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Domestic Happenings

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Domestic Happenings
“It isn’t fair! Anastasia kicked things at random in the living room of their small apartment, stopping intermittently to glare at her father Ian. He was fixing a snack for her five-year-old cousin Sydney, who he was babysitting, doing his best to ignore her. “All of my friends are going!”
Ian finally had enough. He tapped Ana on the arm to get her to look at him while he signed. Even though he knew that while wearing her hearing aids Ana could hear him if he spoke in a clear voice, he figured she was too agitated and upset right now to pay attention.
“You need to calm down and listen to reason” he signed. It’s only twenty degrees out”. It’s too cold for me to bundle up Sydney and take you two to Brooklyn Bridge Park and your too young to go yourself.”
Ana balked at that and started to yell that all of her friends were going. Ian put up a hand to silence her.
“Those kids are older than you and besides that, there is a lot of traffic on the way to the park. You can’t hear when cars are coming…..”
Ana stopped watching his sign at that point and turned away angrily. Nothing made her more furious than when one of her fathers tried to restrict her because of her deafness.
Ian sighed and went back to the kitchen with his neice. He needed to get her fed before his partners sister, Mandy came to pick her up.
Ana sat down and pretended to be engrossed in her sketch pad while Ian made kool aid and fished around for some crackers. Ana scanned the room. Her coat was unfortunately draped over a chair in the kitchen so there was no way she could grab it without being spotted. However, her boots were right by the door. When Ian was engrossed with trying to help Sydney pour grape kool aid without sloshing it all over the table, Ana soundlessly slipped on her boots and softly cracked open the door a few inches without making any creaking sounds and slipped out, leaving the door ajar so she would not risk any noise. She knew she had to hurry if she wasn’t going to be spotted by her other Dad Mickey, walking home from work.
Ana took off at a fast pace toward Brooklyn Bridge Park, all the while keeping her eyes peeled for Mickey or Ian coming after her. She was going to catch it later for sure, but she was tired of her dads keeping her close to home because they were worried about her deafness while contending with New York City traffic.
By the time Ana found her friends sledding down one of the hills she was cold but excited. Pheobe and Destiny were there and sometimes they would let her hang out with them even though they were twelve and she was ten. Phoebe smiled at her. “You made it!”
Ana got close enough to both girls so she could read their lips-no way was she hearing their voices over the wind-and tried to join in on the conversation. Her speech was fine as long as she paid attention. Ana tried to remain nonchalant as if it were normal for her to be this far away from home without her dads. “Yeah I thought I would stop by.”
Phoebe pulled her toward a hill where some boys were attempting to make it slicker for sledding. She giggled and pointed to the cute ones while offering Ana a cigarette. Ana was starting to feel like she was in over her head, but she tried to remain nonchalant as she took it and held it in the same way she had seen her dads do.
She then turned toward Destiny who was poking her frantically in the arm and gesturing wildly towards the top of the sledding hill. Her dad Mickey was there holding her coat and scanning the park looking for her.
Ana didn’t want to go to him, but it beat the alternative of him walking toward her and humiliating her in front of all her friends. She shoved the cigarette back at Destiny and sprinted up the hill.
Mickey spotted her upward decent and his face changed from the familiar parental expressions of worry, relief, and rage. Even though Ana knew it would agitate him further, she sprinted past him, wanting to get him to follow her out of the view of her friends.
Mickey caught up with her in less than a minute-he was damn fast for such a heavy smoker-and grabbed her arm, spinning her around to face him. He started to sign immediately, but Ana had a feeling that this was not going to stop him from also yelling loud enough for half of New York to hear.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Have you lost your fucking mind? Your dad told you to stay put!
Ana looked into Mickey’s furious eyes and became enraged herself. “I don’t want to stay in the apartment! Just because I’m deaf doesn’t mean I’m dumb and doesn’t mean I don’t have the brains to keep myself safe!”
Mickey saw the hurt in her eyes and took things down a notch. “No one is calling you dumb” he signed. He handed her the coat that he had slung over his shoulder. “Put this on.”
Ana looked at the coat in disdain and turned away deliberately. She was in fact, freezing but she had her pride after all.
Mickey grabbed her arm again with his left hand and spun her around. Clearly having used up his quota of patience for the day, he used his right hand to deliver five powerful smacks to her behind with enough force to lift her feet off the ground.
He thrust the coat at her again and Ana put it on, biting her lip and refusing to cry. Mickey remembered Ian’s many lectures about being more patient and attempted signing again.
“Nobody thinks you’re stupid at all”. New York is just full of rude fuckers who don’t look out for any kids, whether they are deaf or not. I’ll start going on walks with you more and see if you can handle the traffic. If you do ok I’ll start letting you go farther by yourself.”
Ana took a deep breath and nodded. “Ok>” She gave him a shaky smile. “But can you tell Dad not to punish me?”
