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Across Time and Space

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Dashing into an empty corridor, Hadrian casted a disillusionment spell rendering him and Tom invisible before following Severus into the Charm’s classroom.  Sitting once more in the back, Hadrian and Tom watched the students file in and chatter about inane thing until Flitwick called the class to attention. 

Halfway through the class Hadrian deemed Flitwick a good teacher and his teaching style good although their learning material was a year or two below what they should be learning.  Hadrian leaned over to Tom and said, “I think we should start an elementary school or junior school to teach everyone the basics and offer a test out program that those that learn at home like Wizarding families with one or both parents magical can test out.  Because this is just pathetic, these spells aren’t even difficult and the whole class had it mastered.”

“I agree.  It would definitely be a wise move, to implement a junior school.  When Hogwart’s graduates can’t even hold their own against visiting wizards it is sad and a disgrace.  It would also allow for more electives to be taken if they don’t have to learn the basics. Like languages and foreign customs as well as specialty classes, maybe electives that could last only a year or semester at a time?” Tom replied adding in his own opinions.

“Like animagus training or warding perhaps even basic healing like my Severus is currently learning.  We should also have a physical period like weapons or dance.  Something to get these children active because if you are in a duel you just stand there casting spells, you are going down. So getting them active and not sitting at a desk all day would help with that as well as improve their magical core.  Maybe even a musical class or wizarding art,” Hadrian said watching proudly as his Precious was reading a head and practicing the wand movements, until he noticed the book wasn’t the standard class required spell book, now he was intrigued.

“That does have merit.  Salazar these classes take forever now that I’m not a student,” Tom complained hoping to further his friendship with the odd yet insightful Lord as he relaxed into his seat.  Hadrian, he noticed when one wasn’t an enemy or threat, seemed to ooze a relaxing and calming aura that one couldn’t help but feel comfortable with knowing that no matter what Hadrian would take care of the situation.

Chuckling, Hadrian crossed his legs and replied, “Yeah, but at least I have eye candy.”

Tom couldn’t help the eye-roll nor the, “Ha. Ha,” that escaped his lips.

As the class ended Severus waited till the rest of the students left and Flitwick disappear to his office before heading towards Hadrian and Riddle, where they sat at the back. Making his way back to his beloved he smiled as Hadrian revealed themselves with a pout and a greeting of, “How did you know we were seating here?”

Severus rolled his eyes and said, “We’re soul-mates and I followed the feel your magic.”

“You can feel my magic even when I’m not using it?” Hadrian asked with a small smile gracing his lips.

“Yes love, we have practiced magic with each other for years, well for me, I know your magic intimately.  It’s always reaching out to me now that you have been here with me for the last couple of days.  It feels like comfort and like its checking me over to make sure I’m fine,” Severus explained moving in between Hadrian’s legs and leaning down for a kiss upon his mate’s sheepish expression.

“Right…I might be a tad paranoid,” Harry coughed slightly red having his magic’s intent outed so thoroughly.

Severus smirked as Hadrian pulled him unto his lap and playing with Hadrian rough hands before asking, “Can you feel my magic?”

“Always, I’ll let you in on a secret,” Hadrian said with a sparkling eyes, as Severus leaned closer, “I can see magical auras and yours shines brightly like a beacon beckoning me to you,” Hadrian said leaning closer to press his lips against Severus for a chaste kiss.

“Fascinating,” Tom breathed when he learned about Hadrian’s secret.  He had always wanted to know what magic looked it, although he was curious about Hadrian and Severus not always being together, he was far more excited at the fact of magic being visible.

Tom turned red though when they both turned to look him, Severus looked slightly horrified that he had forgot that Tom was there and might have let a secret Hadrian didn’t want him to know, while Hadrian gave a hard stare saying, “Everything you just heard will be confidential correct?”

“Till the day I die and even then no one will pry this knowledge from me,” Tom swore and watched as the couple relaxed.  There a little time before lunch started and then it was Defense against the Dark Arts.

“So what book were you reading during class? As it is not the class required book,” Hadrian ask running his fingers up and down Severus’s back relaxing his mate and telling him through touch that it was alright.

