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Rose and The Doctor meet Alec Hardy

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Rose knew she couldn't stay with the Doctor, he'd told her, so she was going to make the most of their time together. She had lost Mickey for good, almost lost the Doctor countless times, the last time being only recently when he'd taken her to back to see the 2012 Olympic games. So on their way back from visiting a little market on an asteroid and buying a present for her mum, they took the long way home, having a bit of time to themselves in the Tardis, dancing around the console, chilling out in the library where the Doctor read a book to her from his own planet as they curled up in a large overstuffed armchair where they had got so cosy. Rose had fallen asleep on his shoulder and he didn't want to disturb her, so he read to himself for a while longer and waited for her to wake up.

Rose stirred and realised where she was sleeping as he said "Hi" to her and she felt a bit embarrassed.

"Have I kept you here all this time?" she asked him, blushing.

"No, it's fine except my arms gone a bit dead where you were lying on it but apart from that, well, it was kind of nice. We should do it more often." He realised what he'd just said. "I mean, me reading to you, not for you to fall asleep, not that I minded you going to sleep but, well, I was probably getting to the boring part and so it was probably just as well you did go to sleep and you did look peaceful and well, cute and…."

He stopped as Rose leaned forward and put both her arms around his neck and told him to shut up and kissed him.

That was the last time they'd be alone. He got up, moving her to one side leaving her wondering if she'd done something wrong. "It's not you Rose, it's me. You know we can't do this as much as I want to. We've talked about it before, I told you, I can't spend the rest of my life with you and it wouldn't be fair on you to let us get involved. We can only stay friends if you still want. We can kiss but nothing else. Something's coming Rose, something I might not be able to control and I've put it off but I have to face it. I could lose you and if we get involved, I can't concentrate on what I have to do. Let's just take it easy, see what happens and if the time is right we'll talk about it."

Rose was still sat in the armchair, she didn't know what to say. She was disappointed that she had finally got up the courage to kiss him, as herself and not Cassandra and he'd more or less turned her advances down. Not forever but if he said something was going to happen she knew it would be inevitable.

"So, what's going to happen then? You said before that something was coming, what is it? How can you tell?"

"I just know we should go back to London as soon as we can, you know when I get these feelings I'm usually right, sorry. You'd better go pack your stuff that you need. I'm not saying I don't want to get romantic with you because I do, just not now, I have to be sure you're safe."

Rose went to collect her stuff and made her way back to the console room. He was already waiting, with a serious look on his face. Rose put her bag down and moved over to him. He put his arms out and pulled her close and kissed her.

"Rose, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been so harsh. We've been travelling together all this time and it's all been building up, it was bound to happen sooner or later, we just picked the wrong time. We need to talk about this but not now."

So they left the Tardis and went to her mum's flat to learn all about the ghosts that had been appearing and after following the signal, they landed at Canary Wharf but before anything really happened, he was determined to get Rose and Jackie to safety. He managed to slip away and asked Rose if she remembered where the Tardis had been taken so she led them back to it and once inside, they began arguing.

"You're not taking me away from all this, you need me, you can't do it on your own. There are Cybermen and Daleks back there, you don't expect me to quit so let me out."

He was stony faced as he concentrated at the monitor and controls. Jackie was sitting on a ledge again still getting over the shock she was nearly turned into a Cyberman but had been rescued by the alternate version of her dead husband, something she couldn't quite get her head around. Rose was glaring at him for daring to suggest she left him to deal with it on his own but she knew no amount of pleading would help. He'd talked about getting them somewhere safe while he dealt with it with the alternate universe's version of Torchwood.

There were two choices for him to make, seal Rose and her mother off in the alternate universe and he'd never see her again or take her to a safe place in this world, somewhere remote where the Cybermen hadn't bothered with, they were only in the large towns and cities and hopefully, he'd be able to send them back where they came from and then he'd go back for her when it was all over. He figured it was the lesser of the two evils, Rose would still be in this universe at least.

