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Coffee Beans, Crisp Pages

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He didn’t think he lead an interesting life. It was boring, really. Filled with steam and coffee beans, -screaming soccer moms, glaring at him over their knock-off Gucci sunglasses. Un-fucking-believable orders, ‘I would like a peppermint whipped cream coffee, extra cream, minimal peppermint, and no water please! And skim milk!” Who the fuck orders coffee without water in it? Of course, all he could do was sigh, and go through with the order. Haruka Nanase, Starbucks barista, living a strikingly average life. Really, the only thing that might come as interesting to someone is his unbelievably small libido. And his odd attraction to water, though that only scared off about a dozen children. Namely, it was when he tried to jump into a lobster tank when he was going to buy pet food at a store.

Anyway, enough of the shitty introductions, what’s happening right now?

Haru needs something to read.

He’s so bored of rereading those cheap books, the ones that are sitting on his old worn bookshelf, in the corner of his apartment.
He doesn’t really get out that much, only when he’s swimming, going to work, or grocery shopping.
That’s why he’s standing outside of a tiny, quaint bookstore, crammed between his apartment complex, and an oddly large convenience store. He sighed, running his hand through his hair, and opened the door. The bell chimed as he stepped in. It was a warm environment, creaky wooden floors, and brick walls. To his left was a cashier, with coffee colored hair, and shining emerald eyes. For some reason, Haru was drawn to them. He tried hard not to stare. As he stepped in, the cashier smiled.
“Hello! Welcome to Iwatobi Books!”
Haru weakly smiled back, and stepped forward, examining the bookstore. It was a simple layout, walls lined with bookshelves, and bookshelves neatly lined down the middle of the room. Haru looked back, and saw the cashier once again, focused on something he was typing into a laptop. Haru squinted, and looked at his name tag.
Nice last name. Haru liked it.
He continued admiring the oddly attractive cashier, before realizing he was staring, and looked away, with a slight blush. Flustered, he grabbed a random book, with a ginger cat plastered onto the front, and walked to the checkout, putting his book onto the counter.
Tachibana scanned the book, his attractive face for some reason still smiling, and then of course, he had to open his dumb, stupid, cute mouth again.
“Warriors? A gift for a kid?” He smiled, eyes closed, head tilted.
“U-Uhm, yeah.” Haru stuttered. Fuck!
“Would you like a bag? Receipt?”
“Er, y-yes please." He stuttered again. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
Tachibana, for some reason, is still smiling while putting everything in the bag. Haru nodded his thanks, and took the bag in his hands, face for some reason, flushed red.

Fucking hell. He really didn't want to spend the rest of the day fantasizing about a stranger.