“It’s the newest edition of Charms Beyond School.  I owl-ordered it a week or so before you arrived.  I haven’t attempted any just yet, preferring to read the whole book, before reading each spell one by one and practicing the wand movement, but now that you are here love, you can help me,” Severus explained slightly giddy at the end almost purring at the soft touches.

“Oh my wonderful Precious! You truly are a wonderful gift to a mere mortal such as a myself.  So intelligent! Soon you’ll have to teach me new spells, my love,” Harry exclaimed rubbing his cheek against Severus’s silken hair.

Severus tinted pink before scowling and saying, “Hadrian, your quest for knowledge far succeeds mine own.  I truly doubt that I would have to teach you new spells.  Unless of course I develop my own, then I would have to, but that is neither here nor there.  How you ever was placed in Gryffindor, I’ll never know, you are constantly far more cunning then most Slytherins and your thirst for knowledge is greater than the Ravenclaws.”

“Ah, my love that is my charm.  Should we head for lunch? Actually first I would like to talk to Flitwick before we go.  I’ll be right back,” Hadrian explained as he lifted Severus from lap and placed him gently into the seat he just vacated as he advanced to Professor who just left his office to head to lunch.

“Professor Flitwick!” Hadrian shouted catching the short professor’s attention who stopped and waited for Hadrian to catch up.

“Yes Lord Emrys?” Flitwick asked with a bow showing deep respect to the young Lord.

“How do you feel about your curriculum?” Hadrian asked straight to the point.

Flitwick eyed the Lord for moment deciding to be truthful.  If anyone could change Hogwarts for the better to would the Lord of Hogwarts.  Few actually know that the Lord of Hogwarts has to be chosen to be worthy. 

“It’s dreadful.  Those spells, I assume you watched this class due to young Severus?” Receiving a nod, Flitwick continued, “Those spells were too easy for this grade level.  Frankly a fourth year or third year should have been able to accomplish these spells, but the Headmaster,” was said with much disdain, “feels that we shouldn’t overload the students nor push them to become great.”

“So if I gave you the go ahead to teach whatever you thought was grade level appropriate and gave you a week would you be able to teach appropriate age level spells?” Hadrian asked seriously.

“Merlin, I could have the lesson plans done tonight. And before you ask my Lord, I agree with anything and everything you wish to change, add or remove.  I will support you in this endeavor, as it has been heartbreaking to watch talented students like young Severus or Miss Evans, waste their talent on such low level spells when they have the capabilities to do far more,” Flitwick said with a slight growl of frustration seeping through.

“Well then my friends call me Hadrian,” Hadrian replied offering his hand.

Fitwick didn’t even hesitate when taking the hand and responding, “Mine call me Filius.”

“Well then Filius would you like to accompany Tom Riddle, Severus and myself to lunch?” Hadrian asked politely but with a grin that spelled doom for others.

Filius answering grin was enough for Hadrian who beckoned his companions down. As Severus approached, Hadrian smiled and said, “Love, Tom, Filius here will be accompanying us to the Great Hall for lunch.

Dumbledore’s morning has been horrible; from the warning about the punishments and having to punish his favorite students to having to deal with a freaked out and hyperventiling Potions Professor. Not to mention that Tom Riddle was once more gracing the halls of Hogwarts and seems to be on friendly terms with Lord Emrys!  Why did Riddle, the evil man, have to capture Lord Emrys good attention while he received nothing but threats and warnings?  Ignoring the voice in the back of his head saying that he brought upon himself when he allowed the Marauders to get away with everything to the Slytherins particularly Snape.  He was the Headmaster, he should have the backing of the powerful Lord, not Riddle who was trying to change their world! What’s worse is that Riddle had most purebloods backing the changes!  He needed to find something to discredit Riddle.  Once Lord Emrys saw how truly twisted and evil the man was, Lord Emrys would offer his support to Dumbledore.  As Dumbledore finished his line of thought it was in time to for lunch to start as well as to see a laughing Hadrian and his Charms professor with two smirking Slytherins entering the Great Hall for lunch.

