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Come to My Window

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HG watches Myka sometimes.

Not from very far away, although it always feels further. From a nearby rooftop, from behind the tinted window of an SUV, from the tree outside Myka's room in the bed and breakfast.

It's just to make sure she's safe. The cancer scare had her worried, but not as worried as the fact that Myka had deliberately kept it from her. That Myka hadn't wanted her to know. Myka was always calling Helena noble, and yet there she was, trying to spare Helena any pain.

Myka threw the window open. "You might as well come in," she called, sounding irritated. Sheepishly HG slid through the window.

"I, uh. I heard."

"I'm ok," Myka said, her face closing sharply.

"I know. Claudia told me, although I did wonder why I had to hear it from her." Myka looked away, and HG dug in a pocket. "It's. It's not much." HG held out a small contraption, and Myka took it, eyeing HG warily. "It's yours, if you want it."

Myka examined it; a small pretty thing. There had been no spark when either of them had touched it.

"What is it?" Myka asked finally.

"It's, uh," HG stepped forward, putting her hand over Myka's, stepping into her and bringing their hands close to their faces, Myka eyeing HG suspiciously. "It's, um." HG turned slowly and let her hand drop from Myka's, letting it land on her hip as she tilted her head. When realisation dawned on Myka she nodded, almost imperceptibly, and HG closed the gap between them.


Later, running her fingers over the bare skin of HG's back, Myka found the lost curiousity in the sheets and examined it again.

"You have me stumped. What does it do?"

"Well, it's only done it once, but it gives me an excuse to kiss you," HG said, stretching luxuriously and pulling Myka closer.