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Black Beloved Red

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Karkat put his hands on the wall. Trembling fingertips followed the scratches, the places where his claws had dug in so many times before.  To Karkat, they were like scars that marked his own life: a reflection of what had become of his heart.

He shifted a little, nudging the bucket between his feet a little when his ankle knocked against it.  A deep breath…his eyes closed.  Dave’s hands smoothed slowly up the back of Karkat’s legs, starting from the tender spots at his knees and sliding upwards, leaving a tingling squeeze at his ass before continuing all the way to his shoulders.

When Dave inhaled, Karkat breathed in too, his back meeting with Dave’s chest and his hands gripped by those long, calloused fingers.  Their naked bodies were echoing forms of another, met together in silence and heat against the living room wall of Dave Strider’s hive. 

Karkat shuddered.  When he did, Dave pushed his hips forward a little and shifted them both.  He guided Karkat’s hands until their right arms rested against the wall.  And then, with his left hand, Dave stroked Karkat’s palm down his own chest, all the way until he cupped the moistening folds of his nook.

Dave’s fingers shifted, moving to gently reveal those darker, wet places of Karkat’s body and the troll shivered again, his fangs scratching as his bottom lip as Dave whispered hotly against his neck.

“Take as long as you want,” he said, the first drips falling hushed to the bucket below, “We’ll do this all night.”

Karkat felt his heart crumple down on itself and the annoying pinch and ache at a sudden lump in his throat.  But he told himself he wouldn’t…not in front of his Kismesis.  He took another deep breath and refocused on the soft stretch of his own flesh as Dave held the lips of his nook apart. 

Karkat’s fingers touched at the sheath of his bone bulge, touching in slow circles to try and coax it back.  Behind him, Dave nestled his face into the crook of Karkat’s neck, mouthing where his lips were pressed with little scrapes of his blunt teeth and following it with swipes of tongue.  A shy coil of Karkat’s bulge eventually slipped out and when it did, Dave fingers stroked along it.

When his hips jerked back at the sudden contact, Karkat could feel Dave’s erection even more prominently.  He wrapped his fingers around Dave’s hand and rocked with the shallow thrusts against his nook, more of his bulge sliding out until the entire length curled around both their hands.

There were sighs and soft groans, sharp hisses and bitten-back moans and after a while, Dave dug his nails tightly into Karkat’s hand against the wall and licked the curve of his ear before saying,

“Brace yourself.”

He pushed in.  It was always too much.  Karkat—being a smaller troll and definitely smaller than the long, lanky lines of Dave Strider—didn’t have the room in his nook to comfortably fit that sizable human bulge.  Not that Karkat ever complained about it.  Or ever would.  Black romance was better with an edge of pain to the pleasure and even then, as Dave pushed all the way in and tested the limits of Karkat’s hot, dripping insides, the troll could only moan in the building ecstasy that nudged him closer to the tipping point.

The sloppy sound of Karkat’s bright red bulge undulating around both their arms and a fresh splash of genetic material spurred Dave to movement.  He began gently, as he always had, to thrust in and out of Karkat, the movement all in his hips as he didn’t want to separate any other contact with the troll he was wrapped around and wrapped inside of.

“Dave,” Karkat gasped softly as Dave’s cock nudged against that spot inside of him and more red spilled out of him in a sudden gush.  “Harder….”

“Hold on,” Dave murmured.  He fingered gently at the root of Karkat’s bulge as the strength and pace of his thrusts increased. Karkat’s mouth fell open and he moaned.  Despite the change in Dave’s rhythm, he was still somehow tender, not as ruthless as he usually was.

Karkat noticed.  And it just ripped into his already crumbling heart.

“Dammit, Strider!” he cried, digging his claws into the back of Dave’s hand that touched him so softly, “Quit treating me like a wriggler and fuck me!”

“Then let me go for a sec,” Dave said.  Karkat pulled his nails from Dave’s skin and helped guide his twining bulge away from their arms.  The energy was slowed and Karkat had the moment to settle a little, catch his breath and try to ignore that ache in him. 

Too focused on himself and not enough on Strider made Karkat yelp when he was suddenly spun around and slammed into the wall.  His eyes flashed to the sight of Dave staring straight into him—always an unnerving realization—and then yanking Karkat’s knee up to shove Dave’s cock inside of him. The troll groaned loudly, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he leaned against the wall to support himself.  Dave drilled ruthlessly up into his nook, not taking his eyes off Karkat’s face, even when his bulge curled instinctively around Dave’s erection.

“Oh gog, that’s it,” Karkat sighed, his hands reaching up to dig into Dave’s freckled shoulders.  The foot that dangled up in midair bounced little with every thrust and when Karkat began to hear Dave’s slipping from tight breaths to low moans, he opened his eyes once more to watch the face breathing near to him.

