future

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Chapter 1

Freshmen year at Pine Valley University

New home of Kaylie, Kristina, Dean, Sam and Ryan

"Big apartment and garage. Nice house and high fence" said Kristina as she admire the house. "About time you all got here" said Kaylie as she have been at the house waiting for them to arrive. "The dogs are getting along" said Dean as he took the dogs out back with Casey. "I will help you Kris" said Kaylie as she help Kristina take her things to her bedroom.

"You and Dean need to talk" said Kristina as they went outside to get all her things out of the car while the boys did the same. "I will talk to him later in private" said Kaylie as she look over to Dean then She and Kristina got all her things in the bedroom she chose by the stairs. "Okay Mike and I will be outside at all time blending into the background. if anything happen we will take care of it" said Jake as they nod while looking at them.

"Thanks boys. Now go home and let us get settled in since tomorrow's big day" said Kaylie as she smile and show them the door. "What happened to our girl that we look over when she was little?" said Jake as he look at her and Jake. "She grew up" said Kaylie as they left.

"We really left home" said Kristina as she sit on a small sofa then they start eating dinner after they ordered pizzas and it arrived an hour later. "We did" said Kaylie as she look around the room and eat her pizza. "I noticed we have two more rooms left" said Sam as he look at Kaylie after he had chose the bedroom on other end of hall from Kaylie and Dean's with Kristina's in the middle of the hall.

"This is only the house that is right for us by the campus. One of them is for Jamie and Riley in case they decide to come here next year and other is just another room" said Kaylie as they agreed and they look at one other. "What if they don't?" said Kristina as she start cleaning up after they finish eating. "It stay empty like other room" said Dean as he sit back on the couch and look at Kaylie.

"Hey dad" said Kaylie as she call her dad's phone. "Kay how's the house?" said Lorenzo as he answer the phone. "Amazing we love it and just right by the campus. We are going to get stock up this weekend. Can I come home?" said Kaylie as she smile when they laugh at her. "Kaylie you want to go there and you are not coming home until Christmas" said Lorenzo as he chuckle when she laugh.

"Ok dad bye" said Kaylie as they hang up then Kristina's cell ring. "Hey Molly" said Kristina as she get her cellphone to answer it. "Kristina. We want to know if you are there and safe" said Molly as she call her. "I got here hours ago and I am fine" said Kristina as they talk for awhile then hang up.

Dean and Kaylie's room

"I am sorry I didn't tell you that I was staying here for the summer. I had many things to do at the boarding house and we had beach party at the beach houses. I made Bianca my business partner that way she have half control of the house while I have other half" said Kaylie as she went to sit on the bed and he look at her.

"50/50? Are you going to tell me everything now?" said Dean as he close the door and return to unpack his bag on the bed. "Yes to both" said Kaylie as she sit in the middle of the bed looking at him. "You better" said Dean as he smile at her and pull her over to him and he kiss her. "We have DVR in the bedroom and just watch TV in the living room" said Kaylie as Dean were unpacking the boxes and she heard Kristina calling out to her about DVR. "Cool" said Dean as they finish up their unpacking.

Kristina's room

"Are you keep going to do that just yell down the hall" said Ryan as he enter her room and Kristina threw a pillow at him which he caught it. "No" said Kristina as they all got everything unpack. "You miss him" said Ryan as he sit on her bed and look at her. "I do miss him" said Kristina as he chuckle and motion her to sit by him. "He will come visit?" said Ryan as she sit by him and smile at Ryan. "He said he will when he can" said Kristina as he went back to their room and they got ready for bed.

Next morning


"Sam are you going to cook us meals because we can't cook to save our life but Ryan make good coffee" said Kaylie as they sit down for breakfast and Sam agreed. "We got to go" said Ryan as they all clean up and grab their bags. "I got the door" said Sam as he lock the door while the rest walk toward the campus and he went to catch up to them.

"I am off to classes. Boys what are you four doing later?" said Kaylie as she look at them. "I am going your way" said Kristina as she look at Kaylie and the boys. "We plan to stop by coffee house later this afternoon" said Sam as he look at the girls. "Later boys" said Kristina as they left to classes.


"You still with Dean?" said Colby as she and Kaylie walk around the campus to get lunch. "For almost four years. He's amazing" said Kaylie as she smile at her and she notice Kristina sitting at the table looking at her book. "I would like to meet him soon and you should meet my roommate soon. We got a place near the campus and I know you got a place too" said Colby as they agreed. "We should do that and I got to go" said Kaylie as they hug then Colby left while Kaylie walk over to Kristina.

"My brain hurt from reading the book and trying to understand it" said Kristina as she look at Kaylie when Kaylie arrive to the table. "Today is only the beginning and don't push yourself hard over it" said Kaylie as Sam brought lunch to the table.

"Oh thanks" said Kristina as Ryan help out passing out lunch. "I am hungry already" said Dean as he join them for lunch and sit down by Kaylie. "Everyone's good?" said Kaylie as they agreed and eat their lunch.

"I have afternoon booked for cooking until five" said Sam as he look at them and clean up. "My last class is four" said Kaylie as Kristina and Dean said four. "Two" said Ryan as Kristina look at him along with others. "Did you get that class you wanted?" said Kristina as she wonder while looking at Ryan. "I did only it start in two weeks" said Ryan as they nod and clean up the table. "Kay I will walk with you" said Sam as he stop ahead while they follow him. "Ok" said Kaylie as they walk to classes.