He'd checked all the coastal towns for signs of any Cyberman activity, they were in some of them but he found one place on the south coast that hadn't been overtaken and he headed for it and landed the Tardis behind a hotel. Rose knew they'd landed, she could tell by now. He opened the door after checking the monitor that it was safe that no-one was around.

"So, where are we?" Jackie asked indignantly, with her arms folded. "Somewhere the back of beyond? You sure there are none of those creatures here?"

"We're in a small town on the Dorset coast, it's called Broadchurch. You'll be safe here until I come back. Rose, give me your bank card," he said.

She handed it to him saying there was no money in it. He used his sonic screwdriver to alter the chip inside it and handed it back.

"There is now. Whatever you need, just use your card as normal, pay for things and get cash out of the machine, there's no limit but best not overdo it or the bank might get suspicious. Lay low for a few days, stay at this hotel and I'll come and find you when it's over. You should be safe here. The hotel owner might be wary of you since you've arrived with no luggage so just say it's in your car or something. Whatever you do, don't say you've come from London or a place that's been invaded, they might not be as aware here or might think it's a hoax, which if everything works, that's what it will go down as. Just say you're on holiday. Jackie, can you give us a few minutes?"

Jackie went outside, leaving the two of them. "Rose, I'm coming back for you, it might take a few days or just a few hours, I don't know. I have to go back to the exact time we left and I don't know how long it will take to send them all back into the void. Wait for me Rose, please. I know you'll hear all kinds of things if I succeed so don't tell anyone about it or me or they'll think you're crazy and you'd best warn your mother, you know what she's like. I'll be back before you know it. If I don't come back right away, there's a good reason."

He pulled her close and put his arms around her and kissed her goodbye. Rose was crying as she held onto him.

"You promise you'll come back when it's over?" Rose asked. He nodded and kissed her again.

She stepped out of the Tardis after he promised she'd be safe and he'd back and went to join her mother. They watched the Police Box fade away and walked up towards the front of the hotel. Once inside, Rose asked for two rooms on the same floor and they signed the register. The owner asked if they had any luggage and so Rose told her it was in the car and they'd get it later, asking if there was another entrance and was told a staircase led to the carpark.

"You're on the second floor but watch out for the resident grump. I'm Becca, by the way, I own the hotel."

"Who's the resident grump, what makes you say that?" Rose asked.

"He's been here a while, he's a Police Detective who hasn't found anywhere permanent to live yet and he's had the second floor to himself for a while so if you bump into him, don't say I never warned you. You say you're from London, what's been going on there? The news says there's a big student hoax going on or a sci-fi film being made there and half of the city's involved. Do you know anything about it?"

Rose decided to deny any knowledge of it and said, "No, we've been travelling for a while, it started after we left. We've been all along the south coast the last few weeks. What are the meal times here?"

Becca told her and Rose said they'd go to their rooms then go get their luggage. Once there, Rose said they'd have to go out and buy a few clothes so they left via the rear stairs and went shopping, finding a market next to the hotel and got what they needed. Rose hadn't even noticed what day it was with all the confusion and being dragged from the middle of a battle and left in a strange town but discovered it was Friday. They got back to the hotel and Rose had just come out of her mother's room and as she turned, she almost bumped into a man who was just opening a door opposite.

He turned around and Rose was just standing and staring at him – he spoke to her in a Scottish voice as he said, "Can I help you miss? Is there something wrong?"

Rose just stood there. "Sorry, I was just going back to my room, I didn't mean to disturb you." She was thinking this must be the resident grump she was told about but he didn't seem grumpy to her, just a bit surprised someone was standing behind him.

She made her excuses and went back to her room thinking nothing more of it. Then it struck her, there was something familiar about the man she'd just met but she couldn't put her finger on it. She went to meet her mother for dinner and they kept their talk to a minimum, not wanting to say too much in public although there weren't that many people but Rose thought they'd best be on the safe side. The man she'd met earlier was sat at the other side of the dining room and Rose couldn't help but stare at him.

