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Join the Empire, we have lotsa Caf!

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“The Republic, the Empire… same same but different? We just might have to… rebel!’


“Join the empire, and you too, will have purpose again.”

And so they did and now…


The Batchers were all back with Crosshair. All of them, together again. Only, they had joined the Empire too. And so now, they were all slowly but, surely, adapting to their new but rather odd situation.


“So, how does this empire thing work then?”

Echo asked the stupidest question, ever. Naturally.


But they all knew, Echo was kidding, of course.

Well, not perhaps Crosshair though, who was pretty proud of his accomplishment during his service in the Empire. And now, he had managed to bring his old squad finally to the fold. After having been apart for a while there, they were all together again. Working as a unit, being, well, a family. The Batch they were supposed to be.

It was just as Crosshair had imagined them to be.

But, then there were the stupidest questions they all seemed to be asking, each in turn. This time apparently it was Echo’s turn.


“What do you mean, how does it work?”

Crosshair was not playing this game, not today!

He was far too wound up from the upon coming mission from Rampart and he needed them all to be on their best behaviour. After all, this was a proving point for the squad, for Clone Force 99. Reunited! That and the fact that it was Crosshair having recruited them. So, quite a lot to prove for his superiors.

Well, the imperials as Crosshair really never saw any of them superior to him.

“Well, what are the exceptions for us? Who is our boss? What do we wear? What kinds of missions are we going on? What of our weapons? Do we use the Marauder still?”

Echo started listing the follow-up questions to Crosshair, who was beginning to fume.

“I… it is me! I am your boss!”

Crosshair pointed out with a snarl. After all, he was the appointed Commander. the rest of them were not. None of them having been assigned imperial ranks. Not yet. They were all simply, troopers.

The rest of the Batchers exchanged glances just then. Clearly amused to hear this, little bit of news.

Then again, Crosshair was the Commander, and they were… well, the rogue element having been drafted into the ranks of the Empire. So, guess they needed to start at the bottom? Then again, Crosshair seemed to have a grip on this gig, and his command too. So, guess they could follow him?

“Okay, so what do we call you then?”


Hunter asked, trying hard not to sound too smirky. Even if he felt it. The laughter bubbling up. Then again, Crosshair seemed to be in his element as the leader. They had all witnessed it when having dealings with the sniper before joining him.

Crosshair gave his the best scowl possible before responding.


“Crosshair will do in private. But you will address me as Sir or Commander when we are out there.”

It wasn’t a request and they all knew it too. But the Batchers were all nothing if not flexible.

“So, what of Omega?”

They all turned to look at the youngling, as she would most likely not be allowed to take part in the missions now.

“We…” Crosshair had not thought so far, but he had some ideas. “We will think of something.”

“Alrighty then. So, you want to take us on a tour? Around the base?”

Hunter asked sounding rather chipper, but he was itching to check out their new dwellings, for several reasons. None mentioned out loud though.

“A tour?”

Crosshair had his brow raised in surprise, not really sure why the others wanted to do that. Tour the imperial base.

“Yeah, you know, to get familiar with the place and all.”

Hunter tried, giving a quick glance to the rest of them, again. As there sure seemed to be a lot that going on, knowing glances exchanged between the squad.

Crosshair simply stared at the five pairs of eyes glaring back at him and then, with a huff stated.



And so they did, take a tour of the base of the imperials. The Batchers rather interested in it all. Keeping on asking all kinds of silly questions from Crosshair during their tour. Really testing his nerves in the process. Then again, what had he excepted? Inviting his family to join the Empire?

Guess, Crosshair really had not thought the meaning of it through after all.