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Across Time and Space

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Stretching slightly and wiggling to find a more comfortable spot, Severus sighed when he felt an arm tighten around his middle. It was pure bliss being his soul-mate’s arms and waking up in his arms.  He had yearned for it for so long that now as it is happening he can’t help but think it is a dream.  Smiling dreamily Severus slipped back into sleep dreaming of his love and potions and happily ever after.

Hadrian drifted to consciousness long enough to feel his beloved snuggle closer and smiled, relieved to be alive and here with his soul-mate. The morning could wait a little longer. Maybe he should let his mum know about letting the school eat without them being present…


Tom Riddle was awake busily pouring over his lesson’s plans for the day.  He had decided last night what he would began teaching but he was fine tuning it as he was dealing with seventh years and first years today.  He had decided that he would test the seventh years starting from the first years spells and building them up till seventh year spells so he could assess where he needed focus to get the students up to par.

Not only that but Riddle also had another meeting with his Lily planned for today.  And yes, he was considering Lily his. Seeing as they seemed click right from the start and he wanted to make her his.  He knew he couldn’t take it too fast as he would most likely frighten her away.  No he planned to introduce her to more of the Pureblood traditions and ease her into the thought of bonding with him.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts Riddle looked down at his paper to see that he had written down the bonding ritual in Parseltongue. Sighing Riddle vanish the parchment and began writing again.


James woke up needing to use the bathroom and stumbled out of his bed, groggily making his way to the bathroom only smack soundly into a wall.  Squinting James tried to figure out why there was a wall where the bathroom was supposed to be. Giving up on squinting, James tried to summon his glasses only to feel his arm being zapped. It was then that his mind caught up with him and his punishment of no magic and being transfer into the worthless house of Hufflepuff did it sink in that he didn’t know where the bathroom was and he was in house that his father had called pansy footed.

Groaning James whacked his head against the wall, and began to hate the so-called Lord Hogwarts.  Before he came, James’s life was going good. Now? Now he was defenseless and he didn’t even have his friends to commiserate with.

“Po-ah-ah-tter?” a voice yawned from behind.

Slightly banging his head, James answered, “Yes?”

“Bathroom is out the door and to the left,” the voice told him.

Not bothering to answer, James retraced his steps to his bed and grabbed his glasses before leaving the dorms in a huff, never noticing the sleepy eyerolls from his new dorm mates.


Peter awoke tense waiting for a bucket of cold water or blaring horn being sounded in the dorm, so when that didn’t happen, he cautiously opened his eyes to see Frank Longbottom staring at him curiously.

Smiling sheepishly, Peter squeaked out a ‘good morning’ before shyly slipping out of bed to get dressed hiding behind his curtains.

“You know you have nothing to be afraid of here with us,” Frank stated frankly eyeing the nervous behavior.

“I-I-I know,” Peter muttered slipping his robe on before straightening out his bed sheets.

Shaking his head Frank got up from his bed already dress as he had been up for a minutes and had been studying his transfiguration text.  Walking over to Peter, he straightened Peter from his hunched form, tilted his chin up and said, “Don’t let me see you cowering.  Find your inner strength.”

Peter stared in shock as he watched his dorm mate leave the room.


Sirius peeked out of the bed curtains seeing if any of the snakes were about and were surprised to see none of them bed with their beds made and curtains open. Opening his own bed curtains, Sirius took a good look around his new area. Everything was neat and tidy. Not a sock out of place. Frowning Sirius fell back onto his beds and rubbed his red rimmed eyes. He hadn’t slept a wink last night due to his fears of the snakes attacking him at his weakest point when his eyes were closed.

Tiredly Sirius made his way to his trunk, having showered last night Sirius began throwing his clothes on in his normal fashion; shirt buttoned except for the top three with part tucked in and part out in the open, pants and shoes on, robes thrown over his clothes and raked his fingers through his hair. As he threw his tie over neck, the dorm door opened to reveal Lucius Malfoy and the Lestrange brothers.

“Can I help you?” Sirius asked snarkily.

“Yes, you can start by following the dress code,” Lucius replied coolly.

“Whatever snake,” Sirius retorted reaching for his book bag.  The muggles seriously had the greatest inventions.

“You will not disgrace this house with your unkempt appearance,” Lucius reiterated.

“Look, I don’t care,” Sirius stated facing off with the three snakes, which admittedly was rather stupid but he wasn’t backing down.