Mickey scrubbed her head affectionately. “No promises there but I’ll see what I can do.”
Mickey did talk to Ian as promised, but Ian wasn’t happy about Mickey asking him to forgo punishment after he had spent an hour worried out of his mind about their daughter.
“It’s always the same Mickey, you always ask to let her off the hook and then if I don’t, it makes me out to be the bad guy.” He glowered at Mickey and barely spoke to him as Mickey’s sister Mandy came to take their niece home. Mandy, sensing a familiar domestic squabble, made her way out the door with her daughter quickly.
Dinner passed in stony silence, and then in the evening Mickey tried again. “I wasn’t trying to make you out to be the bad guy” he protested. I just told her I would…..”
“Never mind,” Ian snapped. “Just forget it. Go tell her to get ready for bed. Maybe you’re the one who needs to be punished” Ian glowered darkly at him while Mickey slipped away to their daughter’s room.
Oh well, Mickey thought, as he hollered to his kid to get ready for bed; this may work out after all. Sometimes when Ian was angry with him it could make for an interesting bedroom experience.
After Ana’s bedtime, Mickey’s hopes for a rough encounter were immediately rekindled when Ian stalked in, slamming the bedroom door behind him in spite of their sleeping child. Mickey sat on the edge of the bed and tried to rework his face into what he assumed was a remorseful expression.
“So once again, you get to be super dad and I’m the mean dad who wants her to actually have consequences for her actions?” Ian shot daggers at Mickey.
“I’m sorry,” Mickey repeated for what felt like the hundredth time. Next time I’ll say no when she asks me to…”
Ian turned his back and made a big production of opening dresser drawers and slamming them shut again. Mickey rolled his eyes to the heavens when Ian’s back was turned, quickly fixing his face back into his remorseful expression when Ian turned around again.
Mickey smiled (just inwardly of course) when he realized that Ian had been ram sacking the drawers for a bottle of lube.
“Strip” Ian looked down at Mickey darkly who began happily kicking off his jeans. “On your knees.”
Mickey bared himself completely and got in the familiar all fours position on the bed. Ian, not satisfied, pushed against the back of his neck causing Mickey to smash his face into the sheets, his ass raised obscenely in the air. He groaned at the burning sensation when Ian pushed the first slicked up finger into him. Mickey figured Ian was still kind of pissed by the way he deliberately avoided Mickey’s sweet spot as he entered his second finger and harshly bit down underneath his right thigh.
“Fuck Ian” Mickey stuttered out. Ian was stretching him out with his fingers. He bucked and squirmed, seeking some kind of friction for his swollen and pulsing cock. He snaked his right hand forward to give it a few satisfying tugs before Ian grabbed it and pinned it roughly behind his back.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Ian gripped Mickey’s arm with his left hand. Mickey felt empty as Ian removed his fingers abruptly. “I will get you off when I’m ready, not you.” He slapped Mickey’s ass three quick times, hard and stinging. Mickey was so rock hard he was sure that he would have blue balls permanently.
“Please Ian” Mickey groaned as Ian pushed at his hole just at the entrance with maddening slowness. Mickey bucked his hips to jump start the process but Ian gripped both of them, his fingers grinding into his hip bones hard enough to leave bruises.
“Stop” Ian ordered thickly and Mickey obeyed.
Satisfied that he was in control, Ian ran his tongue down Mickey’s spine and bit deeply into his buttocks. He kept his cock teasingly around Mickey’s hole.
“Aww look at you squirming all over the sheets. Ian’s tone was light and teasing and Mickey suspected he wasn’t really mad anymore. “You want my cock so badly don’t you? You look like my bitch, waiting for me like this.”
Mickey was completely undone my Ian’s dirty talk and moaned low and desperate. When he was about to dissolve into a squirming crying mess, Ian entered him with a long slow slide that made him almost sob with relief.
“Well I think you’ve learned your lesson now” Mickey could almost hear Ian’s satisfied smirk as he suddenly slammed into him, pulling Mickey’s hips back where he was sure bruises were blooming under his boyfriends fucking ex-military rock hard fingers.
Mickey’s “yes” was meant to be a shout but came out as a low and breathless. Ian was biting at his shoulder and sweating all over him as he pounded against his body like a jack hammer. Ian reached down to grab his dick, and Mickey could only stutter out “Ian” as he came all over his hand. He managed to stay on his knees for the next few thrusts Ian made before emptying himself inside of Mickey. Both men slumped forward like their bodies had deflated.
After laying on their sides panting for a while, Mickey squirmed out from under Ian’s arm and sat up, grabbing a cigarette from the headboard. He glanced down fondly at Ian who was now out cold. Mickey felt tingly and relaxed all over as a blew smoke rings across the room. Soon Ian would start up his last semester of night classes he had been taking in order to become an interpreter. Mickey would be in charge of Ana and their niece a lot during that time. He figured it would only be a week or two before he really pissed Ian off again.