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Dean's hips were still moving, a slow, unhurried slide in and out of Cas. Not too far out, not so much that his load would dribble out of Cas' used hole.

"Feel me inside there, Cas?" Dean asked, arms wrapped around Cas as he rubbed his nose and cheek over Cas' back and shoulders.

"Yeah," Cas moaned into the bed, the movie on the shitty motel room television completely forgotten.

They were both sweaty, sated, and thoroughly enjoying the fact that Sam had gotten his own room for the night. On the other side of the motel. Well out of earshot.

"Fillin' you up," Dean said, then sucked another hickey into Cas' neck. It would disappear quickly, but Dean still liked to see them there for a short period of time. His marks on Cas. His claim.

"Yeah," Cas said, voice deep and muffled by the blankets.

"Ready for me?" Dean asked, grinning as he rubbed his nose through Cas' hair.

"Please," Cas said, desperate and eager even though he'd already come three times in as many hours.

Dean let loose, filling Cas up with his piss, groaning as his hips kept moving, not so much fucking Cas anymore and instead just rolling and squirming over his body.

"Dean," Cas whimpered.

And damn, but if that wasn't the biggest turn-on Dean had ever experienced. Making an angel whimper was something he wanted to brag about. Maybe introduce himself to everyone he met as, "Hi, my name's Dean Winchester, and I make angels whimper."

"What should I plug you with tonight?" Dean asked, grinning when Cas gasped, hips bucking against the bed. "I'm gonna need a big plug because I've wrecked this hole."

Cas squeezed around him, holding everything in. "The pink one. It's big enough."

"You gonna wear it for me all night?" Dean asked.

"Uh-huh-oh-mmm," Cas moaned, nodding.

And yeah, Dean decided he wanted to add incoherent noises to his list of accomplishments in the bedroom when fucking an angel.

"Hold it in," Dean said as he pushed himself up, palms flat on the bed to either side of Cas' torso. "If you leak all over the bed, I'm gonna make you lick it up."

Cas whimpered again, but squeezed even harder. "Hurry," he said.

Dean didn't need to hurry. Cas could hold it as long as Dean asked him to. He could also "accidentally" lose some of it on the bed and mojo the mess away. Grace meant Cas could do whatever Dean asked. But it was even hotter when Cas acted as if he didn't need to use any of his powers to do what Dean wanted.

"Hang on," Dean warned, then slowly pulled out. "Such a good boy," he said, patting Cas' ass when not a drop spilled from his hole.

"Please hurry," Cas said, turning his head to watch as Dean crossed the room and pawed through the duffel bag full of toys.

"This one?" Dean asked, holding up the maroon plug.

"No, the pink one," Cas said, a little frustrated.

Dean smirked. He'd picked the wrong one on purpose. "This one?" he asked, holding up the purple one.

"Dean, please!" Cas whined.

Dean chuckled. "Can't hold it in, baby?" he asked, watching as Cas poked out his bottom lip, pouting at him.

Dean wondered if sometimes Cas held back so much with his grace that it really was just a human in bed with him. That maybe Cas was actually begging because he was trying with all his might to hold in Dean's piss and the three loads he'd emptied into Cas' hole before that.

"All right," Dean said, wrapping his fingers around the large pink butt plug and padding over to the bed. He climbed on and got between Cas' legs. "Keep it tight. Your hole's all sloppy, so I'm just gonna shove it in."

Cas turned, pushing his face into the blankets. Dean couldn't help but smile. After everything Cas had seen and done, he had no idea how a mere human teasing him about bodily functions and sex could make Cas hide his face, blush all the way to the tips of his ears, and go quiet and still.

Dean pushed the plug in, the flared end popping into place as Cas gasped and squirmed. "Beautiful," he said, leaning down and placing a kiss on Cas' left ass cheek.

"Oh!" Cas yelped as Dean tapped the end of the plug. "Dean!"

Dean chuckled, thumping the plug harder, enjoying the little wiggle Cas was doing to try and get away from the sensation. The plug was big enough that it was most likely pushing on his prostate, and the vibrations had to be intense.

Finally Dean gave Cas a break, flopping down on the bed next to him and running his fingers through Cas' tousled hair. Dean closed his eyes and relaxed against the bed, a little smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

Dean liked to think that if Cas was a cat, he'd be purring, tail lazily flicking back and forth. And then he remembered that he'd seen a cat-tail butt plug online. Well, now he had to order it. He'd have it sent to the motel, overnight express. Maybe he'd see if he could find a headband with kitty ears on it too. He couldn't wait to see the blush on Cas' face when Dean took those items out.

"I'll take it out in the morning," Dean said, flipping the blanket over the both of them and cuddling up with Cas. "You can let it all out before I fill you back up again while we're taking a shower."

Cas moaned his agreement, then pushed his face closer to Dean's, nosing at his cheek before brushing kisses against his lips.

"Feel so full," Cas said.

Dean reached between them and pushed against Cas' belly, chuckling when Cas cried out. "Yeah, you are full. You can keep it all in."

"Mmm-hmm," Cas replied, eyes closed as he tried to get even closer to Dean.