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It all started with porn. As most things do between Dean and Cas. Dean's watching it, Cas is interested because anything involving Dean and sex is something Cas finds really fun, so he's leaning over Dean's shoulder before Dean even realizes he's there.

"He'll never regain full muscle tone," Cas comments.

Dean jumps so badly he bites his own lip. "Jesus, Cas. Warn a guy!" he says, hand over his heart as he tries to calm himself down.

"Do you find this sexy?" Cas asks.

Dean smirks, because yeah, Cas has started using words like sexy and fuck and cock and it's so fucking hot coming from the mouth of an angel, a dirty kind of thing that gets Dean going in record time.

"Yeah, I've got a bunch of bookmarks for gaping," Dean says, opening the folder with nearly thirty bookmarks in it.

Cas peers at each bookmark as if he's watching each video as he reviews the list. And for all Dean knows he is. "Would you like to do this to me?"

Dean chokes. "Really?" he asks, not quite sure if Cas has been around him long enough to tease him like this or not.

Cas turns to him. "I have complete control over this vessel. I can make it do anything."

Dean's cock is getting harder. "Uhm, well, okay," he said, nodding and already imagining all the fun he's going to have.

"Do we need those toys?" Cas asks, pointing at the screen where a man is lowering himself onto a traffic cone.

"No," Dean says, shaking his head. "I mean we do need toys, but I don't really find a bright orange cone all that hot."

"Which ones do you find hot?" Cas asks.

Dean grins. "Those and that and that one," he says, pointing to a few different items on the wall of the playroom on the screen.

The next second Cas is gone, and Dean stands up to strip, because Cas won't be gone long. Sure enough, Dean's yanking off his socks when Cas comes back with a large black shopping bag.

"The cashier was very helpful when I read his mind," Cas says, dumping everything out onto the bed.

Dean's jaw drops. "You paid for this, right?"

Cas rolls his eyes. Another thing he's picked up from Dean. "Yes," he says as if Dean's being particularly stupid.

"You're fast," Dean says.

Cas shrugs. "It seemed like a half hour to the cashier. He noticed nothing out of the ordinary."

"Cool," Dean says, then picks up a long string of anal beads, conveniently in graduating sizes.

"That would be the toy the cashier suggested when I told him I wanted to gape, but had never done so before," Cas says, handing the string to Dean.

"Did you get any lube?" Dean asks, already playing with the beads, feeling their sizes and enjoying the smoothness of the surface.

"I'm going to be manipulating this vessel," Cas says. "I won't need lube."

"Ah, Cas, you kinda need lube," Dean says.

Cas gives him a look that says he really wants to roll his eyes, and Dean flinches when suddenly the beads in his hands are slippery with some kind of jelly-like substance.

"Oh," Dean says, eyeing the beads.

Cas mojos his clothes away and climbs onto the bed, spreading his legs and looking at Dean over his shoulder. "I'm ready."

Cas doesn't tease him when Dean comes in his pants after only the fourth bead slips into Cas' hole.


Dean reaches forward and smacks Cas' ass as they're walking up to the house of a woman who reported a monster outside her bedroom window. He grins when he can feel the base of the thick butt plug stuck up inside Cas.

Cas acts as if nothing happened and reads the mind of the woman before she even has a chance to ask them inside. Cas tells her she needs to check on the baby, so she says goodbye and closes the door.

Dean chuckles. "You take the fun out of interviewing people."

"I would've let you interview her if she hadn't been exposed to an eventually lethal dose of the drugs that were previously manufactured in her home," Cas says.

"Whoa, wait," Dean says, grabbing Cas' arm and turning him around.

"I cleaned the house and cured her as well as the baby," Cas says. "She was hallucinating. There was never a monster outside her bedroom window."

"You're awesome," Dean says, grinning.

"I'm also horny," Cas says.

Dean snorts. "What a coincidence. So am I." The next second they're standing in the motel room they'd been staying in. "My car," Dean says, not really upset, just reminding Cas.

"We'll get it later," Cas says. "I have something for you."

"Yeah?" Dean says, unbuttoning Cas' shirt. After a couple of arguments, which Dean won, Cas no longer mojos his clothes away. Dean likes unwrapping the package.

"It's on the table," Cas says.

Dean pushes the shirt and coat off Cas' shoulders, letting them fall to the floor. When he turns to see what Cas got for him, he frowns.

"I've got you," Dean says, holding his arms out at his sides. "I don't need a fleshlight. That's part of being in a relationship."