Dumbledore strove to keep his face welcoming and grandfatherly but seeing Lord Emrys giving a half hug to Filius like they were old friends cracked his façade a little allowing his eyes to tighten in anger.  He knew that his Charms Professor disagreed with quite a few things with how the school was run, but Dumbledore couldn’t afford to fire the Charms Master/Dueling Champion.  He knew he had to have good teachers to hide the horrible teachers since very few qualified teachers ever applied for Hogwarts since they were appalled at the curriculum, thankfully the parents either turned a blind eye towards it or they were to poor to consider transferring their children and of course there was also tradition where several generations have attended Hogwarts and therefore the new generation must attend. In a few more years he would have the perfect support group.  Keeping the muggle-born and half-born students in the dark about their Wizarding heritage and their knowledge was perfect for keeping him looking powerful and all-knowing. 

As the four parted, Dumbledore watched as Lord Emrys, Snape and Riddle heading towards Malfoy and the Lestranges while Filius took his seat next to McGongall and quickly but quietly whispered something to her, which had the witch nodding an agreement and a tight smile graced her lips. Dumbledore frowned something was going on, and he wasn’t in on the loop.

As Hadrian, Severus and Riddle sat at the table next to Lucius and the Brothers, Hadrian glanced up when he felt the spike of magic he had been waiting and saw Minerva tilt her slightly with a short nod indicating that she was on their side as well.  Grinning Hadrian happily filled his plate as well as Severus’s and began heartily eating knowing that he had support for the people he highly respected back in his own world.  Filius, Minerva and Severus had taken to teaching him highly advance magic and battle magic after the TriWizard Tournament even though they had to hide it from the headmaster.  From seeing Filius’s counterpart and how much more strength of character he showed, Harry knew he would be a formidable  ally and friend and from the way Filius spoke of Minerva he knew that she too would be an excellent ally.

I am very proud of you my heir.  Filius and Minerva have always tried to do justice by their students.  They are one of the few to try and punish the troublemakers, but Twinkles always interfered. Hogwarts spoke to him causing him to choke on his pumpkin juice.

Severus looked at him concerned before he glanced to the ceiling and Severus understood and he waved off the others questioning if Hadrian was okay.

Mum! Give some warning, a gentle nudge against mind would be fine.  You have done it before but it almost seems like you want to see me jump or choke!

Your face and reactions are quite amusing dear. 

That’s not very mother like Hadrian responded sulking in his mind.

I thought it was a mother’s prerogative to embarrass one’s child?

Hadrian could feel Hogwarts amusement and decided to let her have her fun, Hadrian imagine it has been quite some time since another Lord Hogwarts had been chosen.

Quite right you are my Heir, but you are simply my favorite one and most interactive with me.  Anyways I want you to embarrass the Defense Professor.

Oh? Any particular reason?

Besides being a pompous ass? He has no respect for me or the children. Twinkles was wrong to hire him. The position should have gone to young Riddle that you have become acquainted with this morning.

It seems as though Dumbledore has always had a thing against Riddle.  I’m just thankful that this one turned out decent.

Hadrian heard Hogwarts chuckle and withdrew from his mind allowing him to finish meal without disturbance from her. He felt a weight on his shoulder and glanced down to see his Precious had laid his head on his shoulder as their friends talked to Riddle about changes they would like to see in the school.

Wrapping his arm around Severus, he leaned down to kiss his temple and smiling softly. Directing his gaze to the Marauders he was pleased to see James, Sirius, Remus and Peter looking subdued and depressed. Before dinner, Hadrian would inquire what punishments they were given. He had been thinking about James punishment, he thought of magical grounding as well as working personally with Filch doing everything the way Filch did with no magic eve if it was during class and if his teachers are feeling generous they will give him the homework to complete. Even though he had been leaning more towards public humiliation but he remember severe humiliation had turned several Slytherins in his previous world to the Dark Lord.  He wanted James to learn from his experience.  Maybe he should talk to the house-elves about punishment like having James do his own laundry and cleaning or maybe be responsible for cleaning the Slytherin common rooms three times a week.  The more he thought about it the more he was leaning towards magical grounding and cleaning the Slytherin common rooms. Especially since he knew the Slytherins were one of few magical people to treat servants and house-elves with decency unlike certain Gryffindors he knew. Just because they have masks and can ruthless when one of their own has been hurt, they generally treat most with indifference.  Watching the Marauders make a mess of their lunch while the Slytherin ate carefully not creating any more mess than necessary. Maybe he should separate James from his group as well? Maybe have him spend a week as a Slytherin. Hadrian made up his mind on James’s punishment; he also decided that in addition to the other Marauders’ punishment that they shall be put in separate houses as well.


