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Dean grunted as he rolled out of bed, an urgent need to use the restroom, and stood up, his back a little sore. He was tired, had only been asleep for a little over two hours after a long day of work.

"Y'okay?" Sam asked from the bed, blinking up at Dean.

"Yeah," Dean said, rubbing his pregnant belly. He was almost seven months along, and already he was big enough that getting out of chairs and up off the bed was a bit of a struggle. "Gotta piss."

"'K," Sam said, rolling over.

Sam had worked even more hours than Dean, but he'd still made them both dinner and had rubbed Dean's feet before they both drifted off to sleep. Sam was very attentive and, had Dean been the type to ask for much of anything, Sam would've done anything for him.

Dean ran his fingers through his hair, scratching at his scalp as he walked back into the bedroom and lowered himself to the mattress. He'd just gotten comfortable when he felt a strange sensation.

"Aww, man," Dean whined, rubbing at his flat chest and finding dampness on his shirt. His pregnancy hadn't been easy, and he was uncomfortable a lot of the time, so to have a wet shirt when he was ready to just sleep was annoying and the last thing he wanted to deal with.

"What?!" Sam asked, bolting upright in bed and turning to Dean with wide eyes.

Of course it wasn't until then that Dean realized why his shirt was damp and he had the odd feeling in his nipples. "Oh!" Dean said, eyes about as wide as Sam's. "I... My milk just came in!"

Sam blinked at him for a moment, then smiled. "Yeah?" he said, then reached up and gently ran a finger around Dean's left nipple.

Dean hissed, back arching. When Sam pulled away, wounded expression on his face, Dean chuckled. "It's okay. They're just really sensitive. I felt that in my dick."

"Oh," Sam drawled, then grinned. "So if I were to play with them," he said as he barely touched the tip of Dean's nipple through the shirt, "then you'd be okay with that?"

Dean snorted. "Hell yeah! And dude, my milk came in. I can breastfeed the baby," he said, the expression on his face changing from turned on to sappy and near tears in less than a second.

Sam smiled. "I knew you'd be able to. I had no doubt about it."

"Yeah, well, some guys can't," Dean mumbled, trying to wipe the moisture from the corners of his eyes without making it obvious. He didn't like the mood swings, even though Sam said it was normal and not to worry about it.

"You're going to nurse our baby," Sam said, leaning down and placing a very gentle kiss on Dean's chest just below the nipple. "You're gonna be a mommy."

"Shut up," Dean grumbled. "I'm not a girl."

Sam kissed him again in apology. Dean had been grouchy about that fact from the moment he realized he was pregnant, but Sam could tell Dean was actually excited about it, he just didn't want to appear weak. That was okay. Sam would handle this however Dean wanted him to. Sam never thought women were weak anyway, and once the baby came, Dean would probably see how awesome it was that he was a mommy.

"I know," Sam said, then stuck his tongue out and slowly swiped over Dean's left nipple through the fabric of his shirt.

"Oh, fuck, Sammy," Dean groaned.

Sam's cock twitched, already hard just from seeing Dean leaking all over his shirt, from seeing Dean's reaction to being touched. "Feel good?"

"Yeah," Dean said, wrapping a hand around the back of Sam's head and pulling him closer. Sam covered the nipple with his mouth and started a very light suction. "Ah! Sam!"

Sam pulled back, smiling, because that was definitely pleasure, not pain. "Let's get this off," he said, grabbing the hem of Dean's shirt and pushing it up.

Dean sat up a little and let Sam pull the shirt over his head and toss it on the floor. Sam stretched out beside Dean and threw his right leg over Dean's, then rested his right hand on Dean's big belly, always careful about anything strenuous and wanting that reassurance that they weren't disturbing the baby. He put his mouth around Dean's nipple again and sucked, moaning when a little bit of milk came out.

"Ah, fuck, Sam," Dean moaned, back arching again as his right hand grabbed a chunk of Sam's hair and yanked.

Sam grinned at him. "Too much?" he asked.

"The vibration was a bit much," Dean said. "But I liked the rest of it."

"Okay," Sam said, nodding, Dean's hand still holding a chunk of his hair.

"Does it taste good?" Dean asked, wincing a little.

