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Spring Is A Time For New Beginnings

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Clarke isn’t a morning person. So normally she would be mad when her two best friends jumped onto her bed to wake her up in the morning, but not today.

“Happy birthday bitch,” Octavia grinned down at her.

Clarke scrunched up her nose when Octavia’s dark brown hair tickled her as it brushed over her face. She reached up and swept it over her shoulder.

Raven leaned down and pressed a slobbery kiss to her cheek making Clarke groan in annoyance, “Happy birthday princess,” she sang.

“Guys,” Clarke said as she rubbed her eyes, “I love you but it’s…” she glanced at her dinosaur alarm clock on her bedside table, “8 in the morning, on our first day of spring break, I wouldn’t have minded a sleep in as my birthday present,” she teased.

Raven and Octavia just rolled their eyes at each other, smirking lightly, before each grabbing one of Clarke’s arms and pulling her out of bed.

“Woah woah woah!” Clarke laughed, “Guys I can walk you know.”

“Then move those feet, because we made you a very special birthday breakfast.”

The three girls shared an apartment for their second year; it was quite spacious because of the open plan, the living room and kitchen in the same space with the bedrooms leading off of it.

The walls were covered with a range of band posters and different paintings that Clarke had done over her first year of college. Octavia’s motorcycle gear was scattered around the living room, her helmet on the hooks by the door, her leather jacket thrown over the back of the sofa and one glove could be found on the kitchen table, the other however was no where to be seen.Raven kept hundreds sheets of paper tucked in drawers and stacked on the kitchen counters, containing various schematics and math equations.

At first glance it was clear to anyone that the space was a combination of their three personalities. It hadn’t been theirs for very long but it felt like home to them. 

As soon as Clarke stepped out of her bedroom she spotted what was on the kitchen table. There were various plates of food, the ones standing out to Clarke the most being a plate of bacon and sausages a pile of waffles, a large stack of pancakes and finally a cupcake with a number 20 candle stuck into it.

Clarke knew they would be eating the left overs tomorrow.

A red balloon was strung to one of the four chairs and a large happy birthday banner was hung on the wall, which was drooping to one side. Clarke guessed that her two best friends had argued over what colour they wanted to use to paint it because there was a very clear divide of green and purple paint.

She pulled her friends towards her and wrapped them up in a tight hug, “You guys are the best. I don’t even care that it’s crazy early.”

“Well you haven’t eaten any of it yet. Come on,” Raven tugged her towards the table. “And just so you know, my mom sent her pancake recipe that you love.”

“Holy shit, are you joking with me right now?” Clarke asked as she squeezed Raven’s arm.

“I am not.” Raven told her.

Clarke sprinted to the table, Raven and Octavia chuckling as they followed a second behind her. She took the balloon chair and almost immediately grabbed a pancake off the stack with her hand. She took a large bite. “I could kiss you right now Reyes.”

“Ew gross, Clarke,” Raven laughed.

“Hey it’s my birthday, you have to be nice to me.”

Raven rolled her eyes good-naturedly, “You’re hot but I only like you as a friend.”

Clarke chuckled, “Well as long as I’m hot.”

Octavia grabbed a few pieces of bacon and tossed them onto Clarke’s plate, “Eat up Griffin, we’ve got things to do and places to be.”

“What are we doing?”

“That is a surprise,” Raven informed.

Clarke pouted, “Aw guys, you know I don’t like surprises.”

“You’re not getting it out of us Clarke, so don’t bother trying,” Raven said.

Clarke sighed melodramatically, “Fine.”

Raven reached over and pinched Clarke’s cheek, “Aw is Clarkey sad?” she teased.

She laughed as she swatted Raven’s hand away, “You know I hate it when you talk to me like that, I feel like a dog…or a baby.”

“Well you’re definitely a bitch,” Octavia added, earning a high five from Raven.

“You guys sure know how to treat a birthday girl,” Clarke said sarcastically.

Octavia laughed, “Oh shut up Griffin, you love us and you know it.”

Clarke had to agree with that.

Between the three of them, they managed to eat the majority of the food, but they were stuffed by the time they were finished.

“By the way, sorry that your present isn’t here.” Octavia apologised. She glanced at Raven, “We uh ordered it online and it’s a little late.”

“You guys know you don’t have to get me a present, besides, this breakfast is perfect.” Clarke said sincerely.

“Trust me Griffin, you’re going to want this presen- ouch!” Raven glared at Octavia, who had just kicked her in the shin.

Octavia butted in quickly, “Hey Clarke, why don’t you go get dressed and showered and we’ll clean up this stuff.”

Clarke gave her friends a funny look but nodded nonetheless, “Sure I guess,” she said.

She disappeared into her bedroom, Raven waited until the door clicked shut before kicking Octavia back, just as hard as Octavia had kicked her, maybe even a little harder.

“Shit Raven!” she exclaimed.

“Pay back bitch,” Raven smirked.

Octavia rubbed her shin as she frowned, “You’re the one who almost gave away the surprise.”

“Please, she would not have gotten that from my comment.”

“Still-“ just then Octavia’s phone buzzed in her pocket, she slipped it out and glanced at the screen, her face lit up as she read the message, “And speaking of surprises…” she waved her phone at Raven, “Come on, let’s go.”

They two girls abandoned the kitchen, leaving the cleaning up for a later time and as quietly as they could they disappeared out of the apartment door.

