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An Unexpected Surprise

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“C’mon (Y/N)! We are already running late!” Dean yelled from outside the bunker doors, waiting with the angel Castiel and Sam in the Impala. Dean had somehow managed to get Castiel into the car after a rather heated argument of not letting Cas poof them into the witch's house unprepared.
“Yeah, yeah. Hold your horses I’m coming!” you yelled as you slammed the bunker door closed, making sure it was locked. Grumbling, you sat in the backseat right next to a pouting and confused angel.
“(Y/N)?” Cas asked,
“Yes?” you replied, unsure of what he would be asking.
“Why should we be holding horses at a time like this, would they not just slow us down?” he asked, giving you that cute head-tilt eye-squinty thing. It turns out you had chosen the wrong time to take a sip from a water bottle you had brought with you. You choked, hacking and coughing, trying to hold back your laughter. Sam and Dean weren’t doing much better, desperately trying and failing to hide their guffaws as you looked at Cas with wide eyes.
“It’s only an expression Cas,” you said.“It’s another way of saying ‘be patient’.”
“Oh, I see,” Cas said, clearly not understanding as he leaned back against the seat, staring out the front of the car seemingly pondering the strangeness of the universe. The rumbling of the engine was the only thing that could be heard as you sped down the road at 90mph. You soon got lost in your own thoughts, thinking about the hunt that was soon to come.

*one day earlier*

You were walking by a convenience store when you saw it, the headline of the local newspaper saying that mysterious deaths and disappearances had been occurring in the nearby area. No one had known what the cause of death or disappearances were. So far 10 people were missing and 5 were dead. They seemed to have died of starvation, although their houses had been stocked full of fresh meat and canned foods. This struck you as odd, so you bought the paper and headed straight back to the bunker, completely forgetting the promise you made Dean. Once you got back to the bunker, you jumped out of your electric blue 1970 Dodge Challenger. Which, by the way, could rival Dean’s baby in speed, endurance, and bad-ass- ness, something that Dean was eternally pissed about. As you walked in, Dean and Sam turned from their spot at the kitchen table and watched as you threw down the paper in front of them.
“Boys, I think I found a hunt,” you said as you began to walk back out to fetch the groceries.
When you were done unpacking the food, the first words out of Dean’s ungrateful mouth were; “(Y/N)?!? Where is the freaking pie!”
You winced as you heard those words, quickly remembering that you were on your way to get pie when you saw the headlines. “Oops,” you say. “I must have forgotten it. I forgot that Dean-o’s pie was the most important thing in the universe,” You said in your sweetest most loving voice as you rubbed the top of his head roughly. He growled under his breath and went to stand, clearly prepared for an all out brawl; but Sam got there first.
Sam sighed and tried to calm his brother down. “Well, (Y/N), you were right. This does look like a case for us.”
After pulling an all nighter doing research with the boys, you finally cracked the case. The culprit was a young witch who was casting spells on anyone that she disliked or talked back to her. The spells ranged--some deadly, some not--but they were mostly random. The witch, however, did seem to like animal spells. You decided to call in backup, as the witch seemed very powerful.
“Now I lay me down to sleep and pray to Castiel to get his feathery ass down here,” Dean said as he clasped his hands and looked at the ceiling.When no reply came, he tried again. “Please, Cas, we could use some help. We found a really powerful witch and we do not think we can do this on our own. Please.”
The sound of ruffling feathers had all of your heads spinning and looking into the corner of the room, where a raven haired, blue eyed angel stood in his adorably oversized trench coat. It was safe to say that he looked somewhat worried and annoyed.
“Hello, Dean, (Y/N), Sam.”
“Hey Cas,” you all said in unison.
“Dean, just to be clear, my ass does not have feathers on it. Only my wings do.”
That was all it took for you, Dean, and Sam to be practically rolling on the ground in laughter while the angel looked on in confusion. After recovering from your laugh attack, you filled Cas in on the witch situation, and he agreed to help. He said that “there is not much going on in heaven at the moment,” and that he would love to spend some time with you. You and the boys decided to wait until nightfall to start the two-hour drive to the witch's cabin.


