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Softly, Gently, And With Feeling

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Ye Zun watches hungrily as Da Qing stretches in their shared bedroom.  Da Qing arches his back and gives a low groan as his back pops back into place. Da Qing twists around as Ye Zun reaches for him, peering over his shoulder.

"Do you want something?"  Da Qing asks, tail swishing so it brushes against the bed and Ye Zun's thigh.

"Just you."  Ye Zun replies with a grin, palming Da Qing's ass. He only barely manages to stop himself from tugging on Da Qing’s tail, knowing that’s a sure fire way to get Da Qing on top of him and mewling.

Da Qing's tail curls around Ye Zun's hand.  "Well, you certainly have me."

"But you're leaving bed."  Ye Zun pouts and pets Da Qing's tail. 

Da Qing sighs and doesn't get any further away.  Instead he plops himself right on top of Ye Zun.  A perfect position for Ye Zun to kiss him - so he does.  It's easy to just keep kissing Da Qing while Da Qing mewls, claws scraping against Ye Zun's chest. 

The first time it'd happened, Ye Zun had been surprised and hadn't been sure about it - but he does like it.  And it's not Da Qing's full claws - no blood is drawn.

They aren't even nipping at each other's lips like they sometimes did.  It is just skin to skin and mouth to mouth. 

Ye Zun's hands are happily gripping Da Qing's ass - such a nice, pert ass that was normally well hidden by those unfortunate clothing choices that Da Qing made. 

Da Qing rolled his hips ever so slightly - Ye Zun could feel his hard cock against his thigh.  It was delightfully warm.  There isn't a chill in the air, but Da Qing's body is warmer than the air and it is like Ye Zun has his own personal blanket. 

Ye Zun could reach down and start jacking the two of them off, but that sounds like too much work.  And it is nice to feel Da Qing on top of him.  Their cocks occasionally touch and it is like fire in Ye Zun's veins.  It isn't often enough to build an inferno, just a pleasant fire to warm up to. 

Before Da Qing, Ye Zun might've tried to chase the fire, stoke it into an inferno.  But now?  He's happy to let Da Qing rut against him until Da Qing is satisfied. 

"Feeling good?"  Ye Zun asks Da Qing fondly when their lazy kiss finally ends. 

Da Qing hums, nuzzling up to Ye Zun's neck. 

"You're always treating me so good, Ye Zun."  Da Qing purs and Ye Zun flushes, just a bit.  Such simple words shouldn't affect him so well, but they do.  And he wouldn't change it for the world. 

Da Qing mewls again as he finds a good angle to fuck Ye Zun's thighs and spills between Ye Zun's thighs. 

He settles down again, leaving Ye Zun hard, but Ye Zun isn't that bothered.  He can get off if he really wants to - there is a cute kitten in his lap and the morning sun outside their windows - Ye Zun's life really is perfect.