And right there is where anybody but Sam would've dropped the ball. Dean was insecure, worried he wouldn't be a good parent, wouldn't be able to give everything to their child that they could ever want or need, and to answer Dean honestly would've crushed him.

"It's perfect," Sam said even though it wasn't all that great. Sure, it was fucking hot as Hell, but the taste was a little too salty, a little too acidic. It wouldn't be by the time the baby was born, but this was Dean's first discharge, and Sam knew it was to be expected.

Dean smiled, relieved. "It feels good," he said.

"More?" Sam asked, smirking.

"Uh-huh," Dean said, nodding as he pulled Sam's head back down to his chest.

Sam used the flat of his tongue to swipe over the entire nipple, broad strokes that had Dean writhing. More of Dean's milk leaked out, and even though it wasn't the best taste in the world, Sam loved it. It was because of their baby growing inside Dean that the milk was coming in, and that was such a huge turn-on for Sam. This man who meant everything to him, who was carrying their child, suffering with morning sickness and cramps and an aching back and mood swings and cravings and sore feet and feelings of inadequacy -- he was doing it because it was all worth it, and Sam couldn't possibly love him more.

Sam's hand smoothed over Dean's belly and down under to Dean's cock, which was hard and leaking. Sam stroked him as he sucked on Dean's nipple, his own cock hard enough to hurt as Dean whined and spread his legs so Sam could have more access to his body.

"Sam," Dean gasped. "Sammy, please, I'm so fuckin' horny. Want you in me."

Sam was always hesitant to fuck Dean because of the pregnancy. He didn't want to hurt the baby even though he knew it was safe. But Dean had been amazingly horny throughout the entire pregnancy, so Sam had quickly learned how to make everybody happy.

"I've got you," Sam said, reaching under his pillow to grab the tube of lube he kept there at all times. "Turn onto your side a bit," he said, rolling Dean partially onto his left side before lifting Dean's right leg and draping it over his own.

Dean reached down to stroke his own cock while Sam opened the lube and coated his right index and middle fingers with it.

"Yeah," Dean encouraged as Sam pushed both fingers into Dean's ass, no need to stretch him much after all the sex they'd been having, the last time being just a few hours earlier. In fact, Dean was still a little wet. Sam worked in a third finger, then a fourth, but Dean was getting impatient. "C'mon! C'mon!"

Sam chuckled. "We'll get there," he said.

"Don't laugh at me," Dean grumbled as he elbowed Sam in the stomach.

Sam winced. "I'm not. It's fuckin' hot when you can't wait for me to slide inside you," he said as he pulled out his fingers and pushed his thumb in, rubbing hard on Dean's prostate.

"Sam!" Dean yelled, arching, his whole body going stiff.

"Easy, easy," Sam soothed as he kept rubbing.

"If you don't get your dick inside me within the next five seconds," Dean hissed through clenched teeth, "then you can forget about ever fucking me again."

Sam clamped his mouth shut so he wouldn't laugh. It was an empty threat, and it was really fucking adorable. "All right," he said, pulling his thumb out, then lining his cock up and pushing it inside Dean. He didn't fuck into him fast, but he didn't give Dean any time to adjust either. It wasn't much of a stretch, but Dean still hissed.

"Fuck, yeah," Dean said, finally smiling again. "Now fuck me!"

Sam grinned, glad that Dean was facing the wall and couldn't see it. He stroked Dean's cock a few times, the remaining lube on his fingers slicking up Dean's cock. But he still had to check, so he let go of Dean's cock long enough to lay a gentle hand on Dean's belly, making sure that the baby was quiet.

"The baby's fine," Dean said, and Sam could hear the smile.

Sam fucked in and out, pace slow and steady as he wrapped his hand around Dean's cock again and stroked. He decided to shut Dean up by craning his neck and sucking on Dean's nipple again.

"Sam!" Dean yelped.

Sure, it was an awkward position, and his neck was going to be sore later, but Dean was clenching around him, writhing and moaning. It was worth it.

"You gonna come already?" Sam teased.

"Mmm-yeah," Dean said, already too turned on to care about the jab to his lack of stamina. "Faster. Move already! C'mon!"

