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A Few Minutes More

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What did you mean-- that I 'wouldn't understand'?

I should have thought that was obvious.

Well it isn't.


She was Grant's sister, I gathered that much. But what was she to you?

Someone I knew.

How well? Avon...? Your lover?

Why do you have to know?

Why don't you want me to?

It would serve no purpose?

It might.

You think so?

I don't mean to pry.

Like hell you don't.

It ended badly?

Oh, yes, Blake, it ended badly. She died.



Well now? Nothing to say?

I'm sorry.

And that makes all the difference?


Do you want all the gory details, or shall I just hit the highlights?


They caught her... first.

And she was killed because she wouldn't betray you?

Boggles the mind doesn't it?

No, not if she cared for you. You must have loved her very much.

And that does boggle the mind.

Not really.

Yes, I forgot. You like to see things that aren't really there.

It's there.

Think what you like.

I will.

And is your curiosity satisfied now?

Not completely.

You won't get any more.

Not now, perhaps.

Not ever.

We'll see.

You won't.

I'll take this watch, shall I?


I see.

Do you.

Yes. I'll be in my cabin, if you want to talk.

That seems unlikely.

Probably. But I thought I'd make the offer.

The age of miracles is long past, Blake.

Call me an optimist.

Call you a fool.

You usually do. Goodnight, Avon.

Goodnight, Blake.

Damn you...