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Dean was kneeling on the floor in the middle of the motel room, hands clasped behind his back, naked with a ball gag in his mouth, drool running down his chin and dribbling onto his chest, cock standing at attention, legs spread, and eyes on the wall in front of him.

Sam was still in the shower, washing the grave dirt off, but Cas was teasing. Dean wanted to close his eyes, but that wasn't allowed. His cock was leaking, so hard it was red and sore, and if Castiel didn't stop soon, Dean was going to start whimpering and break position.

Cas had discovered sex toys. Well, okay, he was older than Dean wanted to think about, and Cas knew what sex toys were, but he'd recently discovered how much fun it was to use them. The riding crop tickling the underside of Dean's cock was Cas' new favorite toy.

Dean sucked in through his nose, flinching as the flat of the riding crop slapped his balls. He hadn't expected it, but it didn't really hurt much.

The thing is that Cas wasn't even looking at him. He was playing with Sam's laptop while sitting at the little table in the motel room, facing the same wall Dean was, and his left arm was on the arm rest of the chair, his wrist barely moving, like it was an unconscious thing to tease the shit out of Dean's cock and balls with the stupid fucking riding crop.

ice cubes moving over sam's skin, shivering, goosebumps, cas kissing and licking his way up sam's stomach until he sucks at the hallow of sam's throat, dean's fingers deep in cas' hole, making him squirm, cock leaking on the bed

Dean held position, a drop of sweat running down the right side of his face. He almost sighed with relief when he heard the shower stop, and soon Sam was walking out of the bathroom, wiping himself down with a towel before tossing it in the corner and walking up to Dean.

Sam wrapped a big paw around his right biceps and pulled him up. Dean grunted as he got to his feet, his dick smacking into his stomach as he moved, turning him on more. He got to his knees on the bed when Sam directed him.

"Ass up, chest down, hands spreading yourself open," Sam said.

Dean's cock twitched as he got into position. Sam and Cas were only like this with him when it was play time, and Dean loved it. Being treated like an object, a toy, put into any position they wanted for whatever they wanted with very minimal verbal instructions let him forget who he was for a while, let him get lost in the arousal and obeying orders. A command he could follow immediately, knowing that he was doing exactly what Cas and Sam wanted was such a relief.

Sam climbed onto the bed behind him and pushed some cold lube into his asshole. Dean squeezed his eyes closed and was able to stay in position as Sam just fucked into him, bottoming out and groaning while Dean focused on opening up for him, keeping his ass cheeks spread, and staying right where Sam told him to be.

cas crying out as sam sucks him to yet another orgasm, his fourth one of the night while dean fucks sam from behind, and cas is still hard, still ready, still begging sam 'don't stop, just don't stop'

Dean spread his legs a little more, shivering as Sam wrapped a hand around each of his flanks and started yanking him back with each thrust. Dean's cock was drooling on the bed and swinging forward and back with the force of Sam's movements.

Sam wasn't talking to Dean, wasn't giving him a reach-around, wasn't even touching him other than to push him this way and that so he could fuck him harder, and Dean loved it. He knew Cas would be watching, even if both of them claimed they were simply viewing him as a toy during play. He knew both Cas and Sam got off on it just as much as he did.

"Ah, fuck, yeah," Sam groaned as he pounded into Dean, coming deep inside him. He pulled out all the way, then got up off the bed to wipe himself down, leaving Dean on the bed, Sam's release running out of his hole and down his right inner thigh.

Dean stayed in position. He hadn't been told to move. The buckle behind his head was suddenly loosened and he let the ball fall out of his mouth, working his jaw and swallowing to get rid of the excess spit.

"My cock is cold," Cas said, as if he was mentioning some random fact he'd found on the Internet.

dean peppering sam's skin with kisses and soft touches as sam loses his virginity to cas, breath stuttering as he's overwhelmed by the presence of something older than the town they're staying in, something bigger than skyscrapers, something that's gently easing into sam, telling him how much he loves him, telling him to relax, that he'll take care of sam

Dean crawled off the bed and sat on his heels between Cas' legs under the table. Cas didn't open his slacks, didn't even acknowledge that Dean was under there. Dean pulled Cas' cock out, smirking when he saw how hard he was. Cas had been paying attention to Dean getting fucked.

Cas' cock was too erect to comfortably swallow and just sit there like that, so Dean took in what he could while still being able to breathe and just waited, warming Cas' cock for him. Cas didn't lose his erection at all, and Dean just concentrated on being good for Cas, forgetting about everything else.

Even though Cas was making noises every once in a while and tapping on the keys infrequently, Dean had no doubt Cas' mind was mostly on him.

"There's a hunt in Ohio that looks interesting," Cas said, voice a little strained.

Dean hummed around Cas' cock, giving himself a figurative pat on the back when Cas gasped and his cock twitched in Dean's mouth.

cas experiencing his first blowjob, hips thrusting forward, sam gagging on cas' cock, cas' eyes going wide, an apology on his lips that turns into a whimper as sam just starts sucking again and dean whispers dirty things in cas' ear, pinching his nipples from behind and riding the crease of cas' ass, cock hard and leaking on cas' back

"What did you find?" Sam asked as he stood up from the bed and came up behind Cas.

"Huh?" Cas said.

Dean wished he could see the dazed expression on Cas' face.

"What's the hunt?" Sam asked.

"Bear atta-ah! Attack. Bear att-attacks," Cas stuttered.

Dean almost choked on Cas' cock as his hips jerked forward. Dean didn't care. It was a huge turn on to get that reaction out of Cas after adding some suction to the cock warming he was already engaged in.

