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Into The Open Air

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“I don’t get it Derek,” Laura huffed, “We came back to start building a bigger pack, to finally reestablish ourselves. How can we do that if my Second and his daughter live in a house separate from us?” She knew Derek’s reasons, wanting his daughter to have as normal and human a childhood as she could for a werewolf pup, to have human friends and not be the closed off person he was. Knowing the reasons didn’t make her less unhappy having her brother and niece living in town instead of at their new home in the forest. Pack was supposed to stay together.

“We’ve talked about this Laura, at length even.” Derek rolled his eyes. “We need our own place and we will be over all the time. Ziva has grown up in the city though, she needs more than just woods surrounding her.” Not to mention that Derek didn’t think he could live there, even if the house was brand new and it was built away from their old one, memories still lingered. “It has nothing to do with not wanting to live with you, we’re still family, still pack.” Derek could admit to himself at least that he wanted his privacy too. Laura was a wonderful alpha but as a big sister she could be...intense to say the least.

“I know that but,” Laura couldn’t help her whine, “I just don’t like you two being elsewhere. I can’t be there right away if you get attacked.” It drove her wolf insane. “I’ll get over it but I’m gonna whine about it until I do.”

“I have no doubt that you will.” Derek replied dryly. He loved his sister, he loved her so much but a slight distance between them, he thought that could be a good thing. “And you won’t be alone, you’ll have Peter living with you.” His lips twitched slightly, knowing that if anyone could get under Laura’s skin, it was their uncle.

“Oh. Joy,” Laura growled. It was hard being alpha to a perverted man child who'd changed your diapers as a baby. “You are evil for enjoying the thought of me dealing with Peter on my own.” She shoved him a little bit, “So are the neighbors nice?” At the way Derek’s gaze skittered away she growled, “You haven’t met any of the neighbors have you? What did you do? Just buy the house over the internet without checking out the people around? Derek!”

“What?” That was exactly what Derek had done, he’d found the house on the internet and it looked good, was just big enough for him and Ziva, it had a huge yard and the price was reasonable. “It’s Beacon Hills, who cares what the neighbors are like? I’m not going to spend any time with them.” Derek shuddered at the thought of interacting with people like that. “And Ziva will make friends at school.” He did squirm a little though, under Laura’s gaze.

“And what if there’s a creep next door?! Oh God what if there really is a creep next door and he tries to creep on my niece and we have to kill him and hide the body? What if th-” she whipped her head around just before someone knocked on the door and heard, from the other side, “It’s okay you don’t have to knock Mr. Red. Daddy’s got the door open cause we’re moving in boxes and he wants to be able to boot Auntie Laura out if she gets insoluble.”

The voice that replied was sort of panty wetting deep, “It’s polite for me to knock, since I don’t live here squirt. You know, like it’s polite to not go digging in the new neighbor’s garden.”

“But I saw a trapped sugar fairy, I had to try and save her! And you said you didn’t mind.”

Laura could hear the pout from here.

“And I don’t, but I bet your Dad might have a different view of the subject. Dads usually like to know when their kids leave the yard. What if he looks out and doesn’t see you?”

“Oh. He’d probably be sad enough to howl. Oopsie?”

“Derek,” Laura’s voice was choked with amusement, “Open the door. I think you’re meeting a neighbor whether you want to or not.”

“Looks like it yeah.” Derek was far less amused as he stalked across the gleaming hardwood floor and yanked the door open. The words sort of died on his tongue though when he came face to face with large, honey brown eyes, surrounded by the longest lashes Derek had ever seen on a human being. He quickly shifted his gaze to the smaller person with eyes identical to his own. “Ziva.” There was a warning in that single word. “What did you promise me?” He had moved back to California and Beacon Hills so that Ziva would have more freedom, so that she would be able to play outside and not be trapped by the city. “We have a large yard here, you were to stay put. You made a promise.” He looked up again at the young man on his steps. “I am sorry she made her way over to you.”

Ziva hung her head miserably and gave the most pitiful hangdog eyes in the world, “I’m sorry Daddy. I saw the fairy and I forgot.”

“Dude those are lethal and I thought Scott had mastered puppy eyes,” it was whispered under the breath of the neighbor before he smiled at Derek, “I didn’t mind really. But I figured her Dad might get worried,” the man offered his hand, “Stiles Stilinski, I’m your neighbor on the right. Well me and my Dad are.”

