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Darkness, Flooded in Light

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He is running down a long, bright hallway. He was told to stay in the nursery, but the nursery is boring now that Thor has outgrown it. He has decided to find his brother.

His small boots patter against the polished marble. He is being as quiet as he possibly can, but Odin hears him from the council chambers anyway.


Loki ducks behind a column, stifling his giggles. He could not find Thor, but Father is much better!

“Why Loki!” Father booms, crossing the hallway to stand above him. “You have turned into a pillar! Alas, my little boy has become stone.”

Loki’s laughter escapes him. He claps his hand back over his mouth.

“At least you still have the ability to laugh, my son. Do not worry, I shall free you!” Father swoops down behind the column and gathers Loki up, tickling him. Loki shrieks and squirms.

“You are supposed to be in the nursery, I am sure of it,” Father says, stern expression spoiled by the twinkle in his eye.

Loki throws his arms around Odin’s neck. “Too dull. This is better.”

Odin laughs. “Very well, my little scrap of mischief. Let us walk together, hm?”

Odin carries him out into the gardens and walks with him until sunset. Loki falls asleep in his arms, content and safe.