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Sam sat upright in bed so fast that he pulled a muscle in his stomach. "Ah, fuck," he hissed as he threw the blanket off, trying to stand up as quickly as possible so the cramp would quit, and also so he could get to Dean.


Sam winced as he hurried down the hallway, the panicked cries making him move faster. He walked into Dean's room and turned the lamp on next to the door -- the one that would only give the both of them enough light to see each other. The ceiling light would've been overkill.

"Daddy," Dean whimpered, sitting in his crib with a very forlorn expression on his face, red-rimmed eyes.

"What's wrong, little one?" Sam asked.

And that's when Dean let out a very wet-sounding cough and started to rub at his own chest as if it hurt. "Owie," he said, looking up at Sam with puppy eyes that put the master to shame.

Sam put a hand to Dean's forehead and sighed. "Are you sick, baby boy?"

"No," Dean said, frowning and shaking his head.

Sam chuckled, then lifted Dean out of the crib. "I think somebody's sick, but they don't like cold medicine."

"No," Dean said, wrapping his arms and legs around Sam, nearly squeezing the breath from Sam's lungs.

Sam walked into the master bathroom and set Dean down on the counter top. "Your nose is running, you have a fever, and you've got a cough."

"Uh-uh," Dean said, shaking his head, his diaper crinkling as he shifted on the counter, his T-shirt not nearly long enough to come to his legs.

"You're not coughing?" Sam asked, opening the medicine cabinet with his left hand while the other rested against Dean's waist to make sure Dean didn't make a run for it.

"Uh-uh," Dean said, then sniffed, a disgustingly wet sound. Dean gagged a little on the discharge most likely running down the back of his throat.

"Okay, I'll make a deal with you," Sam said as he set the bottle of cough syrup down on the counter. "If you can breathe all the way out and there's no coughing, then I'll just start the humidifier and give you some Tylenol."

Dean glanced at the evil bottle of cough syrup sitting next to him, then looked up at Sam, not so sure of himself. An expression of deep concentration came over Dean's face as he slowly blew out. Sam patted Dean's back when he started coughing.

"No!" Dean said as Sam unscrewed the cap on the bottle of syrup and suctioned out some of the nasty stuff with a large dropper.

"I'll make another deal with you," Sam said. Dean was pouting, but he seemed just a bit interested. "If you're a good boy for Daddy and get all of this down, I'll let you sleep in Daddy's bed tonight with me."

Sam forced himself to keep a straight face as Dean glanced back and forth between the evil bottle of syrup and Sam, carefully weighing his options. He loved sleeping with Daddy because he loved snuggling, but he really, really hated the cough syrup.

Dean finally came to a decision, shoulders dropping in defeat. "'K," he said, then opened his mouth for Sam.

"There's my good boy," Sam said as he squirted the liquid into Dean's mouth.

Dean swallowed, pulling a face that would've been more appropriate for a horrific accident or maybe the worst smell in the world.

"Open up again," Sam said, holding a cherry jelly bean up to Dean's mouth.

Dean surged up, grabbing onto the front of Sam's shirt as he happily took the jelly bean and started chewing. The cherry flavor and little bit of sugar helped to get rid of the icky taste. It was a trick Sam learned years ago.

"Better?" Sam asked, running the back of his fingers down Dean's right cheek.

"Yeah," Dean said, smiling.

If a jelly bean was all it took to get Dean smiling again when he was sick, then Sam was more than willing to keep a jar of jelly beans in his medicine cabinet.

"Daddy's bed?" Dean asked, trying to slide off the counter.

"Hang on a minute," Sam said, putting a hand on Dean's chest. "You're too warm."

And there it was. Adult Dean sat up a little straighter and for just a moment he opened his mouth, ready to tell Sam to fuck off, that he hated being wiped down, that Sam was an asshole for using freezing cold water on him, which Sam didn't do.

Sam stood a little taller and used his resolve face. He wasn't budging on this one, and if Dean broke character to throw a tantrum, Sam would win the argument in the end anyway because Dean tended to worsen quickly when he had a fever, spiking a temp, and even though Dean hated being wiped down, he knew that was the only way to bring the high temperature down.

Just like that, little Dean was sitting in front of him again. "No!" Dean said, then poked out his bottom lip.

Sam leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Dean, lifting him up. "C'mon, you know I won't use freezing cold water."

"S'cold!" Dean whined as Sam set him down on the king-sized bed before pulling Dean's shirt over his head and tossing it on the floor. "Cold!" Dean said again, wrapping his arms around his stomach and shivering as if to really get the message across to Sam.

"Don't move," Sam said. "Daddy's gonna get you a clean diaper, then I'm gonna wipe you down and read you a bedtime story."

Dean's pout eased up just a bit. "Die-sores?" he asked, a tiny grin lifting the corners of his mouth.

"All right, I'll read you Dinosaurs," Sam said.

Dean let out a small noise of victory that could've been a 'yes!' and the grin turned into a big smile.

"Stay there," Sam said, pointing at the bed.

