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Wolves, Leopards, Panthers - Oh My!

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Stiles got to school early that morning to avoid the other students and made his way into the building, quickly heading for the office.

"Hi, how can I help you young man?" The receptionist said behind the front desk.

"Um, yes," The boy stuttered out, rubbing a hand along the back of his neck, "my dad called the other day, Stilinski?" he answered.

"Ah, yes!" She beamed. "The new Sheriff's son. It's all the town talked about. Small town, gossip travels fast." The lady laughed as she looked through one of the filing cabinets, pulling out a single sheet and nodded to herself.

She handed the schedule over along with a map. "Here you go honey, I would have someone show you around, but you showed up so early that not many students are here."

Stiles shook his head "I can find them." He gave the woman a small smile. "Thank you though."

She nodded, smile still in place, and Stiles went off to find his classes before school started.

He walked down the halls while looking down at his schedule at the same time, keeping his ears open so he wouldn't run into anyone. Stiles found his locker first, he noted that it was a good ways away from the office (good in case any 'confrontations' happen).

Stiles took out the lock he brought and put it into the metal loop after he popped the door open so he could just close and lock the door after he got the stuff he would need, then stuffed his backpack inside. Keeping the schedule out, the young man found that his first class was not far from his locker, but his second was up a flight of stairs. His third and sixth are upstairs as well, close to one another, fourth is study hall and right before lunch (score!) which means that he can go out and buy food when he cannot take the school lunches anymore (which will be often). And finally, his fifth is back downstairs along with his seventh which is in the gym.

Feeling that he got the layout of the school down with time to spare, Stiles nodded to himself with a smile and went to his first class, English.

He showed the teacher his schedule then sat in the back of the classroom, texting his dad about not forgetting to eat at work then just annoying him until the bell rang and other people started to file in.

Puppy eyes from yesterday was seated beside him, and the curly haired boy sat in front of him.

Stiles glanced at the two wolves suspiciously.

Puppy eyes turned to him first and spoke. "Hi! My name is Scott, and this is my boyfriend, Isaac." He smiled affectionately and Stiles raised a brow, but gave him a small smile.


"I have never seen you before, what brings you into town?" Pup- Scott, asked him.

Stiles saw Isaac glaring at Scott from his peripheral. "My dad and I wanted a change." He answered.

Scott went to open his mouth to mostly likely ask more, but was cut off when the teacher started class.

Stiles sat there, bored out of his mind, pretending taking notes on stuff he already knew, and wondering how this teacher could be so behind. Scott and Isaac were pretty cute together, and anyone could tell that they were mates from the looks they gave each other. Stiles thought Isaac was a cocky guy from his looks, but, while sitting here and watching the guy, he was actually shy and quiet.

Stiles thought about having someone like that. He could have that.

A mate.

It be nice.

His first, and last, boyfriend turned out to be a hunter who tried to kill him. He wanted to wear his pelt as a winter coat. To this day, Stiles is happy he kept his teenage hormones in check and didn't sleep with the human.

That event made it hard for Stiles trust people and he hasn't dated anyone since.

Stiles snapped out of thoughts when a piece of folded paper landed on his desk.

He unfolded it and it stated, "It's Scott. Give me ur number, bro! And I'll txt u mine."

Stiles was weary, and gave the guy a 'why' look.

He looked sad for a moment then began to scribble on another paper and threw that one over as well.

"U look like a cool dude and no one wants to b that awkrd kid on their first day. And I'll show u around!"

Stiles scribbled something and gave it back. "I already know my way around, thanks."

"But I cud show u around town?"

Stiles huffed, he had a point. But he didn't want this guy's alpha freaking out because he didn't ask permission or something. "I will be fine, thanks."

The bell rang and Stiles stood up to go straight to his next class. He picked up what he'd need on his trip back to his first hour so he doesn't have to stop by his locker again.


His next class was AP History and he made his way there fairly quickly, seeing that this class was set up coliseum style.


Stiles showed his teacher- who smelled like a werebear surprisingly, his schedule and headed for the back.

"Mr. Stilinski?" The woman called. He looked up just before he sat. "No one sits in those back rows."

He nodded and moved up a few, making eye contact with the teacher to make sure this row was fine. She nodded and moved away from her board.

People were filing in, few in giving him strange looks and others talking about him.

Stiles noted the black guy from the diner sitting two seats away. He sighed in relief that no one was going to talk to him this period and tuned in the teacher when she began to speak.


Stiles was smiling when the bell rang.

That was the best class ever.

