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Pumpkin Patch

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‘Sometimes the most simple things in life, despite some strife, are a much welcomed change.’


Echo’s timbre had risen at least two octaves, while letting the surprise filled question drop from his lips?

“What, exactly are we farming?”


Rex and a few other clones had decided to start growing some of the food they were acquiring from off world at the moment right on the planet as its soil was good for farming. Not having to spend time scouring the galaxy for food would certainly save time and effort, despite the work they needed to put into it.

They had the knowledge, then means and volunteers to start the whole farming thing. As a matter of fact, a few of them had already started the initial process and now, all they needed was to start planting. As the planet, despite having some kind of seasons, was a mild weathered one.

There were already plans to hurry up and having their first harvest ready in a few months time, when the autumn season was upon. There were even talks about a festival of sorts at the end. As they had several nat-born families with children living on the base as well. So, something for everyone to enjoy at the end of a hard work stretch.


“Well, basically whatever vegetables and grain we can get the seeds for. We already have wild fruit growing around us and those we can utilise too.”

Rex stated simply, letting out a small laugh, as clearly, Echo was not really into the whole being a farmer thing. Or that was how it seemed to Rex.

“Rex, we are soldiers, not farmers.”

Echo’s scowl was clearly present. As Rex was right, this was not something Echo was on board with. Not personally any way.

It wasn’t like Rex was forcing Echo to do this as not all the clones were eager to become farmers. Besides, they needed their soldiers too. Naturally. They still had their cause, the rebellion and an Evil Empire to fight against.

“Echo, you don’t have to do this if you are not interested.”

But, Echo wanted to be a part of Rex’s life as much as Rex was his and if it took digging in some dirt to spend more time with his partner, then so be it.

“I… I didn’t say I wasn’t into it. It’s just, well, I don’t know the first thing about farming.”

Rex laughed out loud at his point. Taking his partner by his hand and squeezing it lightly.

“Echo, we already have others working on the whole farming thing. I will take part wherever I can and have the time for simply to get a hang of it. And, if you want to check it out? It’s fine. If not, I will never hold it against you.”


Echo glared at Rex for a moment longer, knowing that perhaps he had overreacted a tad and thought Rex wanted him to do some farming too. Then again, as the option was now there to either take it or leave it, Echo decided he would at least try and see what it was all about.

Heck, even Wrecker had informed the Batchers he would do some farming, while the rest of them had politely declined. Well, not Omega, as the kid wanted to try anything. At least once.

“Well, perhaps I can go with you and check what it is all about.”

Echo finally relented, not really sure as to with what he could help out there.

Rex smiled widely and drew Echo in for a kiss.

“I know you will do great. No matter what you do.”