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Right Idea, Wrong Disability

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"You're kind of clumsy, aren't you?"

Matt ignores Stark and focuses on the thing that tripped him. It's some kind of robot and it's zooming around his feet like a cat, distracting him while he tries to make sense of the room. There are smells --metallic, plastic, glass, rubber and other synthetics.

"Like it?" Stark asks gesturing at something plasticy. "I designed these myself."

"Just show him the files," Steve says. "And get the robot out from under his feet."

"Thanks," Matt tells him.

There's a faint hiss and the smell of heated air coming from his left. Matt turns towards it and waits for Stark to hand him the file. Of course he's not that lucky.

"Go ahead." Stark nudges him forward. "Just touch it like this and you can manipulate the files and if you do get a holographic image."

Shit. "That's very...impressive." Then again, paper files would have been just as useless. The Avengers want to help him find the Punisher and they mean well. They just don't know he's blind.

"What're you, a technophobe?"

Steve clears his throat. "Not everyone has access to this level of technology, Tony. Even I'm a little intimidated by it."

Stark mutters something about senior citizens and then rounds on Matt. "Don't make me put this into a PDF. I'm begging you." He sighs in resignation. "You know what? Tell JARVIS what you prefer and he'll do it. I'm going to get coffee. Be done defiling my work by the time I get back."

Half the problem is solved, now all he needs to do is get Steve out of the room. Unfortunately, Steve has other ideas. A heavy hand drops onto Matt's shoulder.

"A disability is nothing to be ashamed of," Steve assures him.

Matt stiffens. "What? No, I'm not --"

"Daredevil, it's fine." It's not, of course. Steve is a little put out that Matt hasn't shared his identity. Still, his heartbeat is calm and steady as he tries to draw Matt out. "We can have JARVIS read the files to you, make the font bigger, whatever you need to accommodate your learning disability. No judgment here, I promise."

"A learning disability?" Matt echoes. "You think I have a..." Actually, it's not a bad idea except for the part where Stark will inevitably find out and the jokes will begin. Captain America might be able to keep a secret, but the AI can't. Stark hasn't come out and said it, but Matt is sure it's recording everything. "Steve, I'm not comfortable discussing this, especially with Stark's ability to eavesdrop and reproduce the conversation."

"JARVIS, privacy mode. Authorization Rogers Alpha," Steve says firmly. "Acknowledge."

"Acknowledged, Captain." The synthetic voice emanates from twenty separate speakers at varying intervals across the room.

"We have complete privacy now."

Decision time. Steve's saved his life twice over now and Stark, insufferable as he is, is providing access to information that Matt can only imagine. "I'm not ashamed of my disability," Matt says finally. "In fact, I think you'll agree that I've done quite well in spite of it."

"Of course you have," Steve says, encouragingly. He's sincere, of course, because why wouldn't Captain America be sincere? "If I'm off the mark, tell me, but you seem like you haven't let dyslexia stop you from getting a good education."

Matt grins. He's enjoying this way too much now. It's just a pity he won't be able to see the look on Steve's face. "Oh, I'm not dyslexic, Steve." He pulls off his mask. "I'm blind."