It closed with a click behind them

Clarke stepped out of her en suite bathroom dressed only in a towel. She didn’t know what her day had in store for her, so she decided to just dress causally to be safe. Her friends were more the type to take her dirt biking than a fancy restaurant.

She pulled on a pair of light denim shorts and a royal blue V-neck shirt.

Before doing her make up she checked her phone, she was slightly disappointed that Lexa hadn’t texted her happy birthday yet, but then again it was still early so she knew she shouldn’t be too upset about it.

They had been in a long distance relationship for almost ten months now and while it had been hard at times they were still going strong. They texted every day and tried to Skype each other every day too, but more often than not it ended up being every other day because of their busy schedules.

Unfortunately Octavia and Lincoln’s relationship hadn’t survived the distance. They had tried to make it work but long distance isn’t for everyone, and evidently it wasn’t for them either.

It hadn’t been a messy break up, the two agreeing that it was just too hard being so far away from each other. Clarke knew Octavia still spoke to Lincoln sometimes, but Octavia had still been upset when the split first happened.

In the week after, there had been a lot of ice cream eating and Footloose being played on repeat in the living room.

Clarke went back into her bathroom to put on some light make up and after adding the finishing touches; she placed her mascara back on her drawers and headed out the bedroom.

Almost immediately, she was confused.

The kitchen was still a mess and her friends were nowhere to be seen.

After ducking into their bedrooms it was clear they were gone.

Suddenly the door swung open and Octavia and Raven walked in. For a brief second Clarke was even more confused when she noticed Raven pulling in a suitcase behind her but it didn’t last long because then suddenly someone else appeared at the door.


Clarke felt her heart stop in her chest.

Octavia stopped abruptly as she noticed the blonde standing in the living room, she hadn’t expected her to get dressed and showered so fast, she normally took ages. “Clarke!” she exclaimed, making the other two girls look over in surprise.

Raven, who hadn’t been expecting Octavia to suddenly stop, crashed into her back. Lexa hadn’t been anticipating it either and soon she found her legs being tangled on her suitcase.

Before she could stop herself, she felt herself falling forwards.

Lexa fell unceremoniously to the ground with a loud grunt as she hit the wooden floor, her backpack slid a few feet away from her.

She groaned as she rolled onto her back. Lexa opened her eyes with a grimace to find that Clarke still hadn’t moved, her eyes were wide in shock, her mouth slightly agape.

And in that moment, Lexa didn’t care that her pride was wounded or that her elbow ached because she was in the same room as Clarke Griffin and that was all that mattered.

Then a crooked grin appeared on Lexa’s lips and Clarke finally moved, shaking her head slightly and blinking rapidly as if she was making sure this was actually happening.

“Uh…happy birthday Clarke.”

Lexa was in her living room.

She was wearing a leather jacket that Clarke didn’t recognise but her green eyes were just as bright as she remembered.

Lexa may have been sprawled across the floor, but still, she was in her living room and not in Florida.

Clarke barely heard Octavia and Raven’s awkward, “Surprise,” in the background.

She only saw Lexa.

The brunette pushed herself to her feet just in time to almost be knocked to the ground again, but this time it was because of the force of Clarke running into her arms. Clarke instinctively pulled Lexa into a tight hug, squeezing her eyes shut as she tried not to get overly emotional.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” she murmured into her hair.

Lexa chuckled lowly. Clarke had missed that sound.

“Sorry I’m late-“

Clarke’s lips on Lexa’s cut her off, she kissed her deeply. Lexa’s lips felt exactly like they had all those months ago, soft but firm. They moved against hers almost desperately. The two girls got lost in each other almost immediately; Clarke gripped the bottom of Lexa’s shirt, pulling her closer.

They only broke apart when they heard purposeful cough. Octavia looked at them only slightly apologetic, “I don’t mean to interrupt but we kind of have a schedule to keep.”

Raven slapped Octavia’s arm, “Let the two love birds kiss, they haven’t seen each other in months.”

“Well I like to be on time for things, so me and Raven will clean up the kitchen and you guys can have another half an hour to yourself, got it?” Octavia said looking pointedly at them.

“Yes mom,” Clarke teased.

“Don’t be rude to your mother,” Octavia retorted making Clarke laugh.

She reluctantly retracted herself from Lexa’s arms and for the second time that morning she pulled her friends into a hug, “I can’t believe you guys, this was your present?” she guessed

“Uh huh.”

“I love you guys, you know that?”

“We do, we love you too,” Octavia told her, “Now go to your girlfriend, I think she’s having withdrawal issues.”

Clarke turned to see Lexa staring at her shamelessly. When she realised Clarke was looking her expression morphed into a grin.

“Hey, I’m not going to deny it. It’s not my fault that we haven’t seen each other in ten months,” Lexa retorted.

Octavia conceded, “Fair enough.”

Clarke grabbed Lexa’s suitcase and Lexa snatched her backpack up off of the floor. It’s not far to Clarke’s bedroom but she slips her hand into Lexa’s anyway and pulls her towards the room.

The door only just clicks shut before Lexa pulls Clarke against her again, pressing her lips to hers.

Clarke couldn’t help but smile into the kiss; she ran her hands down Lexa’s arms and gripped her hands tightly.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” she said again.

“Me too,” Lexa laughed, “I’ve missed you.”

“I missed you too.” Clarke said, “Your hair is longer,” she noted. Lexa’s hair was pulled back into several intricate plaits, the tresses ending half way down her back, “I didn’t realise how much it had grown, I didn’t really notice over webcam,” she said, running her fingers through the ends of Lexa’s hair.

