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Across Time and Space

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As Hadrian’s mind swam through the fogginess of consciousness it was to the feeling of overwhelming soreness and a warm weight on his side.  Blinking drowsily Hadrian noticed that he wasn’t seeing the vast whiteness that denotes infirmary, but pale green walls and beautiful wood furnishings with a blue comforter covering himself and his Precious.  Rubbing the heel of hand in his eye, he careful disentangled his arm from around Severus and sat up to listen to what Hogwarts had to say.

You are in the Hogwart’s Heir rooms, I took the liberty to move you and Severus here while you slept so as not to be disturbed by that foul man with his twinkling.

Thank you my lady. Did you by chance have Severus’s things moved here as well?

Of course I did.  Now get up as Poppy, that delightful woman, has sent a letter to Gringotts informing them of your arrival and they are expecting you in an hour.  And yes my heir, you can apparate from within these rooms as well.

With you and Poppy looking after me, I feel as if I have two mothers.  If you wanted to be that is?

Hadrian, you are denser than my walls.  I named you my heir did I not?

Right, sorry mum, Hadrian apologized sheepishly.  He heard Hogwarts snort at him and turned to wake his Precious up.  Gently running his fingers down Severus’s sleeping face, he mused that the only thing the Severus from his world and his Precious had in common was their love for Potions and their name as well as some shared history, but his Severus was happier and wasn’t heading down the dark path. 

“Mmmm, stop that…” Severus stated sleepily as he buried his head beneath the pillows.

Smiling, Harry leant down brushed lips against the soft white neck that was still visible while running a calloused hand underneath Severus’s shirt.

“What the…?” Severus’s eyes popped opened to see a smirking Hadrian looking at him with mischievous looking eyes.

“What are you planngh…” Severus was able to get out before his mouth was claim in a passionate while Hadrian’s roaming hand went south caressing Severus bottom and stroking his opening. Severus moaned into Hadrian mouth as Hadrian’s hand continued to run their course teasing his nether reigns.

“I wish we could continue, but we have a meeting at Gringotts in 45 minutes, my love,” Hadrian whispered as he broke their kiss.

“You are a bloody tease Hadrian,” Severus snarked when he regain his breath.

Hadrian smiled, he loved that his soul-mate was comfortable with him to show all of his emotions.

“Mmm, but you love me,” Hadrian replied biting Severus’s lower lip.

“I do even when you torture me so,” Severus answered sitting up he finally realized that they were no longer in the hospital wing nor in the dormitories.

“Hadrian where are we?” he asked looking around at the pleasant décor.

“We are in the Hogwart’s Heir rooms,” Hadrian answered getting out of bed.

“Why?” Severus asked looking directly at Hadrian naked back.

“Because she has named me her heir and you are my soul-mate,” Hadrian replied with a shrug walking towards the bathroom.

Severus sat there shocked that his love and protector was the fabled Hogwarts Heir and told him nonchalantly like it was an everyday occurrence!

He was still sitting there in shock when Hadrian re-emerged from the bathroom with wet hair and a towel wrapped around his waist looking for his battles robes.  He watched his scarred mate frown then open the closet door to see to a small amount of clothing hanging and folded on one side and recognized his own clothing on the other.

“Hadrian” Severus asked, as he watched as his mate shrugged at the hanging clothes and dropped his towel to start pulling on his clothes.  Severus watched as Hadrian tan form littered with scars disappeared beneath worn out jeans and tight black t-shirt.

“Yes Precious?” Hadrian replied looking at him.

“Why are my clothes in the closet hung up and how did they get there?”



“Yep,” Hadrian answered grabbing an outfit for Severus and placing it on their bed.

“Is this one of things, I just accept and nod?  Like the previous stories you’ve told me about?” Severus questioned changing into a pair of slacks and an emerald green shirt.  He found he preferred his attire more than his soul-mate’s, he felt better and comfortable in it, but he does have to admit that Hadrian pulled off his own outfit.

“Pretty much, just like what’s going to happen at Gringotts will most likely shock you as well,” Hadrian answered pressing a kiss to Severus’s lips and wrapping his arms around Severus since they had finished dressing.

“Ready?” Hadrian asked inches away from Severus’s mouth.

“For what?” Severus countered slightly dazed.  He loved when Hadrian kissed him and now that he was here Severus was hoping for more.

“This,” Hadrian teased with a smirk as he apparated them from the room to the entrance of the Leaky Cauldron where they entered Diagon Alley which strangely enough looked the same before the Second War escaladed in Harry’s world.

Severus glared at his soul-mate when they landed but Hadrian pressed a quick kiss to his temple which caused Severus to smile slightly as they made their way to Gringotts. 

