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Just Extra Ordinary

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It was the last week of summer break before school started up. The entire time during summer I just hung out with Jacob, and watched my 10 year old triplets, Kaydin, MiKaylah, and Jaicen. After a very exhausting summer I finally had a bit of time to myself, so I decided to take a quick nap. I fell asleep at 12:30, and asked my Mom to wake me up in 30 minutes so I could go with Jacob to see Bella, instead I woke up to someone calling my name.

“...lysa,” I could hear faintly, “...alysa” I could hear a bit clearer, “Calysa,” I snapped up and out of my sleep a bit confused and looked around rubbing my eyes. “It’s about time,” Jacob said with a smirk, while standing in the doorway to my room, “I see you still snore like a bear when you fall into a deep enough sleep.” he finished while stifling a laugh.

“Ha, ha, very funny Jake,” I said while grabbing my glasses, and stretching, “what are you doing here, I thought that I was going over to your place, then over to see Bella?” I asked confused, and still a bit tired, yawning every now and then.

“Well change of plans Cali,” Jacob said while pointing to my clock on my nightstand.

I then turned my head to look at my clock, and it was 1:30 in the afternoon.

“What the-,” I said dumbfounded at the time, “mom let me oversleep?” I whined knowing I just missed seeing Bella.

“You done whining,” Jacob said while walking up to me, grabbing my wrist, and guided me to the living room, and sitting next to my mom and Bella, “You’re welcome.” he said to me before I ran off to give Bella a hug.

“Bella freaking Swan, how are you,” I said while giving her a bone-crushing hug.




After we finished catching up, it was time for her to go home. I hugged Bella, and Jacob, before they left. I wished Mom goodnight and headed to my room, as I looked at my calendar to mark today off  ‘this is the last week before school started, ’ I thought to myself then sighed in dread thinking about the long boring school days that lie ahead. I got ready for bed then wondered how my school life would go, knowing it’s my first year there as well as Bella’s. As I pushed that thought away as I drifted to sleep with the thought about what tomorrow will bring.




The week before school started went by faster than what I was expecting. I got up feeling well rested, from relaxing the last week of summer, I lay in bed and looked out the window for a few minutes just thinking about where to go get my schedule. Then a few knocks at my bedroom door broke my train of thought. The door opens with a creek and my Mom and Dad, with Kaydin all walk in my room. The moment Mom sat down on my bed, I sat up immediately to give her my attention.

"Good morning, Calysa," Mom greeted me groggily, “it’s your first time in an actual school type setting,” she said with her lips pursed, knowing that I never went to a physical school I was mostly homeschooled up until this point, “I just don’t want you to get overwhelmed and something bad happens.” she said quite worrisome, as brief memories of the events at my last school came and went in my mind and I looked slightly to the side for a second then immediately back at my mom.

“Mom,” I said as I put my hand on her shoulder to not only get her attention but to alo reassure her, “I promise that nothing bad is going to happen.” I finished saying with a light smile, chuckling a little bit.

“Let’s hope that nothing happens,” Dad said sternly, “or we’re in a world of trouble.” Dad said in a warning-like tone, trying not to mention the Voltori, but hinting very hard to me that if I screw up this time or any other time in between we’re all dead literally.

“I understand dad.” I said in agreement knowing that they would kill us all with no remorse.

“Well all this serious talk has me hungry.” Kaydin interrupted oh so casually with a smile on his face.

As the three of them went downstairs to go make, or get, breakfast, I took this as a get ready for school signal. I grabbed my glasses from off my nightstand, got out of bed, walked over to my closet to grab an outfit, then headed to the shower. As soon as I got dressed I went back to my room to grab my phone, then head downstairs to get some breakfast. I sat down in my designated seat, across the table from Jaicen and right beside MiKaylah, Mom made eggs and bacon for the triplets and Dad had gone to one of his colleagues to get me AB- blood.

“Calysa you have to consume something other than blood.” Mom said to me as she served the triplets.

“Mom you know that it’s either this,” I then pointed to my glass of preferred blood, “or Oreos,” I said while putting my hand on my glass, “but you refuse to buy any Oreos so I think I’ll stick with this.” I finished talking while taking a sip from my glass.

“At least try and consume something substantial.” Mom said while putting a plate of food in front of me.

“But Mom,” I sighed as I put my glass of blood aside and started to eat my breakfast.