“Well yours is shorter,” Lexa pointed out.

“You knew I was getting my hair cut.”

“Still,” Lexa shrugged, “It’s shorter than when you were in Polis.”

“Yeah it is.”

“You’re still as beautiful as ever though,” Lexa told her.

Clarke grinned and she felt her cheeks flush under the compliment, “God you’re so cheesy.”

“You have to compliment me too Clarke, that’s how this relationship works,” she joked.

“I don’t know, it’s difficult to compliment your ugly mug,” Clarke teased earning a loud laugh from Lexa.

“I was going to kiss you but I don’t know if I want to anymore,” she said sounding affronted.

Clarke rolled her eyes, “Well we both know that’s a lie.”

“You seem quite confident in that statement Clarke.”

“You did fly over 900 miles to see me, so I think I can safely say I’m-“

She was cut off by Lexa cupping the back of her neck and bringing their lips together again. Not that she minded.

Without breaking the kiss Lexa placed her backpack on the floor, then she moved Clarke until the back of her legs hit the bed. A gentle push sent Clarke falling backwards and Lexa fell with her. Clarke grunted overdramatically as Lexa landed on top of her.

“Don’t be mean,” Lexa laughed, “Muscle weighs more than fat.”

Clarke reached between them to run a hand down Lexa’s toned stomach, “Oh I definitely know that.”

Lexa pressed another quick kiss to Clarke’s lips before she rolled off of Clarke and shuffled up the bed. Clarke nestled into Lexa, lying in between her legs, her shoulders resting on Lexa’s hips. She hummed contently as Lexa ran her fingers through her hair softly.

They sat like that for a few moments, then Clarke spoke into the silence, “I can’t believe you’re here.”

Lexa chuckled, “You’ve said that.”

“I know, but it’s still true. I’m kind of half convinced this is a dream, I know I’ve dreamt this enough times only to wake up and it not be real.”

“It’s definitely real,” Lexa told her. “I can pinch you if you want?”

“I think I’m alright,” Clarke chuckled. “ So how long have you been planning this with Raven and O?”

“This trip?” Clarke nodded. “About two months,” Lexa recalled.

“You’ve been keeping this a secret from me for two months?!” Clarke exclaimed, she rolled over onto her stomach so she could look at Lexa.

Lexa just grinned at her, “Come on, it’s a great present on their behalf, you have to admit.”

Clarke pouted, “It is, but I can’t believe you knew all this time. I thought we didn’t keep secrets.”

“Don’t think of it as a secret, more of…a surprise.”

“…Fine.” She rested her chin on Lexa’s stomach. “How long are you staying for?” she asked.

“A week, I leave on Saturday.”

“I have to deal with a whole week of you?” Clarke teased.

Lexa chuckled, “Unfortunately.”

Clarke crawled up Lexa’s body to press a chaste kiss to her lips. It was quick and sweet, then Clarke burrowed her face into the crook of Lexa’s neck with a sigh. Lexa’s arms came up to wrap around her, resting on her lower back.

Neither girl could remember a time when they felt so content.

“Hey Clarke,” Lexa spoke softly.


“I love you,” she said, her voice quiet and sincere. Lexa felt Clarke smile against her neck at her words.

Clarke could still remember the first time they had said I love you to each other. It had been early in the morning, they had stayed up all night talking to each other and Clarke had just convinced Lexa to wear to put on her glasses. It had taken seven months of begging and bribing but eventually Lexa had agreed.

Lexa had looked so anxious when she rested her rectangular thick-rimmed glasses on her nose. She had tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and smiled nervously at her screen and the words had just slipped past Clarke’s lips before she could stop them.

It hadn’t been planned. It hadn’t been romantic. But she had never meant anything more.

Lexa had bitten her lip to stop from smiling so wide, not that it had helped much.

Clarke tightened her grip on around Lexa’s waist and her lips moved against Lexa’s neck, “I love you too.”

There was a pause.

“You have a purple dinosaur clock.”

Clarke sat up to see Lexa picking her alarm clock off of her bedside table, examining the object. It was a light purple stegosaurus and the clock face was on the side of its stomach.

“Don’t judge the dinosaur clock. Remy is sensitive.”

“You named your dinosaur clock?”

“Of course.”

Of course,” Lexa teased back.

Clarke sat up and narrowed her eyes at her girlfriend, “Are you making fun of me?”

“Now why would I do that?” Lexa replied, “I just thought that he looked more like a Rodrick.”

She stuck her tongue out, “That’s much better.”

Lexa darted up to capture Clarke’s lips in her own. She dropped the clock onto the bed. Clarke hummed happily into the kiss.

Their lips moved against each other’s easily and Clarke savoured the feeling. Eventually they had to pull apart because Clarke needed to breath properly for a moment. Lexa just kissed across her cheek, over her jaw and down her neck, lightly nipping the skin there.

“Wait, Lexa wait,” Clarke said as she felt Lexa tugging her shirt up.

Lexa immediately retracted her hand and pushed herself off of Clarke, she rolled to the side and looked at Clarke worriedly.

“I’m sorry, are you ok?”

Clarke let out a breathy laugh; she brought their lips together again briefly. “Of course, of course,” she assured quickly. She picked up Remy, who was lying discarded on the bed. “It’s just…” she gestured to him, “Remy’s only two years old, he’s a bit young to see this kind of stuff.”

Lexa barked out a laugh as Clarke placed Remy on her bedside table, making sure to face him towards the wall.

“You Clarke Griffin are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“I love you too.”

