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(1) Magic Works (H.Potter) **Coming Soon**

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Note: This begins at the begining of Amy's first year, the HP timeline has changed instead of September 1991-May 1998 it will take place from September 1997-May 2004, all of the students in Harry's year will be born in between September, 1985 to August 1986. So it lines up with the HP part, ending a couple of months before the begining of Twilight, and Bella returning to Forks.Giving Amy sometime to adjust following the end of the War.

Name: Amy Swan

Date of Birth: 24th December, 1985 (Forks, Washington)

Species: Witch

Blood Status: Muggle-Born

House: Hufflepuff

Portrayed By:

Summer Fontana (Yr1 & 2)

Danielle Rose Russell (Yr3 to 5) 

Scarlett Johansson (Yr6+)


Charlie Swan (Father)

Renée Dwyer (Mother) 

Bella Swan (Younger Sister)

- Muggle

- (Same Deal as Lily and Petunia, except instead of the younger sibling having magic like Lily, the older sibling has magic)

Geoffrey Swan (Paternal Grandfather) †

Helen Swan (Paternal Grandmother) †

Queenie Kowalski (née Goldstein)(Paternal Great Great-Grandmother) (Status Unknown)

Jacob Kowalski (Paternal Great Great-Grandfather) (Status Unknown)

Unnamed Daughter of Queenie and Jacob (Paternal Great Grandmother)

Porpentina Scamander (née Goldstein (Paternal Great Great-Grand Aunt)

Newton Scamander (Paternal Great Great-Grand Uncle via Marriage)

Child of Tina and Newt (Paternal Distant Cousin)

Rolf Scamander (Paternal Distant Cousin)

Patronus: Lioness - The lioness is a force to be reckoned with. She is the core of social order, keeping her family close, protected, and fed. She does not take kindly to strangers and will often run them off. If your Patronus is the lioness, you likely love with such ferocity, no one - not even a lion - would dare mess with you or anyone you love. You are brave, hardworking, and practical. You don't mind getting your hands dirty to do what needs to be done to provide for those you love.

Boggart: ? (Ideas Welcome)

Quidditch Position: Chaser or Beater


Amy Swan was born on Christmas Eve, 1985 to Muggle couple Charlie and his ex-wife Renee in Forks, Washington. She has a younger sister called Bella. Not long after the birth of her sister, her mother Renee left Forks when Amy was 1 years old with Bella leaving behind a broken-hearted Charlie to raise Amy alone. Charlie had initially wanted to follow Renee with Amy but found that he was unable to, due to his parents.

Charlie didn't contest to child support or either the divorce at the request of Renee, the pair agreed to each other's time with Bella and Amy.

Amy grew up single-handedly by her father Charlie, and made a small group of friends in Forks and La Push on the reservation. She bonded quickly with Paul Lahote and Jared Cameron, as well as Angela Weber. She developed a surrogate sister relationship with Leah Clearwater, who was only a couple of months older than her. She joined her father going to see Bella during the summers.

At some point during her early childhood, Amy began demonstrating her magical ability which included during a snowman making competition with Leah magically brought the snowman she made come to life. Leah was surprised and amazed by Amy's ability and instead of shunning her friend agreed to keep her friend's ability a secret.


Amy is a bright and studious young girl with a curious mind and mischievous streak, she is known for her selflessness and loving nature. Amy is strong-minded being able to stand for what she believes in and what is right instead of what is easy, and has a strong morale code knowing the difference between right and wrong.

She is very loyal and protective of her loved ones, and going to strong lengths to keep those she loves and cares about safe. She has a creative mind, and loves learning about new things as well as finding different ways to do things. She's shown to have a sharp-tongue, which often finds gets herself into trouble much to the disapproval of her father.

Amy is very resourceful, and seems to have a knack for adapting to the majority of situations that she finds herself in as well as being rather a daredevil, and brave as well as has a fierce temper if somebody crosses her or hurts someone she loves. She is ruled by a kind heart and her compassionate nature, along with her ability to find the best in others even when they cannot see for themselves.


-Amy enjoys playing baseball, and according to Charlie and Leah she is rather good.

-She supports the New York Mets Baseball Team

- She will use vanilla and cherry scented quill ink

- Amy enjoys reading comic books, her favorite DC hero is Wonder Woman

- Her favorite color is yellow

- She is right handed

- She is pro LGBTQ+ being bisexual herself, and is attracted to both girls and boys however does admit that she prefers boys.

- She loves candles

Other Relationship(s):

- Hermione Granger (Best Friend)

- Cedric Diggory (Close Friend/Mentor/Surrogate Brother)

- Harry Potter (Close Friend and Crush)

- Ron Weasley (Close Friend)

- The Weasley Twins (Best Friends)

Pairing - Harry Potter

Jasper Hale (Eventually) 

Potentially both Harry and Jasper

- Harry obviously throughout HP, but afterwards with everything that happens with the War they will probably split up and take a break leaving her to return home to Charlie and coming across the Olympic Coven and Jasper.

- Unsure if Harry and Amy will find their way back to each other and Harry will be her endgame or if Jasper will be her endgame alone or they'll both be her endgame. I'll have to see.