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Who Said This Is a Good Idea?

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“Who said this is a good idea?” Zhao Yunlan grins at the assembled SID crew (minus Lao Chu and Xiao Guo, of course) as they assemble decorations for a surprise party. “Everyone, Hong-jie!”

“Literally everyone said this is a bad idea, Chief,” Zhu Hong says. She hands another detangled string of lighted paper lanterns to Wang Zheng. “Every one of us.”

“Lin Jing?” Zhao Yunlan claps a hand to his chest. “You betrayed me? No bonus for you!”

“Wait, what?” Lin Jing looks up from the copper popcorn maker. “Why me? Hong-jie’s the one who said it was a bad idea! I just said Lao Chu doesn’t like parties!”

“Zhao Yunlan.” Shen Wei sets a platter of fresh fruit on the conference table. “I thought you said —“

“I said we needed to celebrate! And we are!”

“But neither Xiao Guo nor Chu Shuzhi has confirmed that they —“

“Nonsense! It’s all settled! Now hurry up. We have about thirty minutes before they come back with the duck. Fat Cat! Help me with the plates!”

Thirty-six minutes later, they dim the lights when Da Qing hears Chu Shuzhi’s van come to a stop out front.

“Da Qing! Sang Zan! Get up to the loft with the banner!”

“Yunlan,” Shen Wei tries again, “I really don’t think —“

“Shut up! I love you. My ideas are perfect and never go wrong.” He yanks Shen Wei’s sleeve until they’re both crouched behind the sofa.

“Yunlan, what —“

The front door opens with a thump, and Chu Shuzhi and Guo Changcheng enter, bags of food in each hand.

“Chu-ge, is something wrong? What happened to the lights?”

“Oh. Oh, no. There’s—“

“Surprise!” Zhao Yunlan pops up from his hiding place and drags Shen Wei with him. Zhu Hong switches on the main lights as Sang Zan and Da Qing unroll the banner — Congrats On Your Engagement!

“Chief…” Guo Changcheng says weakly.


“Congrats!” Zhao Yunlan slaps them both on the shoulder before divesting them of the food. “This calls for a celebration.”

“Uh, Chief?” Guo Changcheng clears his throat.

“…and we’ve got tons of beer, of course. Here, come—“


The crew turns and stares at Guo Changcheng and Chu Shuzhi. The latter looks utterly baffled, and Xiao Guo? Well…

“I haven’t asked him yet, Chief,” Guo Changcheng says, face scarlet. He can't bring himself to meet Chu Shuzhi’s eyes.

“Wait, what?”

“Oh, Yunlan.” Shen Wei sighs, and Zhu Hong slaps the back of Zhao Yunlan’s head.

“I got scared,” Guo Changcheng says.

“Changcheng.” Chu Shuzhi reaches for his hand. “You want to get married? To me?”

Guo Changcheng nods.

“Okay.” Chu Shuzhi kisses him, in front of the entire crew. “Let’s get married.” He nods at Zhao Yunlan. “As long as he’s not invited.”

Shen Wei muffles Zhao Yunlan’s indignant yelps as Guo Changcheng grins and hugs Chu Shuzhi. “The ring’s at home.”

“Then let’s go home.” He hands the food over to Lin Jing and takes Guo Changcheng's hand. “Lord Envoy, team. See you tomorrow.”