“Good,” Lexa grinned, “Now kiss me.”


For the second time that morning Clarke’s door burst open. Clarke let out a sharp shriek and she was glad that they had decided to get under the covers a few minutes prior because Octavia and Raven were stood in the door, smirking at them.

“I told you they would be having sex.” Octavia said.

“Holy shit guys, if you knew then why did you burst in here?” Clarke asked.

“Because Octavia doesn’t want to be late and I’m not gonna lie, I was hoping to see Lexa topless.”

“You’re almost as bad as Jasper,” Clarke scoffed, the same time Lexa said, “You could’ve just ask Raven.”

Raven burst out laughing and she pretended to wipe a tear out of her eye, “Griffin, never let her go.”

“I don’t plan on it,” Clarke replied easily.

“Ok, so you two love birds get dressed and meet us out here in ten.” Octavia ordered. She went to close the door, before it shut all the way she added, “Also, you might want to light a scented candle in here, it reeks of sex.” 

Clarke and Lexa made it out of the bedroom in 8 minutes much to Octavia’s delight. While they were getting dressed Clarke kept asking Lexa where they were going, and even when Lexa assured her that she didn’t know Clarke didn’t believe her.

They were walking down the street when Clarke said, “Come on guys, just tell me,” words which she had said ten times in the past two minutes.

“Oh my god you’re worst than a six year old,” Raven said.

“It’s my birthday you can’t be mean.”

“You can’t keep using that Clarke,” Octavia laughed.

“It’s my birthday, yes I can,” she retorted defiantly.

Raven nudge Lexa with her elbow, “I bet you’re upset you didn’t choose me now, huh?”

“Unfortunately, Raven, that isn’t the case.”

“Ha mother fucker!” Clarke exclaimed triumphantly.

Raven tilted her head from side to side as if she was thinking, “Well I’d consider it but your mom is a little old for me and happily married Clarke.”

Clarke’s face scrunched up in disgust, “Ew Raven, that’s just gross.”

She threw her head back as she laughed loudly, “You started it princess, you started it.”

Much to Raven and Octavia’s disappointment, Clarke realised where they were going about five minutes before they arrived at their destination.

“I told you we should have went a different way,” Octavia muttered.

“I didn’t know you liked mini golf,” Lexa said as she grabbed Clarke’s hand and swung it between them.

“Dude, she loves mini golf,” Raven said, “She makes us play all the time, and we always go to this course,” she said with an overdramatic exasperated groan.

“You love it too Reyes just admit it.”

“It’s…not terrible,” she granted.

“Have you ever played Lexa?” Octavia asked curiously.

Lexa shook her head, “I haven’t. We don’t have one anywhere near Polis, so I’ve never had the chance.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you the ropes Lex. We can even do that cheesy movie thing where I show you how to swing the club,” she winked.

“To be honest, I don’t even understand how that helps.” Lexa mused.

Clarke pouted, “Aw come on Lexa, it will be fun. Plus, it’s my birthday so you kind of have to do what I say,” she joked.

“Seriously Clarke,” Raven chuckled, “You can’t keep using that.”

Clarke just ignored her and spends the last minute of their walk singing happy birthday to herself. Every once in a while she prodded Lexa to sing along but the brunette just shook her head with a smile, not that it deterred Clarke at all.

When they arrived at Jaha’s, Bellamy, Jasper and Monty were already there waiting at the entrance.

They stood in front of the large sign, with the words ‘Jaha’s Putt Putt Adventure Land’ written in peeling pale blue paint with palm tree’s in the background. Jaha’s was the kind of place that made you wear a lei and only played Hawaiian music in the background. Clarke had been coming here for years and she considered Jaha, the owner, a friend now and she would feel like she was betraying the mini golf course if she went anywhere else.

They walked over to the boys and they all said their happy birthdays to Clarke before each pulling Lexa into a hug. Bellamy was last; he patted her back warmly as he hugged her before pulling away.

“Long time no see,” Bellamy said.

“It’s good to see you too Bellamy.”

Jasper turned to the group of friends, “Now, before we go in, let’s set up some ground rules. Ok, so first off, if you win you can’t do a victory dance,” Jasper said as he looked at Clarke, she pouted slightly so Lexa squeezed her hand, “And two, if you don’t win the round you are not allowed to hit the winner. Clarke,” he said pointedly.

“Hey, why just me?”

“Because last time we were here you almost broke my hand,” he reminded.

Lexa snorted as she tried to hold back a laugh. It didn’t work and Clarke smacked her arm.

“I didn’t do that,” she assured Lexa, who didn’t really believe her at all.

“Of course,” she said, not at all trying to sound sincere. She dodged out of the way as Clarke went to slap her arm again.

Octavia grabbed Clarke around the waist and pulled her towards the entrance, “Come on Griffin, your girlfriend only just got here you can’t break her.”

They pay or the entrance fee and even though Clarke insists she could pay, Lexa went all chivalrous girlfriend on her and insisted. Clarke pressed a kiss to her cheek before grabbing the ball, the club and the lei handed to her by the boy behind the desk.

The mini golf course was Hawaiian themed, with palm trees growing around the edges and tiki poles sticking out the ground. There were large moving animals dotted around the course and the old green matting on the course was starting to peel up around the edges.

It wasn’t the sort of mini golf course that was overly extravagant, it was kind of a classic and while the courses were reasonably easy, the gang always had fun when they came here. Except, of course, when Clarke was overly competitive. Although it definitely meant there was a funny story for later.

