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The Wolf & The Witch

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“We’re almost there, just one more time. Push!” — I repeat for the twentieth time while holding Renesmee’s hand. She’s been in labor for 3 hours now, her son being more wolf than vampire allowing for a natural birth.


She squeezes my hand and grits her teeth, giving one final, victorious shout when the baby comes out and starts crying. Jacob is right next to her, telling her how strong

 and brave she is. He lays his palm on her cheek, and she rests her head on his hand with a small smile on her lips. Carlisle passes me the boy so I can clean him up and he can take care of Renesmee. After I’m done, I hold him up in my arms and look into his tiny face, just like I did so many years ago with my own daughter — “How are you naming him?” — I ask while I deposit him in her arms. 


She beams down at him before looking at Jacob, who gives her an encouraging nod— “We’re naming him Levi.”


I nod as well, finding it a fitting name for the embodiment of the alliance between our clan and the Quileute tribe. Nessie counts his fingers, first his hands, then his feet, and kisses the top of his head, while Jacob watches over them with tears in his eyes. I know we’re all paying attention to the same thing: Levi’s strong, healthy and rapid heartbeat. 




Later that night, while Renesmee rests, everyone else is fussing over the baby, passing him from one set of arms to the next. Like his mother, he feeds on animal blood quite well, which is a relief for all of us. 


Suddenly, we hear a car coming, and by the speed of it, we already know it’s the only two people missing from the clan. Three minutes later, Alice storms into the living room screaming — “Let me see him! Let me see him!”— Bella, who has been holding him for the past hour, reluctantly holds the baby out for Alice to take him. But she never does. As soon as she looks into his face, a vision hits her. It’s fussy around the corners, in the distant future. It’s barely there, but still clear enough to see. 


A young man with long brown hair and dark eyes, holding the unmoving body of a brunette, screaming at the top of his lungs in agony, while several shadowed figures surround him.

Alice gasps and immediately looks at me. The vision feels like a bucket of ice water after all the happiness of today’s events. I look at Bella, who knows me and Alice well enough to understand we just saw something serious. She is now clutching Levi protectively to her chest as if a threat could appear out of thin air right this instant. I try to not ruin the happy atmosphere and give her a reassuring look — “Everything is okay”— For now, I almost add. 


“What is it?” — Rosalie asks, coming to stand behind Bella, clearly not believing me. 


“I saw a vision of his future, but it’s way too unclear, it might never come true” — Alice answers in a tone that seeks to comfort and soothe, probably because everyone on the premises has superhuman hearing and she doesn’t want anyone to worry. 


“We’ll discuss it another time.”— I say with a final tone. I look down at my grandson, Levi, and for the first time, I worry about his predominant shifter nature, and the things, like heartbreak, we might not be able to protect him from.