Hadrian was sitting the front of the classroom with Severus on one side and Riddle flanking the other, he waiting silently for the now late professor; as the minutes ticked by Hadrian began to drum his fingers against the desk top, his irritation growing.

“Is he always late?” Hadrian asked turning to look at his love who was reading an advanced defensive spell book.

“Always,” Severus answered without looking away from his book.

Turning to look at the rest of the class, he noticed that a few were reading books, like Lily and other Slytherins while most Gryffindors were chatting or launching paper airplanes at their friends.

“When does he show up?” Tom asked annoyed as well.  This was the fool that the Headmaster choose over him and so far he was not impressed.

“In another couple of minutes or he doesn’t show up at all,” Severus replied shrugging stowing his book to calm his beloved who magic was beginning to swirl. Rubbing Hadrian’s hand, he pressed a gentle kiss to Hadrian’s smooth cheek.  Receiving a soft smile, Severus was going to explain some more about professor when the door slammed open.

Hadrian heard the slamming of doors and felt anger at the disrespect towards his mum. He waited to the man strode to the front cockily placing belongings on his desk. The man was shorter than Severus with honey blond hair and very expensive clothes not fitting for those on teacher’s salary.  Glaring, Hadrian already hated the man.

As the man turned around Hadrian came face to face of a younger Gildroy Lockheart. It took everything Hadrian had not to snarl and curse the fool so intent on destroying the true nature of magic by his simple mind and idiotic tales.

“Ah Lord Hogwarts! And Mr. Riddle! I see you have heard great things about my class and have come to see for yourself what I am teaching the youth of today,” Lockheart said gifting them with what he thought was a charming smile.

Two short tense nods later, Gildroy was telling his adventures with the Yetti the summer before school started, “And that is how you defeat a Yetti! Who knew they just needed a sympatric ear.”

Hadrian couldn’t stand anymore of his pathetic tales, Hadrian pushed his chair back and snarled, “You’re pathetic.  You stand there telling tales but where is the practical use?  Very few will ever see a Yetti, due to the fact they live high in the mountains and are very reclusive.  The fact that you found one IF that is true although I highly doubt it, proves you are selfish and dimwitted.”

“Why! I never!” Lockheart gasped clutching a hand to his breast in shock, while the student now looked interested rather than dying of boredom, even the subdued Marauders were paying attention.

“Can you even duel?  How do disarm your opponent?” Hadrian rapidly asked his patience gone with the fake.  Obviously the fool was still early in his career, but the nerve to teach youthful students this trash was enough to put Hadrian on a rampage.

“Of course I can. And it’s DISARMIO!” Lockheart yelled hoping to prove that he knew what he was doing and show this Lord who was boss even though Hadrian was his boss but no one accused Lockheart of being smart.

Hadrian laughed as nothing happened and rapidly fire in succession, “Expellarmius! Petrificus Totalus! Rictusempra!”

The class watched as their fool of a teacher lost his wand and his stiff body fall to the ground his eyes wide with laughter and torture.

“What the hell was Disarmio? Did you make that up?” Hadrian asked with a glare at the tortured professor, if you can call him that, before looking at the other students, “What have you learn with this joker?”

An auburn witch raised her hand, directing Hadrian’s attention fully onto his mum for the first time and his eyes soften a little while keeping his intense look upon his face, “Yes Ms Evans?”

He could see his mum, no not his mum no matter how hard he wanted it to be true, he could see Lily’s confused expression at him knowing her name, but answered his question anyways, “Truthfully? We have learned nothing but what NOT to do.  Most spells that we, the students, know either come from self practice or older student even parents.”