Business appeared to be slow that morning because they were the only group there apart from what Clarke assumed was a father and daughter playing, but they were almost at the last of the nine holes.

The first hole was easy, just a straight course with the hole at the end. Simple. Clarke went first and of course she got a hole in one. She picked up her golf ball out of the hole before wandering back to her group of friends as they made their hits.

Everyone went next; all getting a hole in one too, minus Bellamy who insisted his club was rigged.

Lexa was last, and after a few moments of heated debate she finally agreed to let Clarke show her how to swing, even though she knew she could do it by herself.

Raven pretended to throw up at the mention of it and dragged Octavia to the next hole to avoid the couple. The boys were quick to follow.

And normally Clarke would be a little upset that they weren’t staying together but she had the feeling her friends were giving her some alone time with Lexa.

It was a little awkward because Clarke was shorter than Lexa but she wrapped her arms around her girlfriend nonetheless and placed her hands over hers. Lexa chucked as Clarke pressed a kiss to her neck.

“Are you ready?” Clarke whispered next to Lexa’s ear.

“You’re really going full movie cliché on me, aren’t you?” she teased.

“Oh hush and let me have my fun.”

“Right, I apologise.”

“Are you ready? She asked again.

Lexa nodded, “I am.”

“Ok, so you just swing back gently,” Clarke said as she moved their arms, “And then you swing.”

Lexa’s red club hit the ball with a clack and rolled straight into the first hole. Clarke grinned widely at her girlfriend, “See wasn’t that fun?”

“I guess so,” Lexa shrugged her shoulders indifferently but the smile on her lips said otherwise. “I’ll admit I liked being close to you.”

Clarke pressed her lips to Lexa’s only to break apart a second later when Raven shouted, “PDA! PDA!”

Clarke gave Raven the middle finger, earning a laugh from her friend. She frowned when she realised they were already moving on to the third hole. Clarke grabbed Lexa’s hand and dragged her to the next hole.

“Come on Lexa, let’s catch up.”

Clarke had forgotten Lexa was just as competitive as she was. And for someone who had never played mini golf before she was definitely good at it.

As they reached the last hole Clarke and Lexa were tied for number of hole in one’s, Raven and Monty were one below them and Octavia one below them. It wasn’t Bellamy and Jasper’s day apparently because they had only gotten two each, but they weren’t as competitive so it wasn’t bothering them much.

They were now on the last course, it curled like a snake, winding four times before ending with the hole at the end and there was no way to actually get a whole in one on this one. Well, none of the gang has ever done it, including Clarke. So this time they were competing for the least amount of shots.

“Are you sure you’ve never played this before Lexa?” Raven asked as she took her shot. She angled her shot get right and hit it hard enough that it got around the first curve.

“I’m definitely sure,” Lexa nodded honestly.

Bellamy and Jasper had half given up, instead deciding to hit it as hard as they could to see if they could win that way. It didn’t work.

“I think Clarke is having trouble coping,” Monty laughed.

Clarke pouted, “I am not.”

“Please Griffin, I can see it eating you up inside.” Octavia told her.

“It’s ok Clarke, it’s your birthday, I’ll let you win,” Lexa smirked.

There was a murmur of “ohhhs” from their friends. Clarke’s eyes narrowed.

“Are you saying that I couldn’t win by myself?” she asked.

Lexa shrugged innocently, “Of course not.”

“Oh you’re so on Woods.”

Raven leaned towards Octavia, “There’s two of them!” she stage whispered.

“I heard that,” Clarke and Lexa said simultaneously.

Raven laughed, “You were supposed to.”

The game continued and Clarke and Lexa were both on three hits. Both of them could make the last shot in one, but Clarke had the advantage.

“Come on Lex, you can do it!” Octavia cheered.

“Go Clarke!” Monty yelled.

Clarke went first. She stepped up to her golf ball and lined up her shot. She carefully swung the club back and gently tapped the ball.

It was going straight for the hole. Clarke almost started cheering but at the last second, it skimmed around the edge and back out.

“Holy shit, you missed,” Raven said.

“Come on Lexa! You can do this!” Octavia exclaimed. Clarke glared at her. “What? I’m sorry I’m cheering for your girlfriend.”

Lexa took her turn next. She lined up her shot. She swung her club. The ball rolled.

It fell into the hole with a satisfying clunk.

There was a moment of silence where no one said anything.

Then Jasper said, “Um Lexa, I suggest you run if you want to keep all of your fingers.”

Clarke has never been great at losing. So it takes several long kisses and a few whispered I love you’s in her ear to make her feel better.

Clarke may have been playing it up a bit (a lot really) but hey, she liked the kisses.

The group now found themselves at their usual café, Roasters, one that was directly in between their apartment and Monty and Jaspers. Bellamy lived a bit further away but he had never minded getting there.

They pushed two dark wooden tables together to make one big one and all sat around. The atmosphere of the café was always nice and warm and it was never too busy, which they all liked.

Clarke felt Lexa’s hand slip into hers under the table. They shared a brief smile and it made Clarke think about how she still couldn’t believe that Lexa was actually in DC.

“So Princess,” Bellamy said, “Apart from Lexa beating your ass at mini golf, how’s your birthday so far?”

“It’s amazing,” she said sincerely, “To be honest as long as it’s Lexa beating me, I couldn’t care less.”

Raven pretended to gag, “You guys are sickeningly sweet. I think I’m getting diabetes.”

“Shut up Raven,” Clarke laughed.