“What kind of name is Stiles?” Laura asked over Derek’s shoulder, eying the man in the red hoodie suspiciously even as her niece gasped at the rudeness.

Honey eyes flicked over at her and the smile didn’t slip, in fact it grew, “Pronounceable. It’s technically a nickname since no one can say my first name right and you look familiar, why do you look familiar?”

“I don’t know, are you a stalker?”

“Laura!” Derek’s tone was chiding. “I know you are a lost cause but please just pretend to have manners so I can still have hope for my daughter.” Derek looked between his sister and his wide eyed daughter who soaked up everything Laura said like a sponge. “Stilinski? Like Sheriff Stilinski?” Derek gave his sister a pointed look, the Sheriff had been very decent after the fire and the time following it, when Kate had been arrested and the time leading up to the trial. “I’m Derek Hale, my older sister Laura and this is my daughter, Ziva.” He fished his daughter close and placed a hand on her honey blonde curls protectively.

“That’s where I know you from,” Stiles pointed at Laura, “You stole my cupcake.”

“What? I did not,” Laura looked at him like he was insane.

“Oh yes you did. My first day of kindergarten, my Mom had packed me two triple chocolate cupcakes for lunch. One to share with the first friend I made and one for myself. I turned my back for one second and then this sassy little fifth grader with a Balto t-shirt is there, stealing my cupcake and grinning at me in the ‘losers weepers’ way of childhood.”

“Auntie Laura you stole a kindygardener’s cupcake?” Ziva looked horrified even as Laura turned bright, lobster red as she remembered.

“Oh God you started wailing loud enough to wake the dead. The principal got involved. They called my mother,” she looked mortified. She’d been young and a little flush on arrogance that came with being the best at everything. And her mother had tanned her backside among other, far more horrible, punishments.

Derek’s lips spread into a shit eating grin because he was still a younger brother and any situation that made Laura blush like that was a good one. “Oh I remember that. Mom was not happy with you, you weren’t allowed a single cookie or piece of chocolate for months afterwards, had to give all your desserts to me and Cora.” With their mother’s sense of smell, Laura hadn’t been able to cheat either. “So you see Ziva, stealing is very bad and your Auntie was punished for it.”

The man on their steps was a strange one though, that’s what he remembered? Not the fire or the very talked about trial, the fact that Derek became a seventeen year old father. No he remembered having his cupcake stolen in kindergarten. Derek couldn’t figure him out.

Ziva nodded and looked up at Stiles, big green eyes shining in sincerity, “I’m sorry my Auntie Laura stole your cupcake Mr. Red.”

Laura spluttered as Stiles accepted the apology before asking, “Why are you calling him Mr. Red?”

“Cause he’s dressed like Red Riding Hood of course!” Ziva chirped.

And Stiles groaned, “I’m never going to lose that am I? And I thought with Scott at college I’d heard the last of that one.” He shook his head, lips twitching at some obviously private joke then smiled at Ziva, “Okay Miss Ziva, it was positively enchanting to meet you,” he bowed in a swooping, ridiculously exaggerated motion that had the little girl giggling before looking up at Derek, eyes gleaming in fun, “Welcome to the neighborhood Derek. Feel free to come a-knocking if you need to borrow any sugar or eggs or see something in the garden I am forcing my father to endure that you’d like to nibble on.”

“Thank you.” Derek had absolutely no intention of doing any of that, no matter how beautiful eyes their new neighbor had but he wasn’t about to be rude on his first day back in Beacon Hills. “And if you see a strange dwarf in your garden, feel free to just toss her back across the fence.” He ignored his daughters gasp at that, knowing Ziva she would probably think it was fun being thrown around over fences. “But you won’t because said dwarf will stay where she is supposed to, not leave anywhere without letting her daddy know will she?”

The little girl glommed onto his leg, “Yes Daddy. I’ll remember my promise from now on. I really, really will!”

Stiles couldn’t help but smile wider at that, “Have a good day then,” and he looked at Laura, his expression gaining a wicked edge as he murmured, “Cupcake stealerrrrrr,” before waving and walking back to his own house.

“That little s-” Laura snapped her teeth shut at the look Derek gave her, “snot. I was going to say snot.”

“Of course you were.” Derek nodded his gaze level. He didn’t have the best language himself but Ziva was better than they were and she didn’t need to learn things to call her fellow students when school started in the fall. “Come on Zippy, leave the exploring outside and come inside. You still need to tell me how you want your room painted.” In New York he and Ziva had shared a room in a rather cramped apartment along with Laura and Peter, this was her first own room and Derek wanted her to have everything she wanted. Ziva was his whole world. If his gaze lingered on Stiles with the gorgeous eyes and the long legs until he was out of sight, well then that was Derek’s business alone.