“Dumbledore you will pay for this,” Hadrian muttered under his voice and with a wave of his hand Lockheart was free from the spells and his pants clearly show where he pissed himself due to the laughter, “You’re fired, you have 20 minutes to gather your things before Hogwarts kicks you out.”

The students and Hadrian watched as Lockheart stood there gaping and stunned stupid before Hadrian barked out, “POST! HASTE! Does that ring any bells?”

Still Lockheart stood there, getting irritated Hadrian was about to magically boot him in the ass when he saw Tom sauntered over and quite literally booted him in the ass.  So undignified for a politician but Hadrian imagined it felt quite good kicking the dimwit who was chosen over you.

The kick to the ass got the blonde dunderhead moving as the class roared in laughter at the thoroughly embarrassed and outrage professor flee from the class room and Hadrian motioned Tom over for a quick chat.

“Tom I know you are busy with your campaign right now but I have several other class and teachers to evaluate and these students need to know how to defend themselves-,” Hadrian started to say.

Tom could see where his friend was going and interrupted, “Hadrian relax, I would be honored to teach them until you find a good replacement. I can easily do my work in the office during break periods and campaign on the weekends and breaks.”

Tom was interested in the way Hadrian relaxed when he said this.  It also made Tom wonder how he knew Tom wanted the Defense Teaching job.  He didn’t remember telling Hadrian that tidbit. Or even how Hadrian would trust him to teach up to his standards, but he felt proud that he had been chosen.

“Thank you Tom,” Hadrian said with a small smile, turning back to the class, “Meet your new professor, Professor Riddle.  Learn all you can from him, he is a good man and he has been trying to work for your rights. I support him. Class dismissed.”

The student stared for a moment before realizing that they were dismissed thirty minutes early and scrambled to leave the class to go find their friends and tell them what just happened.  Hadrian had no doubt that by tonight the whole school will know what happened as he turned to look at the stunned look on his friend’s face, he knew it was because of what he just told the students but Hadrian pretend to act otherwise especially since he could see a light sheen in Tom’s eyes.

“What? I’m not that cruel.  You have until tomorrow to have a lesson planned,” Hadrian joked and wrapped his arms around Severus when he came over to stand with them.  He had brought Lily over as well.

Tom knew that Hadrian knew that the little speech affected him.  To have his new friend support him, was overwhelming and powering.  He wanted to make Hadrian proud and said, “Plenty of time, Hadrian. Thank you.”

Hadrian nodded and turned to Severus who introduced Lily, “Love, this is Lily Evans, one of my best friends outside of Slytherin.  Lily, this is Hadrian Emrys, my fiancé.”

“A pleasure Ms. Evans.  Thank you for being there for him when I could not,” Hadrian greeted with a smile.

Blushing Lily responded, “It was no problem at all, but I think being friends with me has caused more harm than good.  I have tried to get those Marauders to stop.”

“My Severus tends to be shy but hangs onto his friends.  A little opposition made him stronger and he is well-versed in several prank spells as well serious spells. If he had given up on your friendship then he would not be where he is at today, a strong wonderful talented person,” Hadrian stated pressing kisses to Severus pink temple.

“While I’m a little hurt that he kept you a secret, but I can see where he gathers his strength from when his own runs out,” Lily complimented making Severus burn a brighter pink while Hadrian chuckled and Riddle who had been quiet quirked a smile, knowing that it was true. From what he remembers of Lucius telling him he didn’t know where Severus had strength to not give up was amazing and Tom knew it came from this powerful Lord loving and supporting Severus through his trials. 

“Well, he is my own personal savior and light at the end of tunnel, so how can I not lend him strength when he needs it?” Hadrian asked serious.

Severus still pink at all of the praise his love has been bestowing upon him today cleared his throat and said, “Right well I believe Hadrian and I have an appointment that we mustn’t be late for.”

Severus glanced at his love to see him look at Severus weirdly for a moment before smiling devilishly, “Indeed. We will be seeing you at dinner then.”

Tom and Lily glanced at each other while watching what looked like Hadrian pulling Severus out the door but Severus seemed to be pushing Hadrian out the door in rush.  Whatever appointment they needed to be at apparently was important.