“So if you don’t care, why did I have to kiss you all those times?”

Clarke grinned, “You give nice kisses.”

Raven stood up then, dragging Octavia to her feet too, “And with that I’m going to go grab us some coffee. Everyone for the usual?” Everyone nodded. “Lex?” Raven asked.

“Just black coffee for me please.”

Raven grimaced, “That’s gross.”

“You’re gross,” she muttered back.

Raven laughed, “Good one Woods,” she said sarcastically before dragging Octavia towards the counter.

“So Lexa how was your flight?” Jasper asked.

“It was fine, there was a rather large man sitting next to me though. He snored the whole flight, which was…unpleasant to say the least.”

“I had someone like that once,” he nodded, “Except it was an old lady and she smelt like cats and she kept drooling on my shoulder,” he visibly shivered.

“I think that’s even worse than mine,” Lexa laughed. “The flight was really early, so I’m pretty tired right now,” she admitted.

“Not too tired I hope,” Bellamy said.

“What why?” Clarke asked, “What else are we doing today?”

“Didn’t the girls tell you?”

Just then Octavia and Raven appeared, they were carrying a tray each with various coffees on them. They placed them down on the table carefully.

“What didn’t we tell who?” Octavia asked as she sat down. Raven did the same.

The gang each grabbed their respective coffee. Raven once again voicing her disgust at Lexa’s choice of coffee. Lexa just flipped her off.

“About tonight.” Bellamy said, answering Octavia’s question, “Was it supposed to be a surprise?” he asked, looking apologetic.

“Well it was,” Raven glared at him, “But now I know Clarke’s going to ask until we tell her so there’s no point in keeping it a secret anymore.”

“You know me so well,” Clarke grinned.

“We’re throwing you a party!” Monty told her excitedly.

“I mean it’s not a huge surprise if you think about it,” Jasper said, “Parties are kind of customary for birthdays.”

“True,” Raven agreed, “But anyway, yeah we’re having the party at ours.”

“You guys are the best, you know that?” Clarke smiled at her friends.

Suddenly Octavia was laughing to herself, everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at her curiously.

“I’m sorry,” she said, still laughing, “I just remembered the last party we had.”

Suddenly, Jasper’s eyes widened comically and Lexa knew he must have remembered what she was thinking about, “Don’t you dare say anything Blake, you took an oath.”

“Fine, fine, I won’t.”

He sighed, “Thank you.”

A pause.

Then, “Jasper wet his pants!” Octavia blurt.

“Octavia!” Jasper exclaimed.

Everyone at the table was now laughing too and she just shook her head, “I don’t even care.”

“Fine, then if I’m going down, so are you.”

Octavia’s expression turned from humorous to frantic in seconds, “Oh no you don’t Jordan.”

“Once Octavia stripped down naked in a club and got thrown out!” Jasper shouted.


Clarke slapped a hand onto Octavia’s arm, “O when the hell was that? I swear I always go out with you?”

Octavia covered her face with her hands; “It was when you were away skiing at Christmas with your parents. I was bored and Jasper said he was going out so I went with him. Obviously it was a mistake.”

Lexa laughed, “Oh my god, that’s the best thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Well Miss Woods, I happen to know something about you too.”

“What how?” Lexa narrowed her eyes, “I’ve never told you anything.”

“Let’s just say Lincoln talks.”


“Oh my god Octavia you have to tell us,” Clarke insisted.

“Hey! Clarke, you’re supposed to be on my team here.”

“Right sorry,” Clarke pressed a kiss to Lexa’s cheek. She mouthed to Octavia to tell it anyway.

“I saw that Clarke.”

“Damn it.”

Lexa noticed the look in Octavia’s eyes, “Don’t do it Octavia,” she warned.

She had no idea which story Octavia was talking about but she definitely had a few that she did not need more people knowing.



“…Lexa gave head to some guy on a bus!”


“I’m not even sorry.” Octavia snorted.

“Wow, I did not take you for an exhibitionist,” Clarke smirked.

“I’m not.” Lexa insisted with a chuckle, “I was just very, very drunk and it was ages ago anyway. Before I realised how much of a raging lesbian I am,” she told them. “Shit, I don’t have any dirt on you.”

“I know, it’s great,” Octavia beamed.

Lexa nudged Clarke with her elbow not so discretely, and whispered loudly, “Help me out.”

Before Clarke could say anything Octavia cut in, “Clarke wouldn't do that, she’s my best friend.” She then, very deliberately, gave Clarke a look.

Clarke looked between the two girls, who were both looking at her expectantly, Octavia begging with her eyes and Lexa gesturing with her head to say something. Then Lexa leaned ever so slightly closer, she lowered her voice, “If you do this Clarke, I’ll do anything you want later tonight.”

Clarke swallowed, “Really?”

Lexa nodded, “Anything.”

Octavia groaned, “No fair! I can’t offer that!”

“Suck it,” Lexa smirked triumphantly.

“Clarke don’t you dare say a word.”

Lexa knew she was playing dirty, but she didn’t care. This was all just too funny not to continue it. She noticed Clarke wavering, so she leaned over and pressed a kiss to her cheek, trailing her lips down and sucking gently on her neck.

That seemed to work because then Clarke blurted out, “Octavia once had sex in an alleyway with this girl she met in a club and then later on I saw her there again but with a different girl.”

“Clarke!” Octavia exclaimed.

Bellamy covered his ears dramatically while everyone else burst out laughing, “I did not need to hear that.”

