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The Bet

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Erica Randal looked over at her sister and her girlfriend who were comfortably spooning on the couch – happy that, for now, the pair was at least trying to watch the movie that Jenks had picked for their weekly foray into the lands of a Rockwellian family unit. With everything that was going on in her life, it was simple moments like this – an otherwise benign movie night with her sister, her sister’s girlfriend, and Jenks – that she treasured the most. She smiled to herself as she watched Ivy relax into Rachel, smiled at the contented look that graced her sister's face as the redhead's arm that was already draped over her waist flexed and pulled her in tighter.

Really, she should have known that such 'good behavior' wasn't going to last too long. "You have got to be kidding me," Erica muttered, rolling her eyes dramatically as she scented the pheromone spike in the air.

Ivy bit her lip to keep from moaning as she felt Rachel's fingers deftly slide under the hem of her shirt, the muscles in her lower stomach clenching wonderfully as the witch began slowly tracing small, random, patterns on her skin. She sighed blissfully as Rachel leaned in and tenderly nuzzled the back of her neck. The feeling of the redhead's warm breath dancing across the nape of her neck knocked the breath right out of her, and she unconsciously arched back into the witch's touch in an unconscious search for more. A frisson of electricity shot through her as Rachel's rich, throaty laugh rumbled softly against her skin, the trembling waves of the redhead's amusement a virtual caress to her heightened senses, and she screwed her eyes shut as she bit even harder into her lip to keep from audibly responding to the wonderful feeling of Rachel's hips thrusting playfully against her ass.

Erica shot the couple a half-amused, half-disgusted look but neither woman saw it. 

Rachel was too focused on playing with Ivy to care if anybody else saw what she was doing; and Ivy was oblivious to the world around her as she drowned in the heat of Rachel's touch and the scent of redwood and amber that surrounded her, making her feel simultaneously soothed and aroused.

Home. The scent was her home. Rachel was her home.

Ivy shivered slightly as the hand that Rachel had slipped under her shirt began stroking its way up her stomach in slow teasing motions. Up and down, swirling, swooping, never sticking to a single pattern that would let her predict what might come next. It was frustratingly erotic, to have to lie there and let Rachel do as she pleased; but, for as much as she craved control over virtually everything in her everyday life, she rather enjoyed occasionally giving up control in the bedroom and letting Rachel take charge.

To let Rachel dominate her.

Right now, the redhead was just teasing, toying with her like a cat with a mouse, and she licked her lips as she gave herself over to the sensation of Rachel's slightly callused fingers dragging lightly across her hypersensitive-skin. Her hips canted backwards when the backs of Rachel's fingers brushed against the underside of her breast, and she whimpered softly as the witch's hand slipped even higher to palm her breast possessively.

Rachel chuckled softly, the laughter creating the most delicious friction against her nipples as they pressed into Ivy’s back. She wrapped her lips around the curve of muscle where the vampire's neck and shoulder met and bit down on the captured flesh as she pushed her thigh between Ivy's legs. She bit down harder and sucked hungrily against the no-doubt bruised skin in her mouth as she pushed her leg higher and higher, with a steady, forceful pressure, so that Ivy could grind herself down on it.

They began to rock together slowly, their careful movements fraught with a silent desperation and a need for more that made every touch an unfulfilled promise. Desire, hot and slick, settled wetly between each of their thighs, filling the small living room with the scent of arousal thick enough for vamps and pixies and witches alike to smell.

Erica winced at the smell of sex filling the room, the musky scent awakening her own barely-suppressed vampiric desires even though she had no wish to sate them with her present company. Even though she didn't know the details of everything that her sister had been through at the hands of their old master, she did know that Ivy had been through hell and back and that she more than deserved this little slice of happiness that life had finally decided to serve up to her. Erica knew all this – hell, she'd wished upon every wishing star she could find that Ivy would someday look this happy again – but it was one thing to wish for your sister's every dream to come true, and yet another to have to sit and witness it.

"Christ, V," Erica muttered softly, knowing full-well that her sister could hear her just as clearly as she could smell what was happening between two women cuddling on the couch. "It's freaking 300, not some lovey-dovey chick-flick. Cool it already."

Ivy sighed regretfully and gave her sister a tight smile, placing her hand on top of Rachel's as she stilled her rocking hips. She turned to capture the redhead's lips in a slow, deep, lingering kiss that left them both gasping for air and grinning like fools. "Later," she murmured into Rachel's lips, slowly tracing her tongue over the kiss-swollen flesh.

"Mmm." Rachel smiled, pressing her thigh up into Ivy’s center one last time before pulling her hand out from under Ivy's shirt. "Kay, later."

Erica chuckled and shook her head disbelievingly even as she watched Ivy and Rachel go about discreetly disentangling themselves from each other. "Goddamn. You two are like rabbits, you know that? I bet you couldn't go two weeks without doing it."

This statement was enough to pull Jenks' focus away from the ridiculously bloody battle being played out on the screen and onto the other people in the room with him. "What are you talking about?"

"Them," Erica waved at her sister and Rachel. "They were just about to get it on while we were all in the same damn room. It's ridiculous."

Ivy blushed and looked away, not meeting her sister's disbelieving stare as she muttered, "We're not that bad."