Lucius stared at him as if he was assessing him before turning sharply on his heel and walking back out the door with the brothers but not before saying, “This is your last chance. Lord Hogwarts won’t take kindly to you being disrespectful.”

Sirius stared at the closed door for a minute before sneering, Lord Hogwarts could kiss his ass.


Remus also had tired eyes as he too stayed awake but isn’t of being afraid of being attack, he had spent the night thinking about the choices he had made or hadn’t made and what Lord Hogwarts had told him the night before.


“You wanted to talk to me my Lord?” Remus asked standing before a laughing Lord Hogwarts and smirking Slytherins.

“Ah Lupin, I did.  Lucius and Rodolphus keep my Severus company for a bit?” Lord Hogwarts questioned with a raise eyebrow.

“Of course Hadrian, besides Severus here has been holding out on us,” Lucius replied gracefully with a predatory smile.

With a bark of a laugh, Hadrian leaned down pressed a kiss to Severus’s smirking lips before looking at Lucius with a pitying glance saying, “You poor, poor soul. May Merlin bless your soul.”

Remus frowned at the bantering before Lord Hogwarts led him out of the Great Hall.

“Aren’t you worried about your mate?” Remus questioned tentatively.

“Nope, Severus is a gifted genius and an excellent dueler.  Not to mention his wit and sharp tongue can be lethal as well,” Lord Hogwarts answered with his hands in pocket strolling down the hallway towards the outside.

“You wanted to talk to me?” Remus asked after several minutes of silence.

“You know the moon is beautiful,” Lord Hogwarts remarked casually.

“Yes it is.”

“And those that heed the moon’s call are gifted. Some may fear them but others welcome them.”

“I’m not following,” Remus said growing nervous.

“Sometimes you can chose your pack, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the right pack. The right pack would support you not only in your night life,” here Lord Hogwarts paused to smirk, “but in your day life.  Your dreams and ambitions. They wouldn’t make you doubt yourself or their friendship for being studious.”

Remus swallowed. How had he known about his disease? Or that his friends thought his dream of being a scholar was ridiculous? Or that he kept up with their pranks purely for the reason of not being abandoned and outed as the vile creature he was?

“Have you talked to your maker?  He must have had a reason for turning you…”

With that being left in the air, Remus heard Lord Hogwarts walking away from him as he sat down heavily on the stone bench.

End Flashback

He had returned later that night for his stuff and quietly put his things way before wandering out to the Black Lake to contemplate what he had been told.

He couldn’t actually remember being turned or what happened after that.  All he could remember was his parents looking at him in disgust and keeping him locked up, and that once a month he turned into cursed form filled with pain and loneliness.  If it hadn’t been for  Dumbledore, he knew his parents wouldn’t have let him leave.  He remembers his parents mentioning Fenrir Greyback and himself repeatedly in angry hushed tones. Maybe this Greyback knows something…


Lily stretched and smiled as she woke up from her delightful dream where Mr. Riddle had been sinfully delicious things in her ear as he caressed her body.

“It seems as though the flower has blossomed,” a serene voice came from the end of her bed.

Opening her eyes, Lily smirked at her best friend, Celeste.

“How do you manage to always get in to the Gryffs dorm?” Lily teased leaning against her head board.

“I am friends with the spirit with in the castle and she has granted me permission,” Celeste replied serenely before smiling deviously as she said, “Spill about tall dark and dangerous!”

“Merlin, he’s perfect,” Lily replied dreamily.

“Details Lily details!” Celeste chastised.

“He escorted me the whole way to the Library and dinner while never letting my hand go,” Lily started out.

“The moon will fade before you get to the juicy details,” Celeste whined.

“He kissed my hand multiple times,” Lily confessed turning red as she remembered their time in the library.

“That’s it? No bodice ripping ecstasy?” Celeste  asked shocked.

“Celeste! Mr. Riddle was a gentleman,” Lily huffed.

“He’s a prude!” Celeste cried and Lily rolled her eyes.  Her friend was free spirited and didn’t see why people didn’t succumb to their inner sexual beasts.  Lily was a good friend though and didn’t comment that Celeste was hypocrite as she had been pining over Zeno Lovegood for awhile now and he was just a crazy about her.

“He’s a romantic!” Lily defended her crush.

“Mark my words Flower, you are going to have to let your fire out to get this forest burning,” Celeste warned.

Lily chucked her pillow at her best friend.