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Harry Potter Drabbles

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Prompt: On a hot summer night / would you offer your throat / to the wolf with the red roses?
Rating/anything mature: 15

1. For the most part, Remus was only really animalistic when it was the full moon. By request Tonks had never really searched him out, and she hadn’t heard the heart to tell him that when they made love, he scratched and moaned much like she thought a wolf might do. And not only that, when he did something romantic and wasn’t embarrassed by it, he reminded her of the monster from Beauty and the Beast. The werewolf was somewhat nervous, thrusting his affections into her face and hoping both that she wouldn’t refuse his offer and that she would.

2. Their anniversary was a hot summer’s night, and Remus booked a table in a little wizard-run restaurant with outdoor tables, on the side of the Thames. Remus, who had promised to bring her a present, had settled for a bushel of roses and a silver necklace with a semi-precious stone in the centre. Tonks leaned across the table, pushing her hair off her neck (it was still bright pink, but for once she had it worn long, with small braids lacing through) and offering her neck so that Remus could put it on her. “Happy anniversary, Nymphadora!” “It’s Tonks!”

3. In these times of war, it was easy to forget the days when she and Remus had been able to go out on dates and sleep safely in their beds, knowing that no one was going to try and kill him. Tonks still remembered the time they had gone to the Italian restaurant on the Thames. The flowers that Remus had given her were a lot like the ones that surrounded her now. Hiding in a florists, being chased by Death Waters, was not her idea of a perfect evening… She pressed against Remus, watched clutched tightly. “Cover me.”

4. “It’s strange without them.” Harry could only nod mutely. He ran his thumb over the wizard photograph of Tonks and Lupin, captured on Halloween, when Hermione had convinced them all to have one last night to just have fun. Tonks had dressed up as a Spanish dancer and Remus as – surprising everyone – a wolf. He’d given Tonks a red rose, and it was clenched in her teeth. She winked up at him out of the photograph, and Hermione wrapped her arms around Harry’s shoulders. They both smiled, despite themselves. At least they had this. At least they had memories.