"'K, Daddy," Dean said.

Sam walked to Dean's room first, grabbing a new diaper, the wipes, and some powder before he went back into the master bathroom and pulled a basin out of the cupboard, Dean watching carefully as Sam gathered everything. Sam filled the basin with room-temperature water and dropped a washcloth into the water.

Dean had scooted back on the bed, spreading out in the middle. Anyone else would've assumed Dean was being helpful. They didn't know Dean.

"No Dinosaur if you're gonna be a stinker," Sam said as he set the basin down on the nightstand.

Dean let out a sigh as he wriggled around until he was near the edge of the bed. "Cold," he said again.

"I know, but it'll get better," Sam said as he leaned down and pulled the tape from the diaper. He pulled the front flap down, then grabbed a wipe from the container and held it between his hands for a moment to warm it up.

Dean noticed Sam warming up the wipe and grinned. If Dean hadn't been wearing diapers and feeling awful because he was sick, then he would've teased Sam about doing something so adorable for him.

"Daddy's so mean, isn't he?" Sam asked, smirking. "Adding ice cubes to the water and using freezing cold wipes on you."

Dean spread his legs and let Sam clean him up, helpfully lifting his butt off the bed so Sam could slide a new diaper under him. Sam sprinkled a little powder on Dean's crotch before taping the new diaper in place, then dropping the used diaper on the floor next to the nightstand. He'd clean it up later. Right now he wanted to focus on Dean.

"You ready?" Sam asked as he took the washcloth and squeezed it over the basin, getting the excess water out.

"No," Dean said, but there was mischief in his eyes.

"Stinker," Sam said, then gave Dean's belly a bit of a poke.

"Hey!" Dean said, laughing as he squirmed on the bed, but then Sam was wiping him down, the awful, horrible, terrible washcloth not so bad now that Sam was taking such good care of him.

"You're gonna feel cold for a little while," Sam said as he made sure to wipe Dean's neck and under his arms, around his torso and down his legs, catching all the spots that held heat. "But it'll get better and you can help me read Dinosaur."

"Die-sore!" Dean said, smiling.

Sam chuckled as he finished with Dean's feet, getting between his toes, then tossing the washcloth back into the basin. He set the basin on the floor, then crawled into bed on the other side of Dean. The book was in the nightstand on the rarely-used side of the bed, so he opened the drawer and pulled it out.

Dean was still smiling when Sam got comfortable and held the book up so they both could see it, making sure he wasn't too close to Dean because he didn't want to transfer any heat to make the fever worse.

"How does a dinosaur say good night when Papa comes in to turn off the light?" Sam read.

"Daddy," Dean said firmly.

"Sorry," Sam said, hiding a smile. "How does a dinosaur say goodnight when Daddy comes in to turn off the light?"

"Tail," Dean said, anticipating the next page.

"Does a dinosaur slam his tail and pout?" Sam read.

Dean pointed at the dinosaur's tail. "Die-sore's mad."

Sam turned the page. "Does he throw his teddy bear all about?"

"Teddy bear," Dean said, pointing at the stuffed bear on the page.

"What happens next?" Sam asked before turning the page.

"Stomp!" Dean said, then chuckled as Sam turned the page to reveal a dinosaur stomping its foot, throwing a tantrum.

"Does Dean do that when he doesn't wanna go to sleep in his own crib sometimes?" Sam asked.

"Daddy's bed," Dean said, turning to look at Sam, a grin on his face.

"Yeah, you like Daddy's bed," Sam said, nodding. "What does the dinosaur want?"

"'Nother story," Dean said.

Sam continued, "Does a dinosaur stomp his feet on the floor and shout: "I want to hear one book more"?"

"Book," Dean said, pointing out the book in the dinosaur's claws.

Sam could already tell that Dean's temperature was going down. Dean always seemed to be pulled toward him, as if they were magnets and Dean couldn't help himself, so even though Sam had tried to give him some room to cool down, Dean was almost up against Sam already. And there wasn't nearly as much heat radiating from him.

"What happens next?" Sam asked, getting ready to turn the page.

"ROAR!" Dean yelled, then laughed as Sam turned the page and let out a roar of his own.

"Does a dinosaur roar?" Sam asked.

"ROAR!" Dean yelled again, then coughed a bit, but his cough seemed a little better too.

"What's next?" Sam asked.

"Papa in a dress," Dean said, then laughed at his own joke.

Sam chuckled. It was the same joke every time, but Dean thought it was hilarious. Cas didn't get it at first, but then Dean had called him a silly Papa, and Cas agreed that yes, Papa probably was the Mama in the story.

"How does a dinosaur say good night when Papa comes in to turn off the light?" Sam read.

"Papa!" Dean said, pointing at the woman in a dress.

Sam snorted. Yeah, okay, so he still got a kick out of it himself. They finished the story, complete with lots of dinosaur roars and pointing out objects on the pages.

"Ready to go to sleep yet, little man?" Sam asked.

"Again!" Dean said.

Sam read it again.