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Trick or Treat

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‘Play the game or don’t! Still it can be lots of fun, so, just try it on for a size!


“Dressing up? In funky looking costumes? Going around door to door, just begging for some candy, from strangers?”

Echo had listed all the crazy things he had heard just a moment ago from one of the other clones. Those whom where apparently rather enthusiastic about the upon coming seasonal celebration a few of the nat-borns on the base had enlightened them about. And so being now heavily involved themselves in the setup, having found the whole process rather intriguing.

But Echo wasn’t sold on the whole process. Finding it rather, odd.

“More like threatening to do some sinister deed to whomever they are bugging at the time unless they are given this, whatever treat they’re demanding! Most likely they are heavily armed too!”

Wrecker had kind of gotten the gist of what the idea was for this, practise of Trick or Treat. But his own version of it, naturally. Not that he wasn’t all for tricking others himself. Because he totally loved to pull pranks on the others. 

But these were kids after all. And well, there were still rules to follow, right? Or perhaps they were possessed or something? Wrecker had heard a few of the horror tales they kids had been telling around the campfire on a few nights. And those had been really scary!

“It’s nothing like that. Not really.”

Tech finally corrected the duo’s thought process of the whole ordeal. 

After all, Tech was nothing if not thorough. And having run his several searches to the subject matter at hand as soon as he had heard of the stories from the others. He had uncovered out the truth behind the sinister plot of the young children.

“It’s just a child’s play. The kids are dressing up trying to look whomever they are idolising at the moment and then going around in the neighbourhood asking for treats. Namely, sweets. The tricks are there just for the show, because the parents are prepared to give them the candy after all.”

Tech checked his data pad further to check if there was something he had missed. But he already knew the gist of it and had told the other two as much.

“Rest assured Wrecker, there is really nothing nefarious as it is all simply, children playing a game.”

“Well, whatever it is, I sure am not going to be anywhere close to them.”

Wrecker was still convinced this was some ploy. And that it would be trouble for the rest of them if they did not make themselves scarce for the duration.

“I agree with Wrecker. Those kids can raise some serious havoc out there.”

Crosshair chimed in and none of the other three could tell from his serious face whether he was joking or not.

“Well, guess we just have to wait and see, whether we get away unscathed or not.”

Hunter had joined the conversation, finding the things said rather amusing, especially coming from seasoned soldiers. The lot of them being scared of a few kids in costumes. 

And besides, Hunter had talked about the whole ordeal with those putting the whole thing together as Omega was clearly interested in joining in the games with the other children of the base. So Hunter knew better at this point.

“I am all in!”

Omega chimed, being already fully prepped, having designed a costume for herself and all.

“See, this is what I will wear.”

She then continued to show the data pad drawing to the rest of them. Letting the device circle from hand to hand, each of the Batchers checking her design and nodding in appreciation.

“This looks good.”

Tech stated then and handed the pad back to Omega.

“Just be careful out there, will ya!”

Wrecker still not assured it was safe warned the kid.

“Don’t worry, Wreck! I promise to behave!”

Omega let out a somewhat sinister sounding laugh just then. Having practised it for the upon coming festivities night. But, unfortunately, her clearly practised chuckle sounded a little too real as the rest of her team were getting the chills from the totally scary sounding laugh of hers.

Rex was just arriving when he heard the rather ominous laugh coming from the young girl. He could not help but laugh himself, as he was totally on board with the whole thing. His people and the kids having something else to think about rather than the rebellion going on in the galaxy.

Rex approached the group and placed his hand on Omega’s shoulder.

“You, my dear, would make a great villain!”

Omega was positively beaming, as she was totally taking this whole dressing up and playing the part of an evil being seriously.

“Thank you Rex. I have rehearsed for the role for a while now and will try my very best to be the best evil queen I possibly can.”

Omega assured Rex, getting curious looks from the others around her, as clearly, Rex was the only one understanding the whole idea of this particular celebration. Well, maybe Hunter as well.

“I know you will, Omega.”

Rex and Omega then both shared a devilish laughter. Making the others skin crawl in the process as it sounded totally believable. Or then, the duo had totally lost their marbles, for good?