"You were having trouble getting enough friction to come because you've opened me up so much," Cas says as he walks to the table and picks up the fleshlight. "This solves that problem."

"Cas, it's okay," Dean says, shaking his head. "It takes me longer to come, but I love seeing you all wide and open for me. I don't wanna sit all by myself and fuck a tunnel."

Cas pushes the fleshlight into Dean's hands and smirks before breaking the rules and making the rest of their clothes disappear. He climbs onto the bed, already pushing the large plug out of his ass. It drops to the bed, leaving behind a gaping hole, dripping with lube and the last of Dean's early morning release.

"Put it in me," Cas says.

Dean frowns, then looks down at the fleshlight. "Oh, fuck," he breathes as he finally gets what Cas is saying. "Uhm, wow, okay. Yeah. Yeah," he says as he walks up to the bed.

Cas' hole is red and wet and so big that Dean can fit his fist and forearm in there without any stretching. Fucking Cas has still be fun, but as exciting as it is having him like this, Cas is right about the lack of friction.

Dean lines the fleshlight up with Cas' huge hole and pushes it in, the whole thing sliding in so easily it was like Cas was made for it. It should be ridiculous, it should make him laugh, but it doesn't. Dean wants him, wants to fuck Cas like this, and knowing that he'll be able to feel the tightness while still being inside Cas makes his cock twitch.

Cas is already hard and leaking. He can force his vessel to respond like that, but Cas says he's usually turned on enough by Dean that he doesn't have to force it. Dean climbs onto the bed behind Cas and pushes his fingers into the hole of the fleshlight, grinning when he finds it already lubed. The end sticking out of Cas is pink and looks like an asshole, but no way in Hell anyone would mistake it for Cas' asshole, especially not when Cas' hole is stretched around the toy.

Dean pushes his cock in, groaning when the thing is tight enough to require some effort getting in.

"Fuck me," Cas says.

Dean hisses as he starts moving, his thumbs on the edges of the fleshlight to keep it in place as he fucks it. Cas reaches down to jack his own cock, but Dean doesn't think that's very fair, so he wraps his left arm around Cas and pulls him up so they're both on their knees.

In this position, he's able to fuck Cas while playing with Cas' left nipple and stroking his cock. Cas pushes back as Dean fucks him harder, wrapping his hands around Dean's head and pulling him down to kiss him the best he can in the position. It's awkward, but neither of them minds it. Not when Dean is slamming into him, the toy making a loud squelching noise as it's pulled partially out of Cas' wet, loose hole, then back in over and over again.

"Feels too good," Dean says. "I'm gonna come."

"Please," Cas gasps, "come inside me."

Dean knows he's fucking a fleshlight, but for some reason it's even hotter that Cas is using it as an extension of himself, like the toy is now yet another part of Cas Dean has all to himself.

"Fuck, Cas," Dean nearly growls, fucking up into Cas hard enough that he's punching the breath out of Cas, the squelching so loud it's bordering on ridiculous, and Dean loves it all, fucking Cas as he come inside the fleshlight.

Cas whimpers as he comes, and even though Dean misses the fact that he can't feel Cas' asshole fluttering around him, the way Cas is practically writhing against him makes up for it.

Dean clings to Cas as he pants, catching his breath with his forehead on Cas' shoulder. But Cas is still moving, and Dean pulls back, frowning at him.

"Please," Cas says.

Dean huffs out a laugh. "You empty? Need a plug in that sloppy hole?"

"Yes," Cas says, and there's desperation in his voice, like he's scared of being empty.

Dean knows it's an act for him, but that makes it even better. Cas does this all for him, and Dean still can't wrap his head around it even after all this time. Dean yanks the fleshlight out of Cas while pushing Cas forward. Cas catches himself, spreading his legs and with his palms flat on the bed, ready for Dean.

"So beautiful," Dean says, because when he's just gotten laid and Cas is so fucking beautiful like this, Dean lets his walls down, and Cas never calls him on it, and instead smiles, an adorable little smirk that says Cas really likes being called beautiful.

Dean pushes their largest butt plug into Cas' hole, the black end of the plug the only thing visible as Cas wiggles his hips.

"Good?" Dean asks, caressing Cas' ass and thighs.

"Yes, Dean," Cas says.

"C'mere," Dean says as he flops down on the bed.

Cas snuggles up, already comfortable being the little spoon, and the two stay like that for a while until Dean falls asleep.