"C'mon, Cas," Sam said, and Dean could hear the laughter in Sam's voice.

Dean frowned as Cas pulled out and stood up. Then Sam was yanking him up by the arm and bending him over the table.

sam realizing there are two people that make him complete in the middle of getting the best rimjob of his life from a being that he could only hope existed just a few long years ago, a being who is stealing his heart and soothing the pains from lovers who didn't care enough to die for him, dean more than just a little amused by the fact that sam forgets to keep fucking him when cas shoves his tongue into sam's hole

"Which end do you want?" Sam asked as he picked up his laptop and set it on the chest of drawers.

"Oh," Cas said, almost a whisper.

Dean bit his lip as Cas pushed his cock in, sinking deep into Dean's ass. There was more than enough lube leftover from when Sam had fucked him, so Cas just started fucking, a slow drag in and out that Dean knew would drive him crazy.

"I get the other end," Sam said, lifting Dean's head with a hand under his chin and pushing his cock into Dean's mouth with the other hand. Dean readjusted himself a little, stretching out more so that he could angle his neck and take Sam's cock easily.

When Sam put a hand on the back of Dean's head, he knew it for the warning it was and took a breath in just before Sam pushed all the way in, Dean's nose pressed up against Sam's skin. Dean forced himself to stay still, to not freak out, fighting the urge to pull back.

"Don't you want to take off any of your clothes?" Sam asked Cas, chuckling.

"No," Cas said. "I like giving the toy rug burn."

Dean started to choke on Sam's cock, not so much because he needed air yet, but his throat just didn't want to cooperate anymore. Sam let him gag a few times, then pulled back. Dean gulped in air and coughed a couple times.

the look of surprise on cas' face when sam comes without ever touching his own cock, the only thing pushing him over the edge the fact that cas is touching him everywhere else -- sucking, licking, biting, pinching, rubbing, grinding, loving while dean sits on his heels, so close to sam that his knee is up against sam's right shoulder, not surprised in the least because dean always knew this could happen, that they could be like this, just the three of them

"He's clenching around me," Cas hissed through his teeth.

Sam gave Dean's hair a tug, then started to push in again. Dean took a deep breath and let him in all the way. Cas' thrusts shoved Sam's cock further down his throat, his nose pressing harder against Sam's skin. Sam pulled out the first time Dean gagged, gave him another hair tug, then pushed right back in.

"C'mere," Sam said.

Dean didn't know what was happening until he heard Cas whimper, his thrusts stuttering to a stop as they squished him between their bodies, kissing above him. Dean loved listening to them kiss. Sam tended to be rough, use his teeth, and Cas would get overwhelmed in a good way, whimpering, gasping, making little noises almost as if he was in pain, but they were so fucking hot that Dean could listen to his brother and Cas kissing for hours.

Sam pulled back just as Dean started to gag. "Think you can come with me?" Sam asked.

Cas didn't respond, but Dean figured Cas was nodding, because soon both of them were fucking him, Cas' thrusts faster, more urgent than they were before, and Sam cradling both sides of his head as he fucked Dean's face.

Dean gagged and choked, but just kept breathing when he could, Sam timing his thrusts in such a way that Dean could keep up.

sam smirking, a dirty little smile directed across the room because he knows how much they're turning dean on, how it's driving dean crazy to kneel there quietly while cas rides sam's cock, his moans and whimpers filling the air, and dean can see it all, including the promise in sam's eyes that dean will be rewarded for being such a good boy

"C'mon, Cas," Sam said, voice strained. "Wanna watch you come."

"Oh, Sam," Cas moaned, his fingers digging into Dean's hips as he fucked harder and harder.

The table groaned under the pressure of three men having their way with each other on top of it, but Dean didn't give a shit. He was focused, surrounded by the people who meant the most to him in the world, and at the end of it all, he knew he was going to be sated, happy, and conked out on the bed in a pile with those same two people.

"C'mere," Sam said, and Dean winced as again he was squished between them.

Cas let out a yelp, and then he was coming, crying out into Sam's mouth while Dean gagged on Sam's cock spilling down his throat. Dean knew Sam was pinching Cas' nipples. It was a sure-fire way to get him to come if he was right on the edge. He wished he could see it, but he was too busy trying to swallow and breathe.

Sam and Cas pulled out and instantly they had their hands on him, the entire mood of the room changing as they picked him up and carried him to the bed.

Dean was panting, trying to get his breathing back under control, but soon he was lying on the bed, Cas and Sam right there with him, Cas between his legs and Sam biting and nipping at his chest, his neck, his jawline, his earlobes, and any other spot he could get to that would get Dean going while Cas sucked his cock and shoved two fingers inside his messy hole, ruthlessly rubbing over his prostate until Dean came with a long, drawn out groan.

Sam and Cas flopped down onto the bed, Cas on Dean's left and Sam on his right, and they took their turns kissing him before kissing each other over him, Sam chuckling when Cas bit his lip hard enough to hurt.

Cas nuzzled at Dean's neck, then whispered into his ear. "Sleep."

Sam wiped a splotch of his come off Dean's cheek, then said, "We've got you. Go to sleep."

They each threw a leg and an arm over Dean and snuggled up, tracing patterns on his skin as their breathing evened out, all of them falling asleep soon after, sated and happy.

the realization that all of them fit together so well, that even though dean had been their first loves, sam and cas are in this for each other too, because as much as time and fate fights against it, this is it, them against the world, against the bad guys, and everything that has been meant to drive a wedge between them only makes their bond stronger