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Love Won

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There was a pounding at the door.

When I went to answer it there stood my daughters best friend; her hair a mess as though she’d been pulling at it, her eyes a gleam and a grin splitting her face. She asked breathlessly where my daughter was and once I pointed her towards the kitchen she pushed past me with barely a “thank you”.

When I finally followed after the agitated girl closing the front door I was fairly worried she was hurt. For finding her and my daughter in the kitchen she was collapsed to her knees, practically vibrating. But not from sorrow as I saw, though her eyes were glassy, her smile was still just as broad. She was grasping my shocked daughters hands as though she’d vanish. I was finally close enough to hear their conversation;

“What?” My daughter whispered once I could hear.

“Haven’t you seen the news?” Her friend choked out, “it’s legal!”

“So marry me goddammit, marry me!”

I stared in more shock than my daughter. Who seconds later collapsed onto her friend- no, must have been more than friends- crying fiercely and gripping the other girl desperately.

“Yes yes yes yes, we’ve been waiting so long” was gasped out around my daughters tears. And then before my very eyes I saw my daughter initiate her first kiss as an engaged woman, with another woman, on the floor of my kitchen.

I stumbled out to the living room to give them privacy and to give myself a second to process. I quickly switched on the news, there the headlines ran “SUPREME COURT VOTES YES TO MARRIAGE EQUALITY”.

As I listened to the happy whispers of my daughter and her fiancee (really needed to lecture those girls on keeping secrets) I couldn’t help but be proud that finally there would be the sort of happiness I just witnessed available to everyone in their life.