"Yes, you are," Jenks laughed, as he took a purposefully dramatic sniff of the air.

Rachel scoffed and rolled her eyes. "No, we're not."

Erica leaned forward in her seat and grinned at the couple. "Fine. Care to make a little wager on that?"

Never one to back down from a challenge, especially when it was in her best interest to do so, Rachel nodded and glared challengingly at the young vampire. "Sure."

Ivy, who had been distracted by the way Jenks was doing a ridiculous little bump and grind, slapping at the air in front of him as if it were a woman's ass, snapped her attention back to what was going on between her lover and her sister "Wait. What?"

"Two weeks. I bet you guys can't go two weeks without jumping each other," Erica dared with a toothy grin.

"Psht,” Rachel scoffed. “We could totally do that."

"Um, Rache," Ivy murmured. "Dear heart, a fortnight is a really long time. I can't hold out that long."

Rachel was about to argue, but the vampire's need was obvious in her eyes. They were already black as sin, and they had only bees grinding on the couch. "You're right," Rachel murmured, before returning her attention to the younger vampire. "We couldn't go that long. A week. Maybe. Tops."

Ivy's jaw dropped in disbelief. "Rachel, what the hell are you doing?" she hissed. "I don't even want to wait until the end of this gore-fest of a movie to tear your goddamn clothes off and run my tongue…."

"V," Erica chastised, grimacing. "We can hear you."

"Erica, chill," Rachel smiled placatingly. "Iv, we're not animals. I'm sure we can control ourselves for a few days."

Erica and Jenks grinned victoriously, knowing that, when push came to shove, Ivy would go along with whatever Rachel said. No matter how idiotic it was. She really was just that whipped.

"Excellent," Jenks chortled, rubbing his hands together greedily as Erica nodded her agreement. "We bet you can't go one week without sex."

Rachel nodded and sat up to face Jenks and Erica. "What are we betting?"

Ivy sat up too, but she turned to glare at her lover. "Rache, what are you doing?!"

Sensing blood in the water, Erica pounced. "If you two win, I'll give you the beach house for the fourth of July," she said, referring to their parents' now radically underused secluded property on the coast of Lake Erie. Both sisters had wanted to use the small cottage for their own holiday celebrations, but as Ivy and Rachel had visited more recently, Erica had been awarded the house for the weekend.

This got Ivy's attention. She had long fantasized of making love to Rachel on the orgy-sized bed in the screened-in porch while the fireworks from the near-by town were setting the sky aflame in color. "And what do you want if you win?" Ivy asked.

Erica and Jenks shared a mischievous look and the pixy flew over to whisper something in the vampire's ear. Erica nodded her agreement with whatever Jenks had suggested, and turned to smirk impishly at Ivy and Rachel. "If we win, Rachel has to make Jenks big again and we're all going to go out to Howl," Erica said, referring to the local dueling piano bar. "Ivy, you'll have to play the piano for two songs – one that Rachel sings, and one that Jenks sings. And I get to choose Rachel's song."

"Sounds good to me," Rachel agreed, nodding. Even if they lost, which they wouldn't, the cost of the curse to transform Jenks would be more than worth the opportunity to watch Ivy play on stage. "Ivy, what do you think?"

Ivy thought that there was no way in hell she was going to get up on stage and play for a crowd of people, but she wasn't going to back down from the three grinning faces looking at her expectantly. She sighed and nodded her agreement. "Fine, but we're not losing," she said, her tone firm and determined, before she turned her attention to the witch sitting beside her. "And, just so you know, Rachel, for getting us into this ridiculous wager," she husked, her voice dropping into the gray silk tones she knew drove the redhead wild, "when this week of self-imposed chastity is up, you are going to get so thoroughly fucked that you're not going to be able to climb out of bed on your own."

Rachel's eyes rolled back in her head a bit at that and she nodded jerkily. "Oh-oh-kay."

"Goody!" Erica clapped her hands happily, making a great effort to ignore the way Rachel's body responded to her sister's threat... promise... whatever. "So, here are the rules. No sex for seven days."

"Kissing?" Rachel asked.

"Hell yeah," Ivy growled. "I'm not giving that up too."

"Okay," Jenks chuckled. "Kissing is legal, but touching of any kind beyond first base you horn-dogs. That includes any body part, not just your hands… don't think we didn't see where you snuck that thigh to, Rache," he sniggered indelicately.

Ivy licked her lips and sighed. So far, the parameters of the wager were pretty much as she'd anticipated but they had yet to nail down what was, to her, the most pressing issue. "The week start when?"

"Right now," Erica said, smirking. "That should make it really interesting with the state you're already worked up into, eh sis?"

Ivy took a deep, shuddering breath and groaned. Somehow she knew they would want it would start tonight. She could argue and get it to start the next day, but, really, what was the point? No matter when they began this ridiculous bet, she was going to end up horny and unfulfilled. "Fine," she growled, sitting up and scooting over to the opposite side of the couch from Rachel. She knew that resisting the redhead would be easier if they weren't pressed up against each other, the lengths of them rubbing together, the heat and the friction everywhere they touched… "Fuck," she murmured as a fresh wave of arousal settled at the juncture of her thighs, and Erica and Jenks laughed. "This is going to be a long-ass seven days."