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The Shinigami Wing Deal

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Light flopped back down on his bed, having thoroughly rejected that stupid "eye deal," and added in a teasing voice. "Anything else you want to tell me ahead of time, Shinigami?"

"Uh no..." Probably. Ryuk was still taken aback, surprised and amused by the fact that Light showed him absolutely no fear, despite the fact that he was a Shinigami...

"Hmm," Light closed his eyes as he relaxed on the bed. "That's too bad."


Light smirked coyly at the Shinigami. "You know Ryuk, I might have seriously considered the deal if you offered me wings instead of eyes. Just the idea of flying around freely in the sky sounds very God-like. Besides it's been man's dream since antiquity to be able to fly..."

Had Light been paying attention he would have noticed the obvious mirth that showed in Ryuk's eyes. Oh Light-o, if you only knew… Yes, poor "innocent" little Light had no idea what that sort of thing implied in the Shinigami realm…

"You'd stand out if you sprouted wings and flew around," Ryuk pointed out reasonably. "Not to mention the police would have no trouble finding you."

Light chuckled. "I was only joking."

Ryuk swallowed as Light shifted around on the bed. Oh what the hell, nothing to lose by asking. "Oi, Light-o, what if I told you that there is a deal for wings…"

Light shot up in the bed and gave Ryuk a questioning look.

"Well, it's not just wings… Let's see if I can remember... oh yeah! The one who enters into this Contract will also be able to use the Death Note as a Shinigami can, to extend their lifespan… and they become immune to the effects of the Death Note themselves… well... with the exception of mine of course. Hyuk."

Light's eyes widened. Are you screwing with me? "Then why not mention it earlier?" Light demanded arms folded in annoyance across his chest.

Ryuk's grin widened. "But I didn't think you'd ever take it."

"Why wouldn't I... wait, can you not retract the wings or something?"

"No, they'd be like mine, they retract, you can hide them..."

Then why...? There has to be some catch... "What are the terms?"

Ryuk looked thoughtful about how best to spin that... "Well... because it's a trade-off of me sharing my powers with you... you would be bound to serve me for the rest of your life."

Light thought about that. Don't I do that anyway? Keeping you entertained? Letting you sleep in my bed? Catering to your damned apple addiction?

Light's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean, serve?"

Damn! Almost had him! Ryuk could tell that the boy was intrigued... very intrigued. But no doubt he would be put off by the details. Every human he had propositioned for the last five centuries had said no... though maybe if he kept it vague enough...

"I will make certain... demands of you... nothing that would interfere with your plans I assure you. Well, as long as you're careful. Hyuk. You know, just... help me out or entertain me for a few hours... You know, when I feel like it, if it's not too much trouble..."

"Wait, are you saying I'd just have to run a few errands for you? I mean, that's all there is to it, right?"

Ryuk barely managed to constrain himself. "Yes."

You're kidding me, right? That's all? For immortality... for Godhood? For the sheer awesomeness of flying around whenever I feel like it?

"Then I accept." How could he not?

Ryuk couldn't believe that worked... Light suddenly knew he had made a horrible, horrible mistake by the way Ryuk threw his head back and cackled evilly—but he also knew, all too well, that he couldn't take it back now... so Light bit the bullet "So, Ryuk... what exactly do you want?"

Without warning Ryuk was on top of him, holding him down to the bed.

Light gulped as Ryuk leaned in fangs glinted evilly in the moonlight, and much too close for comfort.

"Ryuk, wha—?"

Ryuk closed the distance, his tongue flicked out and invaded Light's mouth-already open in shock.

Light was red faced and panting heavily when Ryuk finally released him (finally remembering that, unlike him, Light needed to breath).

Ryuk whispered in his ear. "You."

"Wha—but... you..." Light was pretty sure that that was the sound of his brain shorting out... A shame it was such a good brain too, one of my favorites… he thought along with Why? For the love of ME why? And much to his added horror the epiphany of Ryuk might be ugly but he's a very good kisser.

Light struggled in vain as Ryuk effortlessly held him down and ripped his clothes away leaving Light stripped naked on the bed. Ryuk admired the sight before him.

"Yes, you are truly a God among humans, Light. Indeed, I am honored you have agreed to be mine."

Light shivered. "Yours..."

Ryuk painted a line of drool across Light's left ear with his tongue. "My slave...and my mate."

"MATE?" Light's eyes went wild and he furiously renewed his futile struggles.

"Your mine," Ryuk growled roughly as he knocked the wind out of the struggling boy "to do with what I please, when I please, where I please... and as many times as I please." Ryuk decided to demonstrate the concept of "mine" by marking Light with renewed vigor. Light hissed as Ryuk nipped lightly at Light's skin and drew blood.

Light's genius brain finally caught up to the situation and exactly what was happening... and what was going to happen.


"But—but you said Shinigami can't have sex with huma—!" Light's protest was cut short by a groan as Ryuk swirled his tongue around, spreading the blood and saliva across his chest.

"Right, with humans. You made the Deal. You're not human anymore."

Not human anymore? It was getting much harder to think. Does that mean I'm... "A Shinigami."

Ryuk laughed. "No, I told you exactly what you are. My slave."

This… this isn't happening! Light thought hysterically as Ryuk ground his hardness against Light's thigh.

"No…" Light whimpered in fear and hated himself for appearing so weak... THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!

Unfortunately, reality stubbornly refused to realign to his wishes...

(To be continued...?)