“Tighten up, boy,” Dave huffed.  Karkat tried.  The clench of his muscles set another edge to the pounding ache in him, another highlight to the sweet streak of pleasure that spiraled from the oversensitive nerves of his bulge all the way to the haze in his thinkpan.

Dave leaned in and slid his tongue into Karkat’s mouth, stroking along the length of Karkat’s tongue as the sweet pump of Karkat’s insides kept him on edge.  Karkat moaned into Dave’s mouth and pulled their chests flush together.  Anything to get closer…. Anything to feel that heat….

Karkat hooked his leg around Dave’s middle and Dave took the opportunity to grab at Karkat’s ass and pull him down hard into each push.  Gray fingers worked their way up Dave’s neck, tangling his fingers into those soft and sweaty blond locks.

They kissed, their breath mingling as rushed exhales from their noses and Dave slipped his fingers through the red mess dripping down Karkat’s thigh.  That slickened digit teased up against Karkat’s asshole and Dave bit down hard on Karkat’s bottom lip.

Karkat arched his back hard and cried out as he came.  His nook contracted and there was a great slosh of genetic material into the bucket below them.


“Mmmh, so good,” Dave sighed, nuzzling his nose against the nape of Karkat’s neck.  His thighs trembled and he gave one last thrust before that sweet sensation drowned out all except the firm weight of Karkat in his arms. 

Karkat levered himself up onto Dave, clinging like a baby koala with his face in Dave’s neck.  The human chuckled, stepping carefully around the bucket as he carried Karkat over to the nearest couch and laid down on it.

It was a race to recover breath and regain sanity. Karkat told himself to wait, becoming slack and boneless as he rested against Dave’s damp chest.  The gentle heave of it against him lulled Karkat’s mind away from the clarity to a place of contentment.

Dave kneaded gently at Karkat’s thighs and the sticky remnants between his legs.  Karkat closed his eyes and sank. 

As the pleasure began to fade away, leaving only the red and purple aches behind, Karkat drew back to reality.  Like turning the last page of a book with the lopsided weight of a beloved story in his hands, one he could only put down now that he had reached the ending.

He bit his lip again, eyes scrunching up as he did. No…no, he told himself he wouldn’t.  He told himself….

Karkat let go.  He pushed himself away from Dave and got to his feet. 

“Going somewhere?” Dave asked, sitting up, eyes widening a little.

“Home,” Karkat said lowly.  He bent over and began gathering his clothes together, putting them back on with a bit of difficulty.  Dave watched him, eyebrow raised.

“…for real?”


Karkat finished dressing, facing away from Dave and his piercing red scrutiny.  He tried not to think about anything.  Not what he was doing or what he just did or what would happen in the future.  A few steps away, there was the bucket full of expelled genetic material.

He scoffed.  What an appropriate end….  The culmination of a relationship in a bucket, where his own bright red drowned out whatever bit of Dave might’ve ever been present.  Discarded and worthless….

“I’ll see you later, Strider,” Karkat said, slumping towards the door.

“Whoa, whoa, hold up.”  Dave caught up with Karkat and snagged his hips.

“What do you want?”

“What’s with the cold shoulder?” Dave smirked a little as he ruffled Karkat’s hair.  It faded quickly in the face of Karkat’s glower.

“Are you seriously asking me that?” Karkat grumbled, glancing aside, unwilling to look Dave in the eyes. 

A sigh escaped Dave’s lips and he reached out, putting his hand against Karkat’s face.

“Let me kiss you,” he said gently.  Dave rubbed his thumb in little circles on Karkat’s side and tilted his head to try and catch that weary gaze.  Karkat shook his head a little, running his tongue along the shallow rips where Dave’s teeth had torn into his bottom lip.  “Come on, Kitty….”

“Fuck you, Strider,” Karkat snapped.

Dave slipped his hand under Karkat’s chin and turned his head.

“Let me.”

With the brush of Dave’s lips and the careful stroke of his tongue, Karkat felt his heart shatter.  He told himself he wouldn’t, but when he pulled away and looked straight into Dave’s eyes, tears welled up.

“I h-hate you, Strider,” he whispered, barely audible.

“Yeah, I know,” Dave said back.  “You tell me every time.”

Karkat nodded and stepped away from Dave’s hold, leaving without a backwards glance.  Halfway home in the middle of the night, Karkat fell to his knees and wept.  Dirt clotted the creases in his clammy palms as Karkat choked on things unspoken and wishes that were swallowed before they could ever see light.

It was the end of the only romance Karkat had ever shared.  And he couldn’t even leave it happily because in his heart, Karkat knew that his…ex-Kismesis was about as black for him as the stars in the sky.  But it only made sense.  It was just what he deserved for not hating his Kismesis the way he was supposed to.  Now, Dave wasn’t his anymore. 

Karkat breathed.  He wrapped his arms around himself and went home.