“Dude, nice game,” Jasper held his hand up for a high five which she ignored. He slapped his own hand.

“Lets be honest O, you kind of deserve it. You started all this by blurting out Jaspers thing first.”

Octavia waved a finger in Clarke’s direction, and said half seriously, “If it wasn’t your birthday Clarke Griffin I would be very mad at you.”

There was music resonating through the apartment. Clarke was in her room struggling into a new shirt because Raven decided it would be a good idea to pour her drink all over her other one.

She felt two hands reach up and help her, when her head popped out of her shirt Lexa was standing in front of her grinning lazily.

“You looked like you could use some help.”

“Thanks.” Lexa picked Clarke’s drink up off the dresser and handed it too her, she took a sip of her own mixed drink. “How are you holding up?” Clarke asked.

“Good, that nap helped,” she told her.

After opening up the presents Jasper, Monty and Bellamy gave her, the two girls had fallen asleep on Clarke’s bed only to be woken up by Raven and Octavia a few hours later telling them that people had started arriving.

Lexa brushed her hand through Clarke’s hair, smoothing it down after it had become tousled when she was putting the new shirt on.

Clarke guided Lexa closer with a hand too her waist so she could kiss her gently.

Lexa pulled back a few moments later, “Come on lets go back out, it’s your party after all.”

Clarke groaned, “Do we have to?”

“The party’s only been going on for two hours Clarke,” Lexa chuckled, “So I think so.”

“I hate it when you’re right.”

Lexa tugged Clarke out the door and back into the party. She pulled the door closed behind them.

Suddenly Raven appeared next to them. She wrapped an arm around both of their shoulders.

“Where were you guys?” she asked, “You were gone for years or something.”

“You spilled your drink on me, remember?”

“Oh yeah.”

Raven turned then to stare at Lexa intently, “Hey Lexa?” she said after a moment.

“Yes Raven.”

“You are just like so hot, did you know that? Like really mega hot.”

Lexa cracked a grin, after they met in the summer Lexa had quickly decided that drunk Raven was one of her favourite types of Raven, “Thank you Raven.”

“Are you done flirting with my girlfriend?” Clarke asked, with an eyebrow arched.

“Not just yet.”


“I’m glad you have come to accept the love that me and your girlfriend share,” she said gently tapping Clarke’s cheek.

“Uh huh,” Clarke chuckled, “Um hey Raven, I think Octavia is looking for you.”

“Really?” she twisted her head around as much as she could without letting go of either girl.

“Yeah,” Clarke nodded, “You should go find her.”

“Alright. I need a new drink anyway.” She pressed a kiss to Clarke’s cheek and then one to Lexa’s, “Bye birthday girl!” then she retracted her arms and disappeared off in search of Octavia.

“Well that’s always interesting,” Lexa said, “Are you actually ever mad at Raven for flirting with me?” Lexa asked curiously.

Clarke shrugged, “Not really, I know she doesn’t mean it.”

Lexa pretended to look affronted, “Are you saying I’m not hot?”

Clarke scoffed, “Don’t worry, you’re definitely the hottest.”

She laughed and pressed an affectionate kiss to the side of Clarke’s head. “Oh hey, it looks like Bellamy’s starting up a game of beer pong.”

That was all it took for Clarke to grab Lexa’s hand and pull her over to the game.

The rest of the night went by quickly, from the game of beer pong which Clarke and Lexa won by a landslide, Lexa was apparently good at almost everything she did. Clarke then dragged Lexa to the middle of the room and even though no one else had been dancing at the time, Clarke didn’t care. She just grabbed Lexa’s hips and started swaying. She wasn’t sure how long they danced for but by the end of it her legs were tired and her feet were starting to get sore. They then went to the kitchen to grab some drinks, only to be roped into drinking shots with Raven and Octavia.

It was only in the early hours of the morning did the party start to wind down and people began to leave.

Clarke and Lexa stumbled into Clarke’s bedroom. By the time the door was shut Clarke had already stripped off her shirt and was working on her jeans. Lexa was slower but soon they were both crawling under the covers, clad only in their underwear.

Lexa was lying on her stomach, her hands underneath the pillow. Clarke rolled over sleepily, and pressed a kiss to Lexa’s bare shoulder, “I know you said you’d do anything with me tonight but do you think we could push it back, I’m kinda tired.”

Lexa’s eyes were already shut; she shuffled in the bed so she could wrap her arms around Clarke tenderly, “Mmm whatever you want.”

“Ok, you’re the best,” she mumbled, her eyes drifting closed too.

“I love you,” Lexa told her.

“I love you too.”

The sound of incessant tapping brought Clarke out of her sleep. She grumbled, annoyed at whatever was causing the noise. She was tangled up in a combination of Lexa’s arms and legs and the sheet on her bed. After a moment of freeing herself she sat up and squinted around the room, trying to find the source of the sound.

It was only when Lexa mumbled sleepily, “Tell whoever is at the door to shut up,” did Clarke realise it was someone knocking.

“Who is it?!” Clarke called earning a groan from Lexa.

“Me,” she heard Bellamy shout back on the other side of the door. Clarke was ready to yell at him for waking them up but then he called through the door, “Monty and I made breakfast, it’s out here if you want it.”

So instead of shouting at him she just said, “Thanks Bell, we’ll be out soon.”

“Ok,” he said.

Clarke heard him walk away from the door. She flopped back on the bed, now slightly more awake than she had been moments ago. Lexa was lying on her stomach; her head buried underneath a pillow, the sheet now only covering her waist.