Sam stroked him faster, but he didn't fuck him any faster. He was so turned on that the slow pace was going to get him off, and even if it didn't, it wasn't worth hurting his kid to get rough.

"The baby's fine," Dean repeated. "Fuck me!"

"I am," Sam said, then sucked on Dean's nipple again.

Dean put his hand over Sam's right forearm and dug his nails in. "Faster. Fuck me faster. I wanna come and I can't come like-oh!"

Sam smiled around Dean's nipple as Dean finally stopped demanding and started just making noises that turned Sam on even more. The faster pace he used to stroke Dean and the fact that he was tightening his fist around Dean's cock made all the difference.

"Sam!" Dean cried out, hips moving as he pushed back against Sam, then fucked forward into Sam's fist. "Gonna come. Gonna come. Mmm, Sammy, gonna come."

Sam stroked him even faster, sucked even harder on Dean's nipple, and kept the rhythm of his own hips the same as he had all along.

"Sam!" Dean nearly wailed as he came, clenching so hard around Sam's cock that Sam let out a hiss and came at almost the same time, hips never losing their rhythm and Dean's ass so tight around him it almost hurt.

"Better?" Sam asked, hips finally slowing and coming to a stop, his cock still inside Dean.

Dean didn't respond, so Sam gently pulled out and let Dean roll onto his back. Yeah, Dean was already sleeping. Sam chuckled, shaking his head. Dean had already been exhausted, so it was no surprise he'd fallen asleep after his orgasm.

Sam grabbed a rag from his nightstand and cleaned them both up, being careful not to wake Dean even though Dean slept like a log when he was pregnant. He dropped the dirty rag onto the floor, then flipped the blanket up over both of them and snuggled up against Dean's side, his hand on Dean's belly again.


Sam got home after a long day at work, tired and hungry, ready to settle down. He knew he'd need to change diapers and maybe give the baby a bath because Dean would be even more tired, having been taking care of the house and the baby all day, but that was okay. Sam didn't mind.

He walked into the house, closing the door behind himself very quietly so he didn't wake the baby if he was sleeping, then left his shoes at the door, padding to the baby's room.

Sam's breath caught in his chest. Sure, he'd seen Dean breastfeeding before, but it never failed to take his breath away. Dean was sitting in the rocking chair, eyes half closed, head resting against the back of the rocking chair as he rocked their son, who was suckling on Dean's right nipple.

Dean had used a pillow underneath the baby to get him elevated enough to nurse. Not having low-hanging breasts meant men had to improvise a bit. The baby was in a onsie, feet kicking as he hungrily ate his dinner, his tiny fist scratching at Dean's chest as he gazed up at Dean.

Sam's eyes burned and his throat felt tight as he watched Dean nursing their child. It was beautiful. Dean was beautiful. Sam had his family. He had everything he'd dreamed of having when he was a kid.

He turned and walked to the bedroom, stripping down to his boxers and taking a piss before he headed out to the kitchen to start dinner, wiping at the tears forming in the corners of his eyes.


"Muh, mmm-muh," the baby said.

Dean frowned at Sam. "What have you done!?" he said.

Sam held his arms out at his side, innocence written all over his face. Of course Dean knew Sam called him mommy and mama when he talked to the baby, but Dean needed to be the guy who grumbled about such things.

"Mah-m," the baby said.

"I"m gonna kill you," Dean hissed, then lifted the baby up, letting him practice standing on Dean's lap. He smiled at the baby. "What a big boy. Trying to talk. Can you say dada?"

"Muhm," the baby said, more of a humming sound than anything else.

Sam sat down next to Dean on the couch and smiled at his son. "Who's this?" he asked as he pointed at Dean. "Is this mama?"

"Sam," Dean hissed.

"M-maaa," the baby said, then looked at Dean's nose, poked at Dean's chin, and said very clearly, "mahma."

Sam cringed a bit, ready for an elbow to the stomach, but it didn't come. Instead Dean's breathing was a little ragged, and when he turned to look at him, there was a tear running down Dean's left cheek.

"That's right, little guy," Dean said, smiling. "I'm your mama."

Sam's smile was so big his cheeks were hurting.