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[podfic] The Tempting and the Tempted

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hi hi so this work is marked part 2 on MaverikLoki's TnT series but never fear! This used to be part 1! So this will be marked part 1 until I've gotten the prequel recorded, and tbqh I just really want to podfic Silence so that may be in a while. A long while.

This has actually been sitting around on the computer for like a year. Unfortunately, due to shit internet, I'd not been able to upload it. But it's all uploaded now and ready to go :)


here's the mp3, click to stream and right click then save as to download (size: 30mb)


here's the m4a, right click then save as to download (size: 18mb)


I feel like I've forgotten something, so if something goes wrong, drop me a comment or send me an email at


thanks for listening :)