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The permanent green-blue aura of the forest surrounding the town of Forks, Washington, the gloomy, omnipresent dwelling that Rose had escaped from at a young age to the blistering heat and vigor of New York, seemed to weigh on her as she stood within its core. She shuddered from the cold but made no move to hug herself as the gravity of the situation pressed her further and further into the numbed terror that had been building within her chest. She can hear Kanaya’s footsteps behind her but not her breaths while she walks to catch up with her before stopping. The devastatingly, inhumanely beautiful ravenette seemed to sense that Rose had a revelation to make and stayed back to give her the floor. 

“You're impossibly fast, and strong,” Rose gulped. “Your skin is pale white and ice cold. Your eyes change color, and sometimes you speak like - like you're from a different time. You never eat or drink anything. You don't go out in the sunlight.”

“Yes, you are correct,” agreed Kanaya, quietly approaching Rose from behind as she gazes at her intently. 

“...How old are you?”


“How long have you been seventeen?”

“...A while.”

Rose gasped as everything clicked into place in her, the previous chapters of guesswork finally all coming together within her head to reach the conclusion that while it may have been evident still made her hope that she had simply misread the behaviors of the beautiful but socially obtuse woman who loomed behind. 

“I know what you are.”

“Say it,” Kanaya whispered, her voice both urgent and fearful. “Out loud. Say it!”

Vampire .”

The faint long notes of strings instruments seem to play in the back as the tension stretches between the two. Rose remained front facing while Kanaya leaned closer, her cold breath brushing against the other girl’s neck as she whispered again. 

“Are you afraid?”

Rose slowly turned around, looking Kanaya up and down to examine her intentions and not to check her out in such a blatant manner, mainly when danger hung so close. Even if she was weird, she wasn’t stupid. But looking at the jade-green orbs of Kanaya, Rose found herself forgetting about the threat of demise and instead thoughts of leaning in and tasting those dark, plump lips before her and…Okay, maybe she was a little stupid. 


“Then ask me the most basic question,” said Kanaya, completely missing Rose's mini-crisis as she couldn’t read the human’s mind. “What do we eat?”

The answer was obvious and yet Rose shook her head. She knew that Kanaya was trying to ward her away, but she wouldn’t have it. Even if Kanaya was a vampire, she was different and if it took Rose centuries to convince her that she was different, then so be it. 

“You won't hurt me,” insisted Rose. 

Kanaya rolled her pretty eyes before grabbing Rose’s arm and leading her to somewhere further into the forest, hurrying suddenly after keeping so slow previously. 

“Where are we going?” asked Rose as she struggled to keep up, wondering what had gotten into the woman. 

“Out of this cloud bank,” Kanaya replied. “You need to know what I look like in the sunlight.” 

The two keep charging into the forest before a patch of open light amongst the treetops comes into view. Kanaya lets go of Rose before walking forward, undoing the buttons of her jacket as she approaches the sun patch. 

“This is why we don't show ourselves in the sunlight. People would know that we're different,” Kanaya said solemnly as a few inches of her scandalous collarbone were revealed. “This is what I am.”

Rose gasped as she looked upon Kanaya’s skin. It seems to sparkle brilliantly under the light, rainbow refractions casting faint beams along her features. It was beyond human and unlike anything Rose could have imagined in her wildest dreams. 

“It's like diamonds,” Rose uttered. “You're beautiful.”

“Beautiful? This is the skin of a killer, Rose. I'm a killer.”

“I don't believe that.”

Kanaya shook her head in disbelief before walking away from the sunbeams, staring down at Rose with as much seriousness as possible. 

“It's because you believe a lie,” she hissed attractively. “A camouflage. I'm the world's most dangerous predator. Everything about me invites you in. My voice, my face, even my smell. As if I would need any of that. As if you could outrun me. As if you could fight me off. I'm designed to kill.”

Rose stared back at Kanaya, her purple orbs locked onto the other girl’s face with hesitation but determination. 

“I don’t care,” Rose said. 

This seemed to rile Kanaya up as she stepped closer, approaching the human as if she were easy prey. 

“I've killed people before,”

“It doesn't matter.”

“I wanted to kill you. I've never wanted a human's blood so much in my life.”

“I trust you.”

The silence between them stretches as they look at each other's lips. They were so close and yet so far. Kanaya doesn’t dare say anything at that moment, not wanting to puncture the fragility of it all as she drops her aggression and reverts to the softest, forlorn tone Rose had ever heard from her.


Rose’s heart thumps loudly in her chest before caressing Kanaya’s cheek. She held it ever so tenderly before leaning close, ensuring the other girl wouldn’t miss what she had to say. 

 “I'm here. I trust you,” Rose whispered. 

The look that comes over Kanaya is one of pure saccharine and she leans forward to express the overflowing feelings of passion within her by pressing her lips to-

“Rose, what are you reading?” 

“Nothing!” you quickly said before immediately closing your laptop. That was totally suspicious. You were doomed. “Uh, it's nothing, Kanaya. Just looking over a personal work, that’s all.”

Kanaya raises her brow at this, looking you over with concern, before deciding to let it go.

“Well, alright,” she said as she smiled at Rose. “I’ll let you read, but remember, you promise to watch that film with human rainbow drinkers of yours with me later.” 

“Of course, I won’t forget. Believe me, it’s very prevalent in my mind.”

Kanaya seemed satisfied with that answer and as she walked away, you breathed a sigh of relief. However, you really needed to get a better outlet for these flushed feelings. Or, at the very least, you had to stop writing fanfiction out in the open.