“Rainbow!” Ziva declared, “But, but Daddy we have to what’d Uncle Peter call it? Repeatations? To Mr. Red for Auntie Laura stealing his cupcake. We have to make him a cupcake to replace it!”

“Zippy,” Laura said with a soft groan, “That was seventeen years ago. And it’s reparation not repeatations.”

“Uncle Peter says it doesn’t matter how long it’s been, when a wrong is done you make it right. Just cause you got punished doesn’t mean it was made right. Not if Mr. Red still remembers you taking his cupcake after seventeen years.”

Derek smothered a sigh because he knew the set of Ziva’s jaw, they wouldn’t win this one. “Okay, if you help me with the unpacking now, we can pick up ingredients when we go to buy paint and wallpaper for your room and we’ll bake Mr. Re- Stilinski some cupcakes.” It was easier to give in than to take the fight. Besides, he couldn’t fault Ziva for wanting to do the right thing.

“Yes!” the little girl jumped eagerly in excitement and rushed to start unpacking.


Stiles was on his phone, talking to his best friend in the entire world about his new neighbors, “I am telling you Scott. Derek Hale’s daughter is cuteness personified. Even once you and Ally reproduce I don’t think there will ever be a cuter kid in the world.”

Scott laughed. “I’m sure she’s adorable but come on, Allison’s dimples and eyes and kid could possibly be cuter than one spawning from her.” That was Scott’s very firm belief because Allison was perfection. “But you feel comfortable about the new neighbors then? I know you were scared to have another Mrs. Carles move in. Remember when she chased us down the street, whacking us with her broom because we’d laughed too loud when playing?” Scott shuddered, that little old lady had been a soldier for satan, he was certain of that.

“Oh yeah I remember alright. I also remember Dad arresting her for assault on minors. It was a glorious day,” Stiles kicked back his feet, “And yes. I am okay with my new neighbors, very okay. You remember how I was about Derek Hale before the family upped stakes,” it had made his lifelong crush on Lydia Martin pale in comparison, “and let me tell you. He’s only gotten better with age. Stubble Scott, he’s got stubble and the best body I’ve seen...ever. I am a-okay with that eye candy next door.”

“I never got that crush.” Scott sounded baffled even over the phone. “Derek Hale was a surly, rabbit toothed ass, frankly he made Jackson look humble and pleasant but hey, whatever makes you happy bro, you know I’ve got your back through everything.” He shifted and looked around the shoebox sized apartment he shared with Allison while he was away at college. “So...CoD online date tonight? Ally is working and my paper isn’t due until next week.”

“Oh you know it. I’m going to need the decompress after I get done with this coding nightmare. Oh my God it’s like it was done by monkeys and not even the smart kind of monkeys.” Stiles’ fingers clattered away on his keyboard, “How are things with you and Snow White?” He’d taken to calling Allison that ever since she’d gotten the gig at Disney, “No problems from her family right?”

“Allison is wonderful and perfect as always.” Scott let out an adoring sigh. “As for her family...they still scare the crap out of me. Her dad thinks she’s settled for a loser and that’s on top of the monthly issue and her mom looks at me as if she’s planning where to hide my body. I don’t care but I know Allison is having a rough time with how they are on her about moving in with me and working at Disney instead of in the family business.”

“Weapons manufacturing and hunting...yeah. Allison might be badass but she’s not made for creating things that are designed to hurt or hurting people who aren’t trying to hurt her. She’s just not. Either her parents will come to understand that or not. Either way I’ve got your back and hers, just like you’ve got mine bro.”

“I know and we both love you for it Stiles.” Scott would never have survived without Stiles, not only being bitten by a feral wolf and becoming a werewolf, trying to figure out what that meant while keeping it a secret from everyone. He wouldn’t have survived without Stiles period. Stiles was his best friend, his brother who had been right by his side throughout everything, good and bad. “We miss you dude but not everyone can be a genius who graduates early, we’ll be home for break though so keep that week free in your calendar.”

“I will do my utmost best but you know how it is, being in such high demand.” Stiles snorted, “I miss you too buddy,” in a way that was almost violent. It had been weird, after killing the werewolf that had bitten Scott. It was like the thing’s power and wolf had crawled inside him and made itself at home and without Scott or many of the others around it was whining and painfully lonely. “But you had better not even think about transferring. I kicked my own ass getting you to concentrate well enough to get that scholarship, not to mention the years of lacrosse pain, you are going to milk it for all its worth.”

