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Sam trudged out to the kitchen, opened the fridge, closed the fridge. He opened a few cupboards, closed them. He shuffled to the pantry, opened it, closed it. After letting out a huge sigh, he waddled back to the bedroom and stretched out on the bed.

He didn't know what he wanted. Oh, he knew he was horny, he was hungry, he was lonely, he was crabby, and he also knew he was ready to get his kid out. Two weeks. Only two weeks to go.

Sam spread his legs and arms out, star-fished on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He didn't know how much longer Dean would be. He went out for groceries, and sometimes Dean got distracted and took a couple hours, other times he was back in fifteen minutes. Sam hated feeling so needy, but Dean never seemed to mind.

Tears welled in Sam's eyes. Dean was so awesome, had been so wonderful throughout the entire pregnancy, through Sam's cravings and morning sickness, through his achy feet and mood swings, through his complaining and temperature intolerance. Anything below seventy-four degrees in the house was too cold, but anything over seventy-six degrees was too hot.

Sam felt useless and huge. Dean reminded him all the time that carrying their child was anything but useless, and he'd place gentle kisses on Sam's belly, on his fingers, shoulders, cheeks, neck, and that little spot that made Sam smile under his left ear. He'd tell Sam how they were going to be a family, they were going to raise their own kid, and that was because Sam was doing all the work and that Sam was beautiful, no he wasn't too huge, and that Dean could never repay Sam for what he was doing.

But Sam still felt huge. He felt inadequate. And he knew Dean was running himself ragged with working all day, then taking care of Sam all night. Sam couldn't even sleep through the night because of how uncomfortable he was, and Dean would get up with him every time.

Sam turned onto his side and looked at the clock. It was a Thursday, which meant Dean didn't have to work, but instead of resting, he was out shopping. The clock blurred, Sam's tears making the room warp around him.

"Hey, baby," Dean said from the doorway.

Sam wiped at his face and turned over. "Hey, Dean," he said, forcing a smile.

"You hungry?" Dean asked.

"Uh-huh," Sam said.

"Cottage cheese okay with you?" he asked.

Sam's diet had gotten smaller as the baby got bigger. The range of foods he could stand was down to about five items, one of which was cottage cheese.

"Yeah," Sam said.

Dean held up a container of cottage cheese, a spoon already dunked into it, the handle sticking out. "Here ya go," he said, handing the container to Sam.

Sam took it as he sat up. Or actually he tried to move, but ended up just flailing pathetically. Dean didn't hesitate to wrap his hands around Sam's upper arms and help him up.

"Sorry," Sam mumbled, looking down at his belly, his T-shirt stretched over the bulge, but not long enough to cover the underside of his belly. His sweat pants were tucked under and irritating his skin. Sam frowned, feeling like a complete invalid.

"C'mon," Dean said, getting a better grip on him by wrapping his arms around Sam's upper chest, under his arms, and sliding him back on the bed until he was sitting against the headboard.

"Sorry," Sam said again.

But Dean was already moving him around again, lifting him enough to pull the sweats down and off. Dean knew clothes were uncomfortable, and he didn't even ask, just helped Sam.

Sam sniffled, then let out a watery chuckle when Dean pushed his shirt up and kissed his belly.

"I know you're hungry," Dean said, "so go ahead and dig in while I make you feel good."

Sam opened his mouth to ask what the fuck Dean meant, a little irritated even though he'd been smiling just a moment before, but then Dean was climbing between his legs, settling down on the bed, and sucking his cock down.

"Oh," Sam gasped, spreading his legs, his head thunking back onto the headboard. His cock had already been half hard, but the attention was making him even harder.

Dean pulled back and grinned up at him. "Eat your cottage cheese," he said, then sank down on Sam's cock again.

Sam felt his face heat up. Could he really? Could he pig out on cottage cheese while Dean was sucking him off? It sounded awesome. He really was hungry, and he felt good for the first time in about two days.

Dean rolled Sam's balls in his left hand while he bobbed on Sam's cock, not at all concerned about Sam splitting his attention between the awesome blowjob and the cottage cheese, so Sam set the container on his belly, holding it steady with one hand while he shoveled the cottage cheese into his mouth with the other.

Sam moaned, and he really couldn't tell whether he was happier about the cottage cheese or the blowjob. It didn't really matter, because Dean had was doing it all for him, and his moan of appreciation covered it all.

The fingers of Dean's right hand trailed underneath his balls, over the opening that had recently developed for Sam to give birth. Sam shivered, the hole very sensitive. Dean was extra careful whenever he touched Sam there. It was a great source of pleasure, and Dean knew it, but he also knew that being too rough didn't feel good at all, and Dean was quick to learn anything about Sam.

Sam was too busy shoving cottage cheese into his face to figure out where Dean got the lube, but a lubed finger entered his birthing channel, making him flinch. Dean didn't pull out or hesitate because Sam always flinched, not because it hurt, but because it just felt so good.

Dean gently pushed in, then slowly pulled out before repeating the process over again while still sucking Sam's cock, Sam's balls resting in his left hand.

"Dean," Sam gasped around a mouthful of cottage cheese, his eyes closing.

Dean hummed around Sam's cock as he circled his index finger, running around the rim of Sam's hole, and that was it. Sam was coming down Dean's throat, his birthing channel clenching around Dean's finger as his balls pulled up close to his body, Sam moaning the whole time around his cottage cheese.

Sam relaxed against the bed, muscles finally settling that hadn't settled since the last time Dean had made him come after a massage that was out of this world.

Dean licked him clean, then pulled his finger out of Sam's hole and sucked it clean too. Sam moaned, eyes on Dean's lips. Dean got to his knees, opened up his jeans, pulled himself out, and stroked himself while sucking his finger, eyes locked with Sam's. It didn't take long and Dean was coming on Sam's left thigh, eyes closing and mouth open as he gasped out Sam's name.

Sam frowned at the mess on his leg, and as soon as Dean realized what the frown was for, he leaned down and licked up his mess. When he straightened up again, he was smiling.

"You're so fuckin' sexy," Dean said, then leaned in and kissed the corner of Sam's mouth, licking some stray cottage cheese off Sam's face.

Sam chuckled and pushed him away. "You're gross," he said, but he didn't really mean it. He was laughing and didn't feel lonely anymore. Especially when Dean snuggled up against him and rested a hand on his belly, whispering his love into Sam's ear.