The tires of Baby screeched to a halt as you neared the house, stopping a few blocks away, just to be safe. The house was old and rickety with the side panels falling off. You were sure that the witch was home--her car was in the driveway and some of the lights were on. Dean and Sam went to the front, holding their guns out, as you and Cas went to the back. You were holding your gun and Cas wielded his angel blade. As you snuck in through the back, Dean and Sam burst through the front door with guns ready.
“In here, (Y/N),” you heard Sam say. You walked into the living room with Cas in tow, only to see the witch standing in the corner facing you with a smirk on her face.
“Why, hello there!” She purred and not in a good way.
“Shut up!” you heard Dean yell from his place beside you.
You watched as the witch turned towards the brothers with a cup of something and a smirk on her face.
“That’s not very nice of you, now is it?” she asked as Dean, Sam, and Cas stepped in front of you in a protective fashion.
You scoffed and tried to free yourself of the triangle of boy, but it was clear that you were going nowhere.
“I think you boys need to learn a lesson,” she spat. Then she was moving, faster than you thought possible, as she threw the contents of the cup all over Cas, Sam, and Dean. For some reason, however, she missed you completely. You and the boys stood there stunned as she began to chant in Latin. This caused the liquid on the boys to glow a sickly green before fading into their clothes, leaving a visible mark.
“No!” you shouted as you let loose a round of bullets into the witch's chest. She cried out in pain, but somehow managed to finish what she was saying before she fell to the ground.
“Have fun with the pets,” she ground out as she slowly but surely died.
“Son of a bitch!” you heard Dean say. “I think we just got ourselves cursed”
“No duh, asshat,” you replied with a sarcastic tone.
You turned to Castiel to see how he was doing. He was at the moment studying his chest, where the strange liquid had landed. “Cas, do you know what this stuff is?” you asked.
“I have no idea, (Y/N),” he answered, “but I am fairly certain it was a curse--but not the deadly kind. I think it’s just meant to teach us a lesson.”
“Can you lift the curse with your mojo?” Dean asked.
“No, Dean,” Cas answered. “This curse is ancient--far older than me--and I am a few millennia old myself. There is nothing I can do to remove it. We will just have to wait it out and see what will happen to us.” He looked everyone over until his stare landed on you. “It seems that the witch, however, did not curse (Y/N). I cannot sense any magic on you.”
“Fan-freaking-tastic,” you say, and wave your arms around. “Now I am stuck babysitting you guys and we have no idea what will happen to you.”
“Hey, it’s not that bad, (y/n),” Dean says. “At least, until the spell takes effect, you get to drive baby!” He tells you. He acts like he is giving you the greatest honor in the world as he hands over the keys. “Not a scratch on her, got it? Not a scratch!” He says, as you walk out of the house.
“Yes, mom,” you answer. This earns a small snicker from Sam, a confused look from Cas, and an ice cold glare from Dean.
“I will have to stay with you until we find out the effects of the curse,” Cas says, as he climbs into the back seat of the car with Sam.
“Why do I have to be in the back!” Sam whines as he practically folds himself in half to get into the car. You can’t blame him--at 6 foot 4 he has a right to complain about cramped spaces.
“Because, Samsquatch, it’s my car,” Dean says as he gracefully slides into the passenger seat.
You cover your face with your hands and mutter to yourself, “This is going to be a long drive.”
After two hours of sitting through constant bickering, bitching and awkward silence you were finally back home. Of course you did have to practically drag the boys out of the car. You even went so far as to grab a passed out Dean by his feet and drag him out of the car and onto the ground. Huh, who knew you would be so strong? Dean of course, hit his head on the car and woke up, and as soon as he realized he was on the ground, he had a full on bitch fit. But that didn’t last long, as you were all really tired and worn out from the hunt.
As soon as you get through the bunker doors, Sam and Dean go straight to their rooms and practically pass out. You and Cas sit on the couch watching another episode of Dr. Sexy which--thanks to Dean--was now almost an obsession.
“How are you feeling, Cas?” you ask.
“I do not feel different at all. Whatever this spell is, it has yet to take effect,” he says.
After an hour of watching Dr. Sexy, you look over and see something that shocks and scares you. Cas is sitting there asleep .In all your years working with the Winchesters, you had learned that angels don’t sleep. Something was seriously wrong if an Angel of the Lord was passed out on your couch. You have only seen Cas sleep once before, and that was because he had been stabbed in the chest with an Angel Blade. But even then he was only down for an hour at most. You decide to make him comfy and then move to your own bed, weary and sore, but prepared to take on the affects the curse has on the boys in the morning.