After finishing my food, I chugged down my glass of blood, and ran upstairs to grab my bag. I was about to head downstairs and my phone started buzzing in my pocket, I checked to see who decided to call me and to my surprise the name that came across was, ‘B. Swan’ , so I answered it.

“Hello?” I asked questionably hoping it was her.

“Hey, it’s Bella.” She answered me in the same melancholy tone of voice.

“Oh, hey Bell,” I sigh in relief,  “what do I owe you for the pleasure of this call.” I internally snicker at myself.

“Do you need a ride to school,” she asked, making me curious.

“I was about to ask Jake for a ride,” I slowly answered her, while heading to the front door and saw a slightly rusted, red, pickup truck, “are you at the front of my house?” I ask her, still confused.

“Well, yeah Charlie got it for me,” she sounded slightly excited, “are you coming or not?” She laughed, kinda, knowing that I was going to say ‘yes’.

The car ride was short lived, all we really talked about was where we thought the attendance office was, and her life in California, then soon after that it became an awkward silence. Soon after we got out of the truck, we headed to the attendance office, to get our schedules. They gave me my schedule and a separate piece of paper, with my locker number and combination on it. As I stood outside the office, looking over my schedule, I noticed a group of girls just looking and pointing at me. It was confusing to say the least but I just shrugged it off. When Bella came out of the attendance office we started comparing schedules, the only thing we had together was lunch.

“Well that sucks,” Bella said after looking over both of our schedules, “we have no classes together.” She stated bluntly.

“The only thing we have together is lunch, and that’s not even a class,” I said in a very irritated tone.

After that we started to wander the halls to look for our lockers, we found my locker first, it took us a minute or two to find Bella’s locker. When we found her locker she was having trouble opening it when this guy and his mixed group of friends came over to help her open it. When this guy got her locker open he and his friends offered her, and only her, to sit at lunch with them. Bella didn’t protest or include me in any way, shape, or form, I ended up feeling like a whole third-wheel all over again. Before Bella even noticed my discomfort I headed to class before the bell rang.

'Once a loner, always a loner,' I thought to myself, as I made my way through the hallways to get to my homeroom. 'I should be used to this kind of stuff by now, first Jake, now Bella." My thoughts started racing through my head like wildfire, thankfully I was already in my homeroom, otherwise I would have had a panic attack. The first few classes went by smoothly, minus those few students who act like they don’t know how to shut the everlasting fuck up, and those girls that were pointing and takling about me were also in my first few classes. I was on my way to my next class when those same girls with a few others walked past me, and shoulder checked me making me drop all my papers and whatever books I had.

“Watch where you’re going four-eyes!” One of the guys in the group says to me as he gave one of his friends a high-five while also calling me a ‘fucking loser’.

Me being me I say some smart ass comment, “Been there, done that, when you dip-shits find a new insult to call me then maybe I might have a different response.” I finish saying loud enough for them to hear purposely to see what they would do.

One of the girls ended up walking over to me and tried to kick my books away from me, so when she was in mid-kick I grab her exposed leg and pull it, making her fall.

“Don’t fuck with me bitch.” I say, as I finish gathering my books and paper.

The girl's friends looked at me as though I was crazy, but with the day I was having I could care less. I checked my schedule to see what I have next and to my dismay it was lunch.


~Time Skip Through The Hallways~


On my way to the lunchroom, I had to take a pitstop to my locker. While I was putting my books in my locker, those unwanted thoughts started to enter at the thought of being alone at lunch. I could feel my anxiety starting to kick back up again, I could feel my chest hurting, my hands were trembling, and I started to feel dizzy and sick. I tried to head to the Nurse’s Office to have some form of self isolation or something, but I couldn’t get my legs to move as I went to try to move one of my legs, both my legs gave out, then I started to hyperventilate and sweat. As I sat on the ground hyperventilating  in front of my locker a girl and her boyfriend came to my rescue, she tried talking to me but at this point I could hear ringing and I started to see specks in my eyes I could already tell I was about to pass out.

“Are you alright?” She asked me, slightly worried as she looked from her boyfriend and back to me.

She then gestures to her boyfriend to get someone, the second he leaves she tries to calm me down.

“Can you try and focus only on me?” She asked calmly, while holding my hand firmly.

I tried to focus on her alone but my eyes were starting to unfocus, and everything started to go black. As this was happening the girls boyfriend came back with another person to whom I could barely see, the second she let go of my hand was the second I blacked out completely.