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Dean flinched, then nearly fell on his face as he stood up. "Yes, sir?"

Mr. Novak closed the door to Dean's office, then walked up to the desk. "Did you finish that report?"

Dean couldn't remember what the fuck the man was talking about, and then he realized. His face felt hot, and his neck was a little itchy. Now? Of all the times Mr. Novak could've chosen, he'd picked today?

"Uhm, no, Daddy," Dean said, looking down at the floor as if he was ashamed. He wasn't really. He hadn't done anything wrong, and in fact he was about to get laid. His cock was already getting hard. But Cas didn't realize what was under the slacks.

Cas sighed. "Yes, you did, sweetheart," he said, walking around the desk and putting a hand on each of Dean's shoulders. "And you did a very good job."

Dean shifted from foot to foot. Yes, he had turned in a report the day before. And he'd been very thorough, but that didn't mean Dean wanted to hear all about how awesome it was.

"You did such a good job that I've come to give you a reward," Cas said.

Dean grinned as he looked up. "A sexy reward?"

Cas chuckled. "Yes."

Okay, so maybe Dean really, really liked getting praised. But nobody else needed to know that. And if Dean could spin it as a sexy-times thing, then it was all good.

"But you're wearing way too many clothes to get your reward," Cas said, frowning as he gestured toward Dean's slacks.

Dean felt his face heat up even more, his ears tingling. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

"Something wrong?" Cas asked.

"N-no, Daddy," Dean said.

"You don't have to be shy around Daddy," Cas said, smiling.

Dean's cock twitched. He couldn't help it. Cas did things to him that no one else had ever done. And Dean loved it.

"If I have to take your slacks off for you," Cas said, taking another step closer, "then I'm going to have to spank you."

Dean squeaked. He fucking squeaked as his cock started to leak inside his slacks. "I'm sorry, Daddy," he said, reaching for the front of the slacks.

"I know you're a good boy," Cas said, smiling once again. "Get your slacks and shoes off so I can get a good look at you."

Dean held his slacks up as he kicked the shoes off, then took a breath to gather his courage and dropped the slacks, squeezing his eyes shut as he stood there in his socks and dress shirt, his tie and jacket still draped over the chair. He squirmed a bit when the moment stretched unbearably, then he flinched as suddenly Cas was there, in his space, kissing his neck and wrapping his arms around Dean, each hand grabbing an ass cheek, pulling Dean up against him.

"Were you worried Daddy wouldn't like your panties?" Cas asked, a whisper in Dean's right ear.

Dean let out a relieved chuckle. "I wasn't sure."

"You were so brave, dropping your slacks when you were so worried," Cas said, hands caressing and cradling Dean's ass.

"So you like them, Daddy?" Dean asked, even though he could feel Cas' erection against his own.

"They're beautiful, baby boy," Cas said. "So soft and silky. What made you choose the color?"

Dean grinned. "I kinda have a thing for anything blue and pretty."

Cas pulled back and chuckled, reaching up to hold Dean's neck with both hands. "Well, I think Daddy might have to spank you anyway, but it'll be a good boy spanking and I'll leave those panties on while I smack your bottom."

Dean groaned, his knees weak just from the promises coming from Cas' mouth. "Yes, Daddy."

"Okay, bend over the desk so Daddy can get a good look at those panties," Cas said, giving Dean a little pat on his ass.

Dean shoved everything from the left side of his desk over to the right side, then pressed his chest to the cleared side, spreading his legs and looking over his shoulder at Cas.

"Like this, Daddy?" Dean said.

"Just like that," Cas said, standing back to admire the view. "So why didn't you ever tell Daddy that you liked wearing panties?"

Dean crossed his arms on the desk, then used them as a pillow for his chin. "I don't know."

"I don't like that answer," Cas said, then gave Dean a firm smack on his left ass cheek. "Try again."

"Sorry, Daddy," Dean said, squirming. "I was worried you wouldn't like them."

"And you didn't know I'd come down here today," Cas said as he ran his index finger over the lacy waist band.

"No," Dean admitted.

"You weren't going to tell me yet," Cas said, his finger tracing the crack of Dean's ass.


"Daddy still wants to be with you, no matter what you like," Cas said. "You know that, don't you?"

Dean pushed his face into his arms. "Yes," he said softly.

"Dean, look at me," Cas said.

Dean looked over his shoulder at Cas. "Yes, Daddy?"

"Tell me you know that you can tell Daddy anything and he'll still want you," Cas said.

Dean nodded. "I know, Daddy."

Cas smacked his ass. "Tell me."

Dean's throat felt a little tight, and he hesitated just long enough that Cas must've decided he wasn't going to answer at all.

"You're already getting a good boy spanking," Cas said, "but if you tell me, I'll fuck you with your panties on."

Dean hissed as his cock twitched, painfully hard. "I know Daddy still wants me no matter what I like."

"Good boy," Cas said, then put a hand on Dean's back over the dress shirt, thumb rubbing back and forth. "Relax."

Dean rested his chin on his folded arms again, smiling as Cas ran his hand over his ass, grabbing and just touching, the panties obviously something Cas was getting a kick out of.