Miss Diera (or M.D. as she like to be called) was awesome. She was not behind at all and was great at impressions. She made everything easy to understand by relating everything to action movies and comics.

Stiles may have fallen in love when she mentioned Deadpool.

He was still grinning when she called him to her desk and asked him about his previous schooling and how far he was on the curriculum.

He answered all of her questions and complimented her on her euphemisms.

She laughed. "Why thank you. I get in trouble for the way I teach so it's nice to know that I'm helping some students along." She leaned over to glance over the departing students. "Boyd."

The wolf approached silently. He was a lot more muscular up close. If he didn't smell like someone else, Stiles may have given him his number.

Miss Diera looked back at Stiles. "If you have any questions outside of school or just cannot reach me on my cell (she gave everyone her phone number in case of questions), ask Boyd here." She beamed, "He is my best student and," she leaned closer to stage whisper, "my favorite, not because he is my third cousin."

It was minute, but Boyd shuffled slightly.

Was he embarrassed?

She giggled. "Aww I'm making you blush, aren't I 'cuz-" M.D. looked at her watch and gasped. "-and late for class. She jumped up and pushed them out of the door. "Go go go."

Stiles was laughing when she slammed the door (she has third hour planning).

He stopped when a hand was shoved in his face and looked up to the attache.

"Boyd." He simply said.

The young man grinned and shook his hand. "Stiles." The warning bell rang and Stiles cursed. "I gotta go," He turned and jogged down the hall giving Boyd a small wave. "Bye!"

AP Physics was nothing special, but he met a pretty girl with strawberry blonde hair named Lydia. She is a bit- much, but she is really funny and a genius, but so was he and they warmed up to each other quicker than he thought he would.

Maybe he could actually get along with this wolf pack. They seem okay on having humans in their pack, and even though were-cats tend to stand alone, it was not unheard of for them to join groups.

Maybe they would accept him too.

Stiles stopped himself and shook his head.

What was he thinking?

He and his father tried the wolf thing.

And look where it got them.

Constantly traveling with no set home.

No mother.

The law says to get along, but people easily undermine it with cheap tricks and people end up dead.

But in a complete wolf territory, he needs to make some friends or else he might make trouble.

Or get his dad fired.

And these wolves are very nice-


Stiles jumped and swiveled around. It was the human of that pack.

"I'm Danny, my friends told me about you." The guy smiled.

Jesus Christ those dimples.

"W-What do you want?" Curse his stammering.

"I saw you freaking out, you alright?"

Stiles looked away. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"You sure?" Stiles gave him a look and he put his hands up. "Just checking, I'll go back to class now."

If Stiles was in his other form, his ears would be standing straight up. "Wait, if this is not you class-"

"I was getting some textbooks my teacher left here." Stiles looked over to where Danny was pointing and saw the cart with the books. "You are in Study Hall with them-"

He pointed behind Stiles, and a few tables away, sat Boyd, Isaac, and the blond chick failing to make themselves look busy.

"They did not want to upset you with their scent."

Stiles raised a brow. "So they sent someone who smelled like them?"

Danny shrugged. "I did not say it was a smart plan."

Stiles ignored the soft 'hey'.

Danny turned to leave. "See you later Stiles."

Stiles put his head down and breathed for a few moments.

"Come over here," he growled lowly, "I can feel your anxiety from over here."

Might as well get this over with before they send the alpha to sniff him out.

No sooner than he finished the sentence, three chairs, pulled out from his table.

A hand hesitantly touched his. "Are you okay?"

It was Isaac.

Stiles pulled his hand away. "I'm fine."

"What brought that on?" It was the girl. Stiles lifted his head to look at her.

She still wore to much make up.

"Erica." She supplied since she was the only new face of the day so far.

"Erica," Stiles repeated, "you wear too much makeup." He said simply and lowered his head once more, trying to get rid of his headache. "You would be prettier without so much. Just a subtle line and shadow with a bit a gloss would be fine."

"And what would you know about makeup?" She shot back.

He looked directly at her, but didn't lift his head. "I like to dress up sometimes."

Then he stood and left.


In his car on the way to get food, Stiles was proud of himself for that little quip. But that quickly faded away as he thought about the real reason why he knows that stuff.

He did dress up, but it wasn't for himself, mostly.

Cousins, so many cousins, and nieces, so many.

All gone now.

Hunted to extinction.

Because they were considered too dangerous.

Cats may be solitary, but they still have families.

Stiles hopped out of his car and walked back into the school, but did not go into the cafeteria for lunch. He chose a tree with relative privacy and climbed it, setting with his warm food in his lap but not opening the bag.

He just let the memories was over him.