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A Hope for Tomorrow

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There were very few times Chu Shuzhi truly felt helpless, but here, with Guo Changcheng cradled in his arms, he did.

The crime scene the SID had been called out to was organized chaos and worse yet, there were multiple victims.

This meant multiple uses for Guo Changcheng’s ability and multiple lifetimes to absorb and watch.

Chu Shuzhi looked down at the man and found his face slack in its unconsciousness.

“Dumbass.” Chu Shuzhi growled softly, "Wake up.”

But all Guo Changcheng could seemingly manage was a vague head loll, which caused his head to now rest against Chu Shuzhi’s scarf and coat-covered chest.

Unconsciously, Chu Shuzhi’s hands and arms tightened around Guo Changcheng’s limp form. He raised his eyes and glowered at nothing in particular (just this whole damn situation) before his attention returned back to Guo Changcheng.

“Changcheng.” Chu Shuzhi spoke, voice gruff, “Come on.”

Which again caused the other man’s head to loll to the side, but along with that came a slight pinch to Guo Changcheng’s expression.

“That’s it.” Muttered Chu Shuzhi seeing that small spark of consciousness. “Come back.”

The pinch soon became a grimace until he stiffened and sat abruptly up. “Professor Shen!” Guo Changcheng shouted, turning in Chu Shuzhi's arms to grasp at the front of his coat. “Professor Shen!”

Now it was Chu Shuzhi’s turn to frown.

There were times when Guo Changcheng utilized his powers and often returned confused, which then Chu Shuzhi had to remind Guo Changcheng that both Hei Pao Shi and Zhao Yunlan were gone.

He pulled a breath in, readying himself to say those damning words when Guo Changcheng’s hands tightened on his coat.

“Chu-ge, the last m-man - " Guo Changcheng gasped out. “He saw Professor Shen and Chief Zhao before he died!”

“They’re alive somehow! They're alive!”