“You know after Gringotts we should get you some clothing, if your wardrobe looks like it does now,” Severus commenting as they passed a couple of clothing stores.

“You don’t like my outfit?” Hadrian pouted but it was ruined by the smirk that present.

“You look good, love but if you are going to be Hogwart’s Heir you are going to need look like it,” Severus explained poking his finger through a hole on Hadrian’s jeans.

“It’s comfortable though,” Hadrian complained making Severus snort.

“Still when was the last time you updated it?” Severus questioned.

“Hmmm, beginning of my sixth year?” Hadrian answered.

“And how old are you now?” Severus asked peering at his mate, he at times thought Hadrian seem far older than his body.

“Nineteen,” Hadrian answered with a shrug.

Severus stopped walking and looked at Hadrian which caused Hadrian to stop as well since they were holding hands.

“What?” Hadrian asked looking confused.

“You seem older,” Severus replied as he started walking once more.  There was obviously more that Severus needed to learn about his mate, but they had the rest of lives so Severus wasn’t worried.

“Yeah, war happens.  So we are here,” Hadrian stated walking up the steps.

Severus rolled his eyes at his soul-mate pointing out the obvious. He was amazed at how confident Hadrian walked up to the Goblin teller and how courteous he was to the creature.  He was even more amazed when the Goblin smiled a toothy grin that sent shivers down his spine but walked forward when Hadrian beckoned him closer.  He had stayed back a bit to give Hadrian his privacy.

“Severus we will be going to see the Head Director in a moment but I need to tell you a few things.  All I ask is that you remember me, not my name and what I did to James Potter,” Hadrian stated.

Severus frowned but nodded his okay.

“I’ve only told you my first name, never my full name. I didn’t want you to worry and given your reaction to my being in Gryffindor I didn’t want to see your reaction to my last name.  But you’re older now and more mature.  You have also gotten to know me the real me,” Hadrian rambled slightly nervous.

“Love you are rambling,” Severus said gently with his brows furrowed as he took Hadrian’s hands into his own hoping to quell the nervousness that his mate was showing.  This was highly un-usually for his soul mate, he was usually more calm and in control.

“My name is Hadrian “Harry” James Potter, in my world I was James Potter’s son. But a year and half after I was born my parents died in the war,” Hadrian replied looking steadily into Severus’s eyes.

“You hexed and pranked your own father? You defended me from your own father?” Severus asked with a twitch of his lips. This was brilliant! James Potter was  out-smarted, out-witted, and out-pranked by his own son. Severus felt the love he had for Hadrian grow that Hadrian had put him before his family, his father.

“In theory yes, but this James Potter is not my father as mine died a long time ago. You are the only one precious to me. You are my family,” Hadrian stated earnestly willing Severus to believe him rubbing the back of Severus’s hands.

“I admit it was probably wise to wait to tell me, but why now? And what about the Severus of your time?”

“Because they are going to do a blood test and I wanted to you to hear it from my own lips not read it on a piece of paper. As for your counterpart?  No we weren’t soul-mates.  So much bad history between us but we were able to become best friends and his death pushed me into anger and misery,” Hadrian explained looking slightly anxious.

Severus stared at him for a moment, before smiling beautifully saying, “I trust you Hadrian.  I love you as well. I will not abandon you, even if we learn that you are also Merlin’s heir.”

If Severus’s smiled was beautiful than Hadrian’s was radiant and the kiss that Severus received was toe curling.

“Excuse me, time to go,” a goblin interrupted their kiss.

“Lead the way my good sir,” Hadrian said amusing both the goblin and his mate, but Hadrian didn’t care since his mate didn’t care. Life was good. 

The goblin led the way while Hadrian wrapped his arm around Severus shoulder sauntering as they followed the goblin while Severus merely raised his eyebrow at his soul-mate before shaking his head. They were led to an office where a larger goblin sat shuffling through some paperwork.

“My lord, this is the dimension traveler,” the nameless goblin stated.

“Very well, you may leave,” the large goblin grunted.  When the other goblin had left he looked up at the two males standing in his office, one looking amused and the other in shock.

“I am Lord Ironfist, you may take a seat,” Ironfist gestured to the two chairs in front of his desk.

“Thank you Lord Ironfist, I would introduce myself but I believe a blood test would be better, but may I introduce my soul-mate, Severus Prince-Snape,” the tall man introduced the two of them.

“Indeed, well then you know what to do I presume?” Ironfist asked handing the tall man the ritual dagger and the Blood Test parchment. They often use these ones with new customers or when their client’s children have come of age.

The man just smirked and pricked his finger allowing a single drop of blood to be placed.  Ironfist almost smiled, this man knew the importance of blood.

The almost smile vanished as the man’s name and lineage appeared.