They went back to their rooms, Rose wanted to watch the news, see if there was anything about Canary Wharf and London in general but there was nothing except a small last minute look back that mentioned students had admitted they were making a sci-fi spoof and somehow it had got out of hand and most of the population in London and other towns and cities had got caught up in the excitement but it had all ended when those responsible for dressing up had disappeared.

Rose went back to her mother's room and told her that the Doctor must have succeeded and he'd somehow got the story out about students. Maybe he'd got in touch with Sarah Jane Smith, she was a journalist and she'd come up with a cover story. Rose told Jackie to give it another day or two and wait for him to come back, his timing sucked sometimes and he may have got the date wrong.

The next morning, Saturday, they went down for breakfast and the man who Rose had bumped into came across to their table. He asked Rose if they'd met before because when he'd seen her the day before, she'd been staring at him and thought she'd mistaken him for someone. She apologised, saying she hadn't meant to. He asked their names and said his was Alec and how long they were staying and Jackie said they were leaving the next day but Rose corrected her, saying maybe a few more days, they had to wait for the Doctor coming back. He left them to finish breakfast and Jackie wanted to go take another look around the town but Rose said she wanted to go to the beach so they said they'd meet up for lunch.

She put some leggings and a t-shirt she'd bought from the market over the top of a bikini and decided to walk down to the beach. She was just going down the corridor when she heard a door close behind her. It was the same man again. He asked if she was going out for the day and she said she was going to the beach. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a striped t-shirt so he asked if she wanted any company, he was going for a walk up the beach. He said he had to exercise every day because of a heart operation he'd had recently so weekends, he'd walk on the beach or along the coastal path.

Rose said she'd welcome some company, her mother had gone shopping after Rose had got her some cash while they were out the day before. He told her his name was Alec Hardy, he was a Police Detective Inspector and now he'd recovered from a pacemaker operation, he was in the process of renting a house just up the beach, he was waiting for it to go through as he'd had to delay it due to his operation. He was staying at the hotel a bit longer because his surgeon had recommended he not be on his own but he was moving in the following weekend. He asked again how long she was staying but she said she didn't know now, her mother wanted to go home.

They sat by the beach for a while, Rose was telling him she'd been travelling a lot, which was true, just not on earth and said she'd been travelling with someone, a Doctor from a local college that was into history and archaeology, which was also part true but she said he'd gone on an expedition without her so she'd just travelled with her mother to nearby coastal towns until he came back. He asked her what she did for a living, she said she had a research grant from the college, she did work for this Doctor, typed his notes up and things, made his travel arrangements and she was happy doing it, it was a dream job, getting to see different places.

Alec then asked her if she was involved with this Doctor and Rose blushed.

"I can't tell you that Alec," she said, "It's complicated. He likes me, a lot but sometimes I think he just gets lonely, likes someone to share his discoveries and travel with him. It's no fun travelling on your own. He's always been the perfect gentleman but just before he went off on his own I thought we were getting closer but he went off and I don't know where I am with him."


She was telling Alec the truth, she didn't know where she'd stand when he came back to get her and now, this Alec Hardy was asking her how she felt about the Doctor when she didn't know herself now. Would it develop into something else when he came back or would he just want to be friends, kissing friends but no more. Could she settle for just that or did she want more? She snapped out of it when she realised Alec was now staring at her and asking her something.

"Rose, I asked you if you're going to wait for him to come back?" he repeated. "How long are you going to wait for him?"

That was a good question. How long should she wait for him? This was the second day, it was all supposed to be over in London, there had been nothing else on the news about it. The Doctor's timing was always less than perfect, he'd made her miss a whole year once but she was thinking he should have come back for them now. She knew he'd call her when he landed the Tardis behind the hotel again if she didn't hear it first.

Maybe he was clearing things up, making sure that Torchwood was complete disbanded before they did any more harm or maybe it was taking longer than he thought. A horrible feeling came over her and she didn't realise Alec was talking to her again. What if, when sending the Daleks and Cybermen back to the void, he'd had an accident and ended up there himself or gone back to the alternate universe to help Peter Tyler make sure they'd all gone from there as well. Worse still, what if he'd been trapped there with no way back? That had been why he didn't want to send her there, they'd never see each other again, coming to Broadchurch had been the best option.