“I will, I’m milking as much as I can milk stuff.” Scott sounded sad though. “It’s just difficult. It helps to have Ally here but complete me dude, without you I am just half a person. I realize how I sound right now and you can laugh at me after we’ve hung up but it’s how I feel.” Scott wanted to do well in school, wanted to walk out with his Veterinary degree and make Stiles and his mother proud but it was really, really hard being away from Stiles. Stiles was his leader, the one steering him in the right direction where he needed to go.

“I’m not gonna laugh. Cause I get it. I really do. I’m just so glad you’ve got Allison there, glad to know that someone is helping to make sure you’re not nibbling on the edges of crackers like you did that time I was in the wreck and out of commission for a month.” Separation was hard on them both and made eating a chore sometimes.

“Yeah me too…still miss you though. I’m glad you have your Dad to take care of and my Mom.” Scott knew that it wasn’t easy for Stiles either, to be parted. From the time Stiles killed the wolf that had bitten him to save his life, the bond between them went beyond best friends and family, it was something necessary for the both of them.

Derek and Ziva walked up the steps of the Stilinski house, Ziva carrying the basket of cupcakes carefully, like they were made out of glass and Derek reached out and knocked on the blue painted door.

Stiles got up, still talking, “And you know I’m on that like stink on a warthog man. I think last time your Mom was about ready to brain me with a bedpan when I pushed her into the break room and ordered her to sleep,” he opened the door and his amusement turned into a wide grin at the sight of the two Hales, “Hang on a bit Scotty, I’m putting you on hold and no worries, no boring elevator music for you my brother,” he just set the phone on the table beside the door, well aware that Scott would be able to hear every word spoken, “Well hello to this nice surprise. What brings the prettiest fairy rescuer in all the land and her co-pilot to my door?”

Ziva giggled and held out the basket, “Cupcakes! To make up for the one Auntie Laura stole from you.”

Derek just looked uncomfortable. The cupcakes were pink and purple frosted and decorated by Ziva and he hoped Stilinski would be nice about their wonky appearance, it would be a shame to have to hurt their neighbor for making his daughter sad. “Ziva was very upset by her Aunt’s actions, she wanted to make up for it.” Derek was his usually grumbly self, mouth curved into its usual downturned frown but his hand on Zippy’s shoulder was gentle and loving.

Stiles was speechless for about five seconds then he crouched, “Those look awesome, like seriously the best cupcakes I have ever seen, but I’m afraid you’re gonna have to put them down because I absolutely need to hug you now. No really, this is a required thing for me because you are officially the sweetest girl in the world and a mere thank you is not enough, a hug must be given.”

Ziva giggled, passed the basket to her Daddy, and launched herself at Stiles, who gave her a tight, though not too tight, hug.

“Thank you very much Princess Ziva,” he let her go and tapped the end of her nose, “Full reparations are officially made, Laura is forgiven because well how could I not when faced with epic cupcakes?”

Laura probably didn’t give a single shit if she was forgiven by this tall man or not but Derek appreciated the sentiment all the same, especially since Zippy was glowing from the praise, the hug and from being called a princess. He tugged gently on a blonde curl, reminding Zippy not to go back to the hug and hug too tightly, her strength was a secret as was all her other wolfy traits. Derek felt sad that she had to hide but he knew things would be so much worse for her if she slipped. At least she had him, Laura and Peter to be herself around. She just needed to be reminded sometimes, that humans were soft and squishy.

Scott cooed on the other end of the phone because the girl sounded like a sweetheart and Stiles was amazing with children.

“Daddy helped a lot. He showed me how to make the frosting the right color even though it's chocolate. Daddy bakes the bestest best things,” Ziva was bouncing on her toes.

“Well a big thank you to Daddy Derek too then,” he looked up at Derek, “Wanna a hug too?” He knew Scott was probably facepalming over on his side of the phone line but he could not help himself. He had no brain to mouth filter.

That made Derek’s eyebrows shoot up on his forehead and he nearly took an instinctive step backwards. “I’m good on hugs but thank you?” Derek wanted to kick himself for making that sound like a question. He really didn’t want Stiles Stilinski to hug him though, he smelled good enough to eat from a distance, Derek did not need that smell up close. “Come on Zippy, we’re not going to disturb Mr. Stilinski any longer, he has a phone call waiting and the rainbows in your room will not paint themselves.”