"A week already and I am tired" said Kristina as she got home and sit down on the couch. "Dean went to get stuff for the dogs. Jake offered to train them to keep them busy" said Kaylie as she look at Kristina from her spot on the couch. "Did we get a phone already?" said Kristina as she notice a phone in the room.

"Just one in here since we use our cellphone daily" said Kaylie as they watch TV until the boys got home. "You got homework to do?" said Sam as Ryan got home to the girls and Dean doing their homework. "I will go cook dinner" said Sam as he went to cook while Ryan went to join others to do his homework.

"I got it" said Dean as he went to open the door and Kristina nudge Kaylie when she saw Zach standing at the door. "Hey Zach what bring you by?" said Kaylie as she came over to them and stood in front of Dean. "Here" said Zach as he took the orange envelope out of his suit jacket and give it to her. "This is the one for Lila Rae and Skyler?" said Kaylie as she have it in her hand and look at Zach.

"The money she entrusted you with went to them and you gave yours to our charity. That is the final notice and papers. It's all done. Are you Dean?" said Zach as he smile at her and look over to Dean. "Yes" said Dean as he look at Zach while Kaylie look at both of them. "You two play nice while I make a call" said Kaylie as she look at them both and walk away to get the phone to call Skye.

"Kaylie?" said Skye as she have been expecting her call any day. "It's done. Lila Rae and Skyler have it now" said Kaylie as she talk to Skye while looking at Zach and Dean talking. "Good. They can have the money when they are eighteen leaving you in charge of their funds?" said Skye as she sit down on the couch.

"Yes" said Kaylie as they talk for few minutes and hang up then Kaylie walk over to Dean and Zach. "Is there anything I should know?" said Kaylie as she slide past Dean to go outside and look at Zach while they stand on the porch. "Not right now" said Zach as he smile at her. Dean step outside and close the door behind him.

"I am pretty sure mom and Aidan are still at home here in town" said Kaylie as she and Zach walk down the stairs across the lawn to his car while her guards made a appearance. "What's with them?" said Zach as he notice them and look at Kaylie.

"Dad's orders and those are my guards since I was eight. He know I grew up here age two to nine but he felt it would be better if I do have them around for my and Kristina's safety. Our fathers have enemies and I am sure there is more out there somewhere knowing my dad. Just one sign of trouble could sent them all running to our rescue" said Kaylie as she smile at him after looking over to her guards for a minute.

"Does your mom know?" said Zach as he stand by his car and look at her. "Yes. They had a long talk for hours until she gave in and let him" said Kaylie as she stand by him and they smile. "Kaylie?" said Mike as he and Kaylie look at each other then she went over to him. "He's family to me and just go on" said Kaylie as she talk to Mike and Jake.

"You got it" said Mike as he look at Zach and Kaylie then walk back inside with Jake. "Kay dinner's ready" said Dean as he call her from the porch after Sam had told him and went back inside. "I got to go home for dinner" said Zach as he smile at her and they hug. "Later" said Kaylie as she smile at him and went inside then Zach left. "That was Zach?" said Ryan as he look at them while they were eating at the dining table. "That is Zach" said Kaylie as they finish dinner and Kristina help Ryan clean up the table. "We got that out of the way" said Dean as he smile at her and they went to their room.

Chat room

Kaylie sign in
Sam sign in

Kaylie- Hey Sam
Sam- Hey Kay

Kristina sign in
Kristina- Was Riley and Jamie to be in here?

Jamie sign in
Jamie- Kris have you told Ethan about this room?

Ryan sign in
Ryan- Someone is missing here
Kristina- Ryan we know and Jamie no I haven't told him. He don't have computer yet and he's busy to have one right now

Riley sign in
Jamie- Finally Riley we was wondering when you would get here
Riley- Sorry babe but I had something to take care of and I am here now. I missed you all and PCHS was not the same without all of you but I had Jamie

Kaylie- Aw. We love and missed you too
Jamie- Riley what is your career you going for?
Riley- Doctor

Sam- My sister Megan and her best friend is in medical school in NYC. I swear she love medical more than anything.
Kaylie- Lol Sam you love cooking that you would cook whenever you wanted. How old were you when you were allow to use the stove without starting a fire?
Sam- Thirteen before that I was making other stuff and use microwave. You know some food don't need to be cook?

Kaylie- Before I was eight we make our food. My mom and Aidan do but at Dad's we have cook that take care of the kitchen. but my brother Diego he don't because Abby does and they don't have a cook.
Sam- good point. Coming from a family I have it's like a living.

Kristina is away
Dean sign in

Kaylie- You on the laptop Dean?
Dean- I am and you know that
Kaylie- Lol sure babe

Ryan- So am I
Kristina- Ethan said hi.
Kaylie- Tell him hi back
Kristina- Done. Later

Kristina sign off
Kaylie sign off

Dean- Kaylie's on the phone now. Later boys
Dean sign off

Kaylie and Dean's room

"Four wonderful years" said Kaylie as she was changing for bed while Dean was in their private bathroom. "The best years ever" said Dean as she smile at him and he came over to her. "I love you" said Kaylie as she look into Dean's eyes and they kiss then lay down on the bed. "I love you too" said Dean as they made love.