"Rose, you're wandering again, is there something wrong? Am I boring you?" he laughed.

She snapped out of it quickly. "No, Alec, of course you're not. It's just, well I was thinking he might not come back, I might have put him off before he went, I sort of kissed him and well, he didn't take it very well and that was right before he left. He might have left me."

She was doing her best to stick to half truths rather than make up a complicated story she wouldn't be able to keep up with, sticking to what she knew. She just hoped her mother wouldn't put her foot in it and ruin the whole thing so she was going to have to keep Alec away from her.

Alec looked sympathetic and he sneakily put his arm around the back of the bench they were sitting on. Rose noticed. She liked him, he wasn't grumpy at all, if anything, he was lonely, just like the Doctor had been until she'd met him. Maybe Alec needed someone and he was human and not over 900 years older than she was.

"Rose, if he didn't respond to you kissing him, he's either a fool or he's not interested that way in you. If I were him, I would have kissed you back." He moved closer and leaned towards her, angling his face to meet hers as she looked at him. "Want to test my theory with me?" he asked.

Rose responded by moving her lips closer to his until they just about touched and she whispered back, "I'd be delighted to help you test your theory Alec" and let her lips meet his.

"That was some kiss, Rose," he said as their lips parted. "There is definitely something wrong with your friend if he didn't kiss you back." He leaned in to kiss her again as she responded and kissed him back.

She was surprised to find herself kissing him more than once, his beard felt soft on her skin, not rough like she thought it would be. He was human and was definitely interested in her. She had to think about this before she took it any further. What if the Doctor did come back and wanted more than friendship? They led a dangerous life sometimes, she knew that but she'd give anything for a normal relationship but she knew she wouldn't get it from being with the Doctor but she would with Alec Hardy. Was it fair though, to abandon the Doctor after all they'd been through together?

Alec was looking at her, pushing a stray strand of her out of her face. "You're beautiful, Rose," he said. "If I was this friend of yours, I would never have gone off and just left you, no matter what. Will you stay here a bit longer, with me?" he asked, brushing his hand down her cheek.

She was about to answer him when her phone rang. It was her mother wanting to know where she was. She couldn't tell her she was by the sea kissing the man who'd talked to them a few hours earlier.

"Rose, we're supposed to be meeting in the café, what are you doing? Jackie asked.

"Mum, I'm talking to someone. Listen, why don't we just meet up back at the hotel for dinner? I've got settled on the beach and I'll grab a bite to eat from one of those stalls by the harbour. Ok?'' she asked.

Jackie reluctantly agreed and Alec said he was getting hungry anyway, so they walked, Alec taking her hand into his, down towards the harbour. They bought sandwiches and a hot drink and sat on a wall beside a slipway. Alec was making her laugh, saying he'd not done anything like this for a long time and he admitted it had been a while since he kissed a woman they way they had just kissed.

"That was more than just nice, Rose, I'm glad my theory was proved."

"So am I but there is just one thing, if I stay, well I'll have to tell my mother about you and she has a reputation for shall we say, disapproving of my choice in men and sometimes gets a bit physical in showing it, like slapping their faces and I wouldn't want you to arrest her for assaulting a Police Officer," she laughed.

Alec had a serious look on his face but then realised she was joking, he hoped. "Rose, I'd put up with anything but if you want her to leave then just make sure that doesn't happen," he laughed back.

He helped her up and they walked onto the beach, Rose slipping her shoes off and Alec stopping to untie his trainers. Rose wanted to go in the water but she'd forgotten her towel but Alec said she'd dry in the sun if she only went part of the way in the water. They walked down the beach, it was quite full so they'd walked a bit further down where it was quieter and sat by the water's edge, Rose took off her t-shirt and leggings and Alec couldn't help but sit and stare at her as she undressed down to her bikini and ran off into the water. He took off his socks and rolled up the legs of his jeans, took his t-shirt off and walked after her as she was bending down to splash water on herself.