“Call me Stiles, Mr. Stilinski is my father when he’s not on duty,” Stiles grinned at Ziva’s little wave goodbye and waved back, picking up the basket of cupcakes.

Derek nodded and swung Ziva up in his arms and placed her on his shoulders, smiling at her happy squeal and lamenting that she would soon be too big for such things. When had she grown to be a big girl instead of his little baby? His little tadpole was eight years old for goodness sake. It blew Derek’s mind.

Stiles watched them for a little bit longer then went back inside and shut the door, picking the phone up again, “Dude I might be in trouble very soon if I see much more of that.”

“More of what? Little cute princess girls or their rabbit toothed stubbly fathers?” Scott sounded very amused. “You offered to hug him bro...what did you think would happen there?” He giggled over the phone and popped a cheeto in his mouth, kind of wishing it was a cupcake.

“You know how my brain to mouth filter works buddy,” Stiles razzed him over the phone, “But yes. Seeing more of Daddy Derek is a dangerous prospect for my heart Scott. I swear it fluttered just now. A genuine flutter.”

“Be careful buddy.” Scott became very serious all of a sudden. Stiles’ heart was huge and loving and when he gave it, he gave it completely. Scott didn’t want him to get hurt, not by the daddy or his daughter. “They’ve just moved in and Derek Hale might be the douche he was in school, just tread carefully, please.”

“I’ll do my best Scott,” he didn’t remind Scott of how him treading carefully usually went. Neither of them needed that reminder. “And Derek wasn’t a douche in school, not really. He was arrogant about his skills on the court but not anything else.” It reminded Stiles a lot of how Scott had been after he’d been turned actually, “I maintain that he’s just always been socially awkward and compensates by being grouchy.”

“Fine, we remember him differently but I never spent anytime with him so I won’t argue with you.” Scott didn’t know Derek Hale, he had never known him so he wasn’t one to talk. “Go on though, have a cupcake, let me live through you when it comes to baked goods.” He and Allison were students, poor students on a tight budget and cupcakes were a luxury they couldn’t afford at the moment.

Stiles did just that, and moaned, “Oh my God,” it was a bite of chocolate heaven, “Oh my God. That does it, I’m going to marry Derek to get access to this kind of goodies on the regular. Oh my God.”

Scott whimpered, he could feel his mouth watering just by Stiles exclamations. “You are both awesome and so cruel.” He eyed his dry cheetos mournfully. “I’m glad they are tasty though.”

“They’re triple chocolate. If I succeed in marrying Derek I’m pretty sure I can have some made and sent to you. If not I’ll spin a tale of my poor best friend who can’t afford any cupcakes because college books cost the earth.”

“I have changed my mind, I approve of this union. Go forth my child and snag yourself a baker. Make it rain manna over your poor, poor, hungry like the wolf best bro.” Scott sniffled into the phone. “Gotta go now, mourn my non chocolate life but...CoD at eight remember.”

“It’s a bro-date,” Stiles was grinning into the cupcake as the call ended. His new neighbors looked like they’d be interesting at the least.


Laura was pouting, and grumbling, “It was a cupcake, it was seventeen years ago, I was ten. You’d think that would mean something but no, apparently stealing a cupcake when I was ten is a capital offense!” She pointed at her uncle, who was laughing at her she knew, “How did that little shit even remember that anyway?”

“You stole his cupcake, he was five. Of course he will remember the monster who stole his pastry.” Peter snickered where he was putting his books in the shelves of the library. “You said it was to give to his first friend...perhaps you stole his chance to have a first friend, left him alone and friendless and hating the big, mean girl who did that to him.” Peter saw a chance to torture his niece and ran with it. “I know the Stilinski’s only had one child so he didn’t even have any siblings, who knows, you might have ruined his entire childhood by your craving for sugar.”