When the first slap came, Dean just moaned, because it wasn't harsh. It was perfect. It was just enough to make his ass jiggle, and Dean suddenly wished he could see what they looked like, wished he had a mirror in his office.

And that's when he remembered he forgot to close the blinds. He turned his head and looked at one of the big windows, eyes wide. If the guys across the way had their binoculars out, they'd get a pretty good view of what was going on.

"Are they watching?" Cas asked, ever observant.

"No," Dean said, putting his chin back down on his arms.

"Not yet," Cas said, and Dean could hear the smile in his voice.

Another few slaps landed, another, and Dean could feel the wet spot on the front of the panties getting larger, the cool air on his legs, the gentle rubbing of Cas' thumb on his back. He could smell Cas' cologne and the wood of the desk beneath him.

And then Cas was gone. Dean was about to stand up when he felt Cas fingers at the waist band of his panties, pulling them down so slowly that Dean whimpered. When they were about halfway down his ass, Dean smiled as Cas placed soft kisses on each of his ass cheeks, right where the panties met his skin.

The panties came down further, and more kisses followed, then a small lick to the crack of his ass. Dean spread his legs a bit more as the panties finally slid down under the curve of his ass.

Cas spread his cheeks, then huffed a breath over his hole. Dean whimpered, pushing his ass toward Cas.

"Do you want something, little one?" Cas asked.

Dean nodded against his arms. "Yes, Daddy. Want you."

"What if they see us?" Cas asked. "What if they see you bent over your desk with your boss behind you, fucking you until you come in your little blue panties?"

Dean went up on his toes as Cas ran the lubed pad of his index finger over his hole. "Please, Daddy."

"Please what?" he asked as he dipped his index finger into Dean's hole just the tiniest bit.

"Please fuck me, Daddy," Dean begged, trying to push back, get more of Cas inside him.

"You're such a good boy," Cas said as he pushed his index finger into Dean. "Such a good boy for Daddy."

Dean gasped as Cas pushed a second finger in, not giving him much time to adjust to the first one. "Daddy!

"Yes, baby?" Cas said, as if he didn't have two fingers inside Dean, as if he wasn't finding Dean's prostate and rubbing over it.

"Please," Dean moaned, hips twisting back and forth as Cas played with him. "Please fuck me, Daddy."

Cas pulled his fingers out and pressed one last kiss to each of Dean's cheeks. Dean could hear Cas' clothes rustling behind him, heard the zipper, and as Cas sank into him, his cock stretching him wide open, Dean nearly sobbed with relief. Because Cas was finally inside him, Cas was filling him, and Cas going to let him come.

"Is that better?" Cas asked as he bottomed out.

Dean hissed at the stretch, Cas' two fingers not having been enough, but that was fine with Dean. He liked to feel it, liked to squirm beneath Cas as the man made him take it. Cas was all about intensity, even when it came to just getting his cock inside Dean.

"Yes, Daddy," Dean said, feeling the urge to rest his hands on the desk and push himself up, but he didn't, because Daddy had told him to bend over the desk.

"Such a good boy," Cas said as he started fucking, slowly at first until Dean adjusted, and then he was fucking him hard, the desk creaking with the force of his thrusts.

Cas changed the angle of his thrusts, and Dean let out a long whine as it let Cas' cock drag just right over Dean's prostate.

Cas chuckled. "We have an audience," he said.

Dean turned to the window, eyes wide and his jaw dropped when he saw the guys crowded around the window across the way, each of them fighting over the binoculars. Dean blushed, but it turned him on even more.

"They're watching, baby," Cas said. "Watching while I reward you for being my good little boy."

"Yes, Daddy," Dean said.

"They can't see your panties from this angle," Cas said.

Dean's breath caught in his chest, and he finally remembered to breathe when Cas wrapped his arms around Dean and turned them, still fucking Dean as he pushed him against the full-length window, Dean's panties against the glass.

"There, now they can see your pretty panties," Cas said as he reached into Dean's panties and wrapped his hand around Dean's cock.

Dean rested his forehead on the glass, his hands to either side of his head. The cleaning woman would complain about the fingerprints on the glass, but he didn't care.

"They want to see you come, little one," Cas said. "They want to see you get these pretty panties all dirty."

Dean let out a groan, so close to coming that he couldn't even speak, just pant against the glass as his cock was stroked just the way he liked it and Cas pounded into him from behind.

"Daddy!" Dean whimpered, toes curling in his socks as he came, jizz hitting the window once, twice, then getting smeared all over as Cas fucked him harder and Dean's cock was ground against the window, slippery from his release.

"My good boy," Cas said as he came inside Dean, left arm wrapped around him, holding him tight, his right hand still squeezing Dean's cock.

Cas gently pulled out of Dean, and soon Dean was chuckling as Cas used his handkerchief to wipe between his ass cheeks, cleaning him up. Cas pulled the panties up, then gave Dean's ass a little pat.

"You were a very good boy," Cas said, then kissed Dean's back. "Clean up the window so Kelly doesn't have to, and then get back to work."

"Yes, Daddy," Dean said, smiling as Cas walked out of the office, closing the door behind him.