He went up behind her quietly and suddenly, bent down and splashed water on her back, making her jump as he laughed at her. She retaliated by turning around and splashing him back as they continued splashing each other and laughing. Alec's jeans were now wetter than he'd thought they'd get but it was a hot day and he knew they'd dry so he continued splashing her. He grabbed her waist and picked her up, spinning her around until she got dizzy and he put her down on the sand, both still laughing. Rose was facing the beach now and was horrified to see her mother standing there by their clothes and she tapped Alec on the arm and pointed. He turned around and they both stopped laughing.

Alec took her hand and helped her up as she had been laid back on her arms while he'd been splashing water on her and she grabbed his arm to steady herself, almost pulling him back down, which she would have done had her mother not been standing there with her arms crossed looking daggers at the two of them. Rose told Alec he'd better stay where he was if he didn't want a slap from Jackie so he took her advice and let Rose walk back towards her, admiring the view of her bum in the process.

Rose wanted to talk to her mother on her own, to tell her not to ruin it by telling Alec all about them and mentioning the fact that Rose was supposed to be waiting for the Doctor coming back and about their travels and the life she had been leading. She would have to tell him eventually, he was a Police Officer but he'd understand. She reached her mother who demanded to know what exactly she thought she was doing, making a spectacle of herself in public with a man she'd just met.

"Oh, lighten up mum, we were just having some fun, there's no harm in that," she said, as she reached down and put her t-shirt on, she'd given her phone to Alec who'd put it in his back pocket with his which was why he'd been careful not to get his pockets wet.

He was still standing there when Rose picked up his t-shirt and held it out to him and pushed past her mother and took it to him, asking him to give her a minute. She really hadn't wanted this to end, she was having such fun and now Jackie had spoiled their mood.

"I thought we were meeting back at the hotel, Alec was on his own and we were both coming down to the beach so we went for a walk earlier then came down here. He's a Police Detective Inspector so if we were making a spectacle of ourselves, he would have told me. There are loads of people here having fun, we weren't doing anything inappropriate. Please go mum, I don't want to fight with you here and don't say anything about the Doctor, Alec thinks I was working for him, that he was working in a college and I was his research assistant, which isn't far from the truth and I've told him he left me and I don't know if he's coming back, which is true."

"Alright, have it your way, we'll talk about this later. I was going to tell you I'm going home tomorrow, it must be safe by now. I've no need to ask if you're staying," she said, looking past Rose and seeing Alec, standing there with his t-shirt in his hand and his jeans rolled up.

Jackie started walking away as Rose slipped her t-shirt off again and went back to Alec. He held his arms out to her and asked if she was ok. Rose nodded. She told him her mum was going home tomorrow but she was staying. Alec walked back to where Rose had left her clothes, she was holding his hand and he laid his t-shirt on the sand and sat her down and said if she was staying, he wanted to know all about her.

"That's going to take some time, Alec," she said, as she lay back on the sand in just her bikini.

Alec so wanted to touch her but not in public, or he'd have to arrest himself for indecent assault the way he wanted to touch her, that was not for public viewing. "So, when are you going to tell me then? Maybe over dinner tonight?"

"I can't, not tonight, my mum's going home tomorrow so I'll have to eat with her but you can join us if you like or we can meet in the bar afterwards or go out from there. After tonight, I'll have plenty of time to tell you about myself, if you want." Alec nodded.

"OK. We'll go out after dinner. I'd best not join you, I don't want to get in the firing line but I want to know everything about you and I don't even know your surname."

Rose told him it was Tyler. They lay back on the beach for a while, Rose closed her eyes as the sun shone down on the pair of them, Alec's jeans getting dry, he'd taken their phones out of his pocket. He was still without his t-shirt, Rose was lying on it and she thought it made him look dead sexy. She so wanted to snog him when they got back to the hotel. They stayed for a while, Rose wanted ice cream so Alec went to get some, saying not to blame him if it melted on the way back but he was back in a few minutes, the sand was quite firm and easy to walk in so they sat up and finished their ice cream and he wiped some off her nose and they laughed.