Hadrian ‘Harry’ James Potter

1980 - ?

Heir to Potter

Heir to Gryffindor

Heir to Hogwarts

Heir to Myrddin (Merlin)

 “I guess you can’t leave me as you promised you wouldn’t if I was Merlin’s Heir,” Hadrian joked as Severus’s mouth dropped.

“I meant it as a joke!” Severus exclaimed, “Merlin, everything does happen to you.”

Hadrian merely smirked.

Ironfist looked at the young man in front of him, before saying, “My lord what would you like to do? Seeing as there are already Potters that have control of the Potter and Gryffindor vaults.”

“Would it be possible to remove me from the Potters and Gryffindor family tree and allow me to take of Merlin’s last name Emrys?  As well as claim the Lordship of both Myrddin and Hogwarts?” Hadrian asked looking at the rest of the parchment that stated the amount of gold and artifacts that each vault contained as well as the seats in Wizengamot he would hold.

“That would be possible my Lord, I will have the papers drawn up right away,” Ironfist confirmed writing a note to be sent off.

“Could we also have an un-breakable Marriage contract drawn between myself and Severus?” Hadrian questioned which caused Severus to look at him sharply.

“We could but being as he is your soul-mate very few could take him away from you,” Ironfist replied appalled that someone would even complete it while adding a marriage contract to the note.

“I don’t trust Dumbledore and I wish for no one to take away Severus from me,” Hadrian stated fiercely as the thought of Dumbledore trying anything boiled his blood.

“It seems we are of the same opinion Lord Emrys.  Is Mr. Snape over 16 years of age?” Ironfist questioned with a vicious grin.

“I am,” Severus answered calmly even though he was in awe at how far his Hadrian was willing to protect him and in slightly trepidation of the goblin in front of him.

“Then you do not need a parent to sign the contract,” Ironfist nodded as he sent the note away.

“Ironfist, I would also like to deposit some money as well,” Hadrian said bringing Ironfist’s attention back to him.

“How much will you be depositing my Lord?” Ironfist questioned with a slight frown.

“Please after this transaction I think we can be on equal terms, as to answer your question all the gold from my dimension.  I had been anticipating on joining my beloved here permanently and emptied my vaults which I believed would be roughly twice the amount in the Potter/Gryffindor vaults combined,” Hadrian replied confidently.

“And where is this gold Hadrian?” Ironfist asked looking curiously at the tall male.

Hadrian laughed and out his money pouch and dropped it on the desk.

Ironfist looked at it then Hadrian and said, “That is going to cost you to be emptied.  Why not keep it with you?”

“Why not invest it in this Gringotts? I also think I can afford it,” Hadrian replied casually but challenging.

“My my Hadrian, I do believe I like you,” Ironfist smiled showing his sharp teeth.

Over three hours later and they were finally done.  Severus couldn’t believe how much signing he had to do and it was nothing compared to what Hadrian had sign, but he felt good.  He was engaged to his soul mate, he had access to the Prince Vaults that he had been restricted from due by age but his engagement countered it. The best part was that not only was Hadrian Lord Hogwarts now, but he also had a say in the way things were ran at the school plus with the contract in place the headmaster could do nothing to remove him from Hadrian’s side.

Hadrian was happy as well, he was now Hadrian James Emrys, Lord Emrys and Lord Hogwarts with 6 seats in Wizengamot as well the school board.  Severus was his and no one was taking him away from Hadrian and he was currently the richest wizard.  Hadrian smirked as he thought about spoiling his Precious.

“Severus, would you like to go shopping for anything?” Hadrian asked thinking of going to the apothecary and the book stores as they were walking down the street with Severus tucked into his side.

“Yes.  We need to get you some new clothes,” Severus hiding his smug expression seeing Hadrian smirk falter.  If Hadrian thought he could get out of getting a new wardrobe he was sadly mistaken especially now that he held two of the most powerful lordships.

Hadrian groaned and buried his face into Severus’s neck and hair asking, “Why are you going to torture me?”

“It’s not torture when its done with love,” Severus answered with smirk, loving that Hadrian was paying attention to him and no one else. 

And people were staring since there was a handsome man with shaggy black hair well muscled and shining emerald eyes was walking down the street with that Snape kid.  Who had changed as well, no longer was he the tall gangly kid with swallow skin and no confidence, instead a beautiful male with black pin straight hair who walked with confidence and happiness radiated from his person.  The sales people were eager to help and outfit the beautiful couple, if only to see just how handsome the stranger was, but let it be known that Severus was just as protective over his soul-mate as Hadrian was of him.  The clothing attendants could attest to that from the stinging hexes that we sent their way if their eyes or hands strayed to Hadrian perfect physique.