“The hell I did. What you think I’m an amature?” she sniffed, “I asked around, talking about my brother moving in next door to a Stiles Stilinski and ‘is he related to the Sheriff? Is he safe?’ and I got his whole life story. Best friends from kindergarten with one Scott McCall, mother died of cancer when he was ten, had an eternal crush on a girl named Lydia Martin and forever enmity for Jackson Whittemore, remained joined at the hip with McCall until sophomore year of high school when McCall got a girlfriend named Allison, who sounds like a goddamned Disney princess the way people talk about her, and it seemed to start splitting the great bromance up, until something happened to glom them together tighter than before. Only McCall’s girlfriend was a part of the scene and it appeared to draw a few others in. Martin and Stilinski became friends, the sort of diabolical friendship that sends sane people running, Whittemore and his best friend Mahealani began to hang out with them and soon so did a girl named Erica Reyes, a Vernon Boyd, and an Isaac Lahey. Only Stilinski, Reyes, and Boyd are in town right now, the rest are at college, Stilinski graduated early, works as a freelance coder, and slums off his father.” She added the last bit herself but really, coding couldn’t make you all that much money, could it?

“Careful there Laura, your prejudice is showing.” Peter was still cackling, it was a long time since he had seen anyone able to rile Laura up like this. “You are just pissy because this kid got one up on you. He didn’t cower at the mere sight of you and you can’t stand it. I like this kid already. Must go meet him when I go to grace Derek and Zippy with my company.”

“Have at it. I can’t think of a worse punishment for either of you,” she growled, “He’s a little shit. I mean there’s a lot to remember about me, my incredible basketball skills, my beauty, the fact that I punched a deputy who grabbed my ass because he thought I was a streetwalker in the face, but he remembers that?” There were other things to be remembered about anyone named Hale as well but he didn’t even have the pity look everyone gave them.

“Did any of those other accomplishments you mentioned there have something to do directly with him?” Peter placed a large leather tome in the bookshelf with gentle fingers. “It was his first day of school and a grown, in his eyes, gorgeous girl stealing his cupcake was probably the most exciting thing that had happened to him in his life so far. Of course he would remember it.” He turned and looked at his seething niece. “You certainly don’t have any issues remembering the accident involving Mr. Tubbs when you were four...though I have done plenty of other things for you to remember.”

“That’s different. You’re my uncle! I was supposed to be able to trust you! And Mr. Tubbs was my security blanket! This kid made me look like a horrible person in front of Zippy!” She pouted, “And he had the nerve to be normal!” She didn’t know why it rubbed her so wrong that Stilinski acted like the Hales were any other new people in town rather than ones with a tragic past in the town but it did.

"Laura, listen to yourself." The amusement faded from Peter's expression as he turned to his niece, she may be his Alpha but he had changed her diapers and wiped away tears and snot from her chubby little cheeks and Peter wasn't about to let her get away with being an ass. "Do you think we have monopoly on pain? You said his mother died of cancer when he was ten, in a family of three, do you think that loss is less than ours? There might not have been a grand villain in his case, no one to blame but I think he knows loss, knows pain and knows precisely how it feels to be pitied and have you gawked at."

“I know. I know that but something about him rubs me wrong,” she flexed her claws, not in threat but just to have something to do with her hands, a sort of exercise, “And a lot of people who’ve had grief touch them hard still look at us like we’re pitiable so it feels off. Plus he still made me look horrible in front of Ziva and Derek’s going to feed on this for months, months I tell you. I don’t know. My wolf is growling at him and the human’s looking for a reason for it Uncle Peter. I’m venting so I don’t growl at him in the literal fashion.”

"Fine sweetie, vent away." Peter went back to cataloguing and placing his books. "Derek will feed on this for weeks, you're right about that but you could never look truly bad in Zippy's eyes, she thinks you hung the stars." Peter chuckled. "I haven't seen you this revved up since you ran into Alpha Cress at that nightclub."

She made a disgusted sound, “That little shitbag. I should have done more than knee Cress.” She sighed, “I just don’t know. The only thing I think I do know for sure right now is that Stilinski won’t hurt Ziva. He’s apparently incredibly hyperactive but never hurt a fly according to everyone I grilled. Though a few did say he’d probably have liked to break a crosse over Jackson Whittemore’s head at some point in the past. And he didn’t smell off at all when he was at the door with her.”

"We won't let anyone hurt Ziva." It was said lightly but the intent was clear. Peter would wade through blood soaked streets before he let even a single hair on Ziva's head come to harm. She was their everything.

“Of course we won’t,” she agreed, still flexing her claws in patterns now, like those of guitar chords, “and you know Derek would burn down the word for her getting so much as a papercut.” She rolled up off the couch and went to give him a hug, “You’ve been a wonderful uncle you know. Now,” she moved away, “Before we mush too much, dinner. I’m going to grill those steaks.” She headed into the kitchen, mind still on the curiosity and irritation that was Stiles Stilinski, hoping he and Peter never, ever met.