Then she wanted to go back in the water, only so Alec would splash her again so she got up and ran back in, calling behind her for him to come and get her. He did, despite having just about dried his jeans, he was willing to get them wet again in order to chase her. What man in their right mind wouldn't jump at the chance? The only one he knew of was the one Rose had told him about who wasn't interested in her. Well his loss, he wasn't missing the chance of a lifetime. He fancied her something crazy and he could tell she was flirting with him, she probably wanted to snog him as much as he wanted to snog her.

They laughed and splashed about again, Rose slipped on purpose and he caught her, putting his arms around her waist and she was giggling as he laid her down, still splashing water on her. She pulled him down onto his knees and they came very close to kissing but thought better of it in public. It was becoming quite clear to the both of them this needed to be continued in private but they put it off a bit longer, he was enjoying seeing her in the bikini and sitting in the water.

She reached her hands up for him to help her up and pulled him down instead and they both laughed as his jeans were now soaking wet, hoping their phones weren't going to get ruined in his back pockets. He was on his knees, trying to get her to stand up but she kept falling back again, laughing because they were having so much fun. If there hadn't been people nearby, they would have kissed right where they were, then they saw another couple a bit further down, the man was carrying the woman and kissing her so Alec scooped Rose up in his arms and did the same.

After that, they went back to their clothes, Rose just putting her leggings on and tied her t-shirt around her waist as Alec left his t-shirt off and they walked back down the beach hand in hand. They were soon back at the hotel, having put their t-shirts back on and went up to the second floor and walked to Alec's room, not wanting to risk going into Rose's in case her mother knocked on the door.

Alec closed the door behind them and took off his t-shirt. He said it was because sand was in it and it was wet but that wasn't the real reason, he wanted Rose to get the hint. She did, taking hers off, leaving just her bikini top as they got closer. Something was about to give as their lips met and he put his arms around her waist, pulling down her leggings until they were resting on her hips, just enough for him to get his hand down the back of them. Their kissing became snogging as they nipped and bit at each other, Rose's partly covered breasts resting against his bare chest. Alec worked her leggings off her hips and down her legs and Rose had her hands down the back of his jeans, having managed somehow to undo the button and pulled the zip apart.

Alec manoeuvred her towards the bed, Rose kicking off her shoes as her leggings were around her ankles, falling back onto the bed as she kicked her leggings off and Alec was stepping out of his jeans having kicked his trainers off and was falling on top of her as she scrambled to make room for him, their legs dangling off the bed, Rose in just her bikini bottoms as he untied the top and pulled it off, lying right on top of her as they continued snogging, his hand reaching down to remove the bikini bottoms as Rose had her hands down the back of his shorts, trying to pull them down. Their lips parted for a few seconds, Alec reached back, pulling his shorts down, then pulled her bikini bottoms off, sliding them down her legs while she was moving further up the bed.

Then he was climbing onto her, trying to toss back the bedclothes and trying to get underneath them while trying to stay with her, calling her name. They were all over each other as Alec was telling her he wanted her, she was calling his name, saying she wanted him, any thoughts of the Doctor gone from her mind as she was lost in the moment of being with Alec.

Alec lay on his back, trying to catch his breath and thinking he'd never had survived if he'd not had his operation. This young woman had done something to him and he didn't know just what. She had stirred a part of him he didn't know existed anymore. Rose turned onto her side to face him as he pulled her towards him once more and said for her to lie on him and they started snogging again, this time more carefully, not as rushed as before.

Rose sat up on him as he traced his fingers over her as she put her hands on his chest and saw the scar from his operation, trying to avoid it, asking if it was still sore.

"No, it doesn't hurt anymore, it did at first. It's only been two weeks since my operation. I still have to go back to the hospital for the all clear on Monday, then I can go back to work full time. I've just been doing a few hours a day in my office. So, are you going to stay with me then or are you going home with your mother?"

"I'm staying, although I'll have to find a job and somewhere to stay. Can't stay here for too long. Maybe I'll just get a room somewhere. I'll start looking for a job on Monday."