“Bell made breakfast.” Clarke whispered.

“I heard.” Lexa muttered making Clarke chuckle.

“I forgot how grumpy you got when you’re hung over.”

“I’m not grumpy,” Lexa denied, “Tired maybe.”

“You can go back to sleep,” Clarke assured, “I’ll make sure to save a plate for you.”

“You’re the best.” Lexa sighed; she uncovered her head and rolled over, puckering her lips.

Clarke complied, pressing a chaste morning kiss to Lexa’s lips, “You taste gross,” she said against her lips.

Lexa replied by quickly licking Clarke’s lips, making her pull back with a laugh, “That’s gross Lexa.”

“You’re welcome.” Lexa responded, then she rolled back on her stomach pulled the sheet over her head.

Clarke figured that meant she was going back to sleep so she rolled off the bed and wandered into the bathroom. She took a quick shower to get rid of the grimy feeling she always had after drinking, then brushed her teeth and ran her a hairbrush through her hair.

When she came back into her bedroom, Lexa was fast asleep again. So Clarke, as quietly as she could, pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, then slipped out the door.

Only the boys were to be found, Monty and Bellamy were sat at the kitchen table munching on bacon sandwiches and she just made out Jaspers leg thrown over the back of the sofa. The place didn’t look too bad but then she noticed the two black bin bags and realised that Bellamy and Monty must have started on clean up already too.

“Hey guys,” Clarke said quietly.

“Morning,” they replied together.

Jaspers hand stuck up from on the sofa, “Hey,” he said.

“Thanks for the breakfast and starting with the clean up,” Clarke said.

“No problem,” Monty shrugged.

Clarke grabbed a sandwich off the pile and smothered it in ketchup before taking a large bite. She moaned gratefully, “This definitely hits the spot.”

“Monty?” Jasper called from the sofa, “Do me a favour and pass me one?”

“Get one yourself you lazy ass,” Monty replied, even as he placed one onto a plate for him and got up out of his chair.

He smiled happily when he appeared over him, “You’re the best.”

“I know, and you’re still lazy,” he shook his head as he made his way back over to his seat.

“You’re too nice to him you know,” Clarke said.

“It’s fine, he can do the dishes tonight,” Monty shrugged.

“Fine,” Jasper said from the sofa.

They didn’t stay around much longer. Bellamy had to get to work and Jasper was rambling out excuses to leave so he didn’t have to help clean up, he ended up dragging Monty with him, who called out apologies as he was shoved out the door.

Lexa wandered out the bedroom ten minutes later, her hair wet and wearing one of Clarke’s shirts.

She pressed a now minty kiss to Clarke’s lips before sitting down at the table next to her. Immediately she grabbed a sandwich and bit into it appreciatively.

“The guys left quickly,” Lexa noted.

“Bell has work and Jasper didn’t want to clean up, Monty went with him because they live together.”

Lexa nodded in understanding, “It doesn’t look too bad around here.”

“Yeah, Bellamy and Monty did some cleaning up before I got up.”

“How nice of them.”

“Mmm.” Clarke agreed as she nodded. “How’s your head feeling?”

“A bitch. I took some Advil from your bathroom though.” Lexa spoke around a mouthful of food. She swallowed before continuing; “You know I still hate you for not getting hang overs.”

“You mean you’re jealous,” Clarke said sticking out her tongue.

“Duh,” Lexa laughed, “Octavia and Raven not up yet?” she asked next.

“I guess they’re still asleep,” Clarke shrugged, “I haven’t seen them yet.” She glanced at the clock on the wall; it read ten o’clock, “It’s not too early to get them up is it?”

Lexa shrugged, “I don’t think so.”

“I don’t know why I’m asking you, you’re up by 7:30 even on holiday’s,” Clarke teased.

“I don’t like to miss the day Clarke,” she said pointedly.

“You’re just weird.”

Lexa pouted dramatically but it quickly morphed into a smile, “You love me anyway.”

“Yeah, unfortunately,” Clarke laughed, she dodged out the way when Lexa went to jab her arm.

“Do you want me to go get them?” Lexa asked.

Clarke shrugged, “I don’t mind doing it.”

“You get Raven, I’ll get O?” she suggested.

Clarke nodded and they both stood up, Lexa wiped her hands on her shorts. Raven’s room was closer than Octavia’s, she knocked before opening it quietly and poking her head in. She wasn’t there.

“Raven’s not in her room,” Lexa announced.

Clarke reached to Octavia’s room then. She didn’t bother knocking, instead she just flung the door open wide.

She regretted it immediately.

“Holy shit my eyes!” Clarke exclaimed loudly, covering her face with her hands.

The image of a very naked Raven on top of an equally naked Octavia with Raven’s hand somewhere she never thought her hand should be, was burned in Clarke’s mind.

The two girls screamed loudly. Raven practically jumped off of Octavia. They struggled to cover themselves up, but it didn’t really matter because then Clarke was scrambling for the door handle, slamming it shut behind her a second later.

Clarke sprinted into her bedroom and dove onto the bed. The door slammed shut behind her as she hit the mattress. A second later the door opened again, Lexa still grimacing from the sound of the door.

“Clarke I’m still way too hung over for this volume.”

“Sorry,” Clarke mumbled into the pillow.

The mattress dipped as Lexa sat on the bed next to her. “So…uh what the hell was that?”

Clarke rolled over and stared up at her girlfriend, then she stated dramatically, “Lexa I think I’m scarred for life.”