"I might be able to help you with that. My DS, she's looking for a nanny for her two year old and her older boy who's eleven. She wants to go back to work full time and she's been paying for child care the last few weeks while I've been off but she says it's too expensive and she still had to drop her youngest off. I'll get her to ring you on Monday if you give me your number. You might be able to live in, I think she has a spare room and if not, well, I move into my new house next weekend, we could share. I'm still going to need someone around until I'm completely recovered. Why don't you see what my DS says, you could look after her boys and come and look after me in the evenings."

Rose was liking the idea but came sharply back down to earth thinking she was considering something permanent here, what if the Doctor did come back? Would she be able to leave all this so easily if she built a life here? Alec was practically asking her to move in with him and get a job, he needed her as much as the Doctor had needed her but he'd left her, was he ever coming back?

"I'll have to think about it, it's a big step. I'm used to travelling but I suppose I'll have to settled back down one day. What's your DS's name?"

"It's Ellie Miller, it was her husband who killed that boy last year. He was handed a life sentence and she's trying to get back to normal for her boys sakes."

"What boy? I didn't know there'd been a murder here. What happened? I told you, I've been travelling around and I've not heard anything about it."

Alec told her briefly what had happened and how he'd ended up in hospital twice and been for his operation. Rose was horrified to think she'd missed all this. That had been while she'd been in the Tardis and if they'd known about it, maybe they would have been able to help. She moved aside on the bed and reached for her clothes, just putting the leggings and t-shirt on, she was going to go back to her room to get changed. She was supposed to have plenty of clothes with her but only had the one's she'd just bought. She still had time to go back to the market before it closed.

"Alec, I'm going to go get changed then I'm just going to nip out to get a couple of things before the shops close. I didn't have as many clothes with me for going out as I thought and I don't want to wear the same one's all the time. Can we meet up for dinner?"

"I'd like that but I'd rather take you somewhere other than the hotel dining room. I'll take you and your mother out for dinner, if she's leaving tomorrow. Why don't we meet downstairs at seven and we'll get a taxi. Did you say you came by car? I could drive us if you wanted?"

She nearly got caught out but recovered quickly. "I'd rather get a taxi or we won't be able to have a drink. Besides, my mother will be taking the car back with her tomorrow. If I'm staying I won't need it and can always get the train if needed."

Alec agreed and they kissed goodbye, saying they'd meet downstairs. It wasn't quite five yet so she had plenty of time to grab a new outfit and warn her mother to be on her best behaviour. She called in to see Jackie and told her the plan then went down to the market, finding a reasonable dress she could wear, then she would go on Monday and buy a new set of clothes. She'd warned Jackie not to say anything about her life with the Doctor and that she really fancied Alec and didn't want to spoil it.

Rose got back and got changed and called for her mother and they waited downstairs for Alec, who joined them just on seven o'clock and they got a taxi up into the town and went to a new Italian restaurant that Alec knew of. Rose tried to keep the conversation from getting too personal about their lives in London and Jackie was keeping tight lipped about a certain Timelord.

They got back to the hotel and Rose invited Alec into her room after giving Jackie a warning look not to disturb her and told Jackie she'd see her at breakfast. Jackie played along saying she was going to get her stuff in the car before breakfast and get straight off but in actual fact, she was just taking what she'd bought and was getting a taxi to the railway station, Rose giving her some money to get home. Rose was wondering when this money she was getting was going to run out. She didn't know if the Doctor would suddenly deny her access to it or if there was a limit. He'd never told her where it was coming from. Still, if she got a job and had somewhere to live, she'd manage if it did stop.

Alec had stopped on the way up to get a bottle of wine and was pouring two glasses as Rose came back into her room, having gone through the arrangements about the following morning with her mother. Jackie was going to ring her when she got back to tell her if she had a visitor. Rose was sat on the edge of her bed, Alec was sat in a chair, debating if the time was right for another highly pleasurable snogging session with her but he thought he'd let the effects of the wine kick in first.

He didn't wait too long though as he put his glass down and crossed over to her.