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aeterna ・*。p. lahote

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'' did you get your things, gloria? ''

'' i am already here, mom. ''

'' jesus chr- you spooked me, gloria! ''

gloria shrugged her shoulders, silently rolling her eyes at the whole ordeal. she is equally proud and annoyed at her surprising ability to be invisible. gloria left the chaos of what was the place she spent eleven years in and sighed as she felt the warm rays of sunlight fall on her figure.

her brownish-blonde hair lighted in the sunlight were like patches of mustard illuminated by the rays of the ever encompassing sunshine. her forest green, rich in viridescent were sparkling like gems.

goodbye, arizona.

thought gloria as she boarded the airplane with bella who was content with listening to her music.

hello, forks.

thought gloria as she inhaled the smell of rain and wet soil as she stepped out of the airplane. it was nostalgic to see her painfully awkward father standing there with a placard of their names. the moment would have been beautiful if only she hadn't seen it before.

honestly, this 'gift' of hers was blessing and a curse at the same time.

'' gloria. ''

charlie said as he brought her into a familiar comforting hug that reminded her of a foreign word, ' home'.


a police cruiser is driving down a highway, bella sits next to their uniformed father. he is just as awkward as gloria could remember. after all, that's where gloria got her anxiety from. charlie clears his throat before talking to bella in a stiff posture.

"your hair's longer."

bella keeps her eyes down, playing with a strand of hair.

"i cut it since last time I saw you."

charlie sighs.

"guess it grew out again."

she just nods. cue an awkward silence.

charlie looks into the rear view mirror at gloria, who was just as awkward as him. that made him crack a smile. gloria was his favorite. p.s - don't tell bella.

"and you are still spotting the bob cut, champ."

gloria cracked a small smile at that.

"still can't deal with the atrocities of having long hair. ''

charlie nods, chuckling before attempting to talk to bella again because he knew gloria and him could connect all right. it's bella he worries about.

"how's your mum?"

bella looks to him with a strained smile,


more silence had consumed the car. the swan family drive past a sign,

'the city of forks welcomes you - population 3246.'

Bella sighs while gloria snorted at the sight which she had the displeasure of already seeing in her visions and which was going to be place more dramatic than the white house.

the cruiser pulls up to the old two-story house. gloria quickly hops out, jogging to a stop when she is standing right in front of her quiet home. she sighed at the familiar smell of wet soil. time for honesty. she did miss forks.

she headed back to the back of the cruiser where Bella and her dad stood, eagerly grabbing her three bags, and started walking to the front door. walking inside, gloria was hit with the feeling of nostalgia and annoyance.

nostalgia of being back at her childhood home. annoyance of being deprived of the joy of feeling surprised. as she has already seen it.

the house had an old look, the only new thing here is a flat-screen t.v., but it is comfortable enough for her, having a homey feeling. photos of charlie fishing with billy, sat on top of the fireplace. handmade cards to "daddy" and "pops" and photos of bella and gloria.

She chuckles at a picture of her at age 7 carrying a monkey and teasing bella as she stubbornly sat on the ground refusing to do ballet . charlie walks in the house with bella's luggage.

"i put grandpa's old desk in your room. and i cleared some shelves in the bathroom."

bella stood next to gloria and grimaced,

"that's right. one bathroom."

bella mumbled, her eyes landing on a photo of a much younger charlie and renee, on vacation, beaming with love. charlie starts walking toward the stairs.

"i'll just put these up in your room..."

bella starts walking over. "I can do it..."

they both reach for the bags, bumping one another awkwardly. bella backs off, letting charlie carry the bags upstairs.

gloria follows charlie and bella up the stairs and into a white room, that had two single beds inside, a rocking chair next to the window, and a desk next to it. gloria walks in and places her bags next to a bed that had brown sheets and called dibs, her mind filling with ideas of decorating her turf.

bella walks over and sits next to her twin, both staring out the window and into the forest. gloria looks down at her upset sister.

"it will be ok."

bella just nods against her shoulder. a honk is suddenly heard, and both girls stand and walk to their window to look out at the driveway. a faded red truck pulls up.

bella and gloria walk out of the house to find charlie greeting the driver, a 16, Quileute Indian, amiable with long black hair, named jacob black. the two of them help, billy black, into a wheelchair.

charlie looks back to his daughters who are standing behind him.

"bella, champ, you remember billy black."

gloria walked up to him and did a fist bump.

"i see you didn't die in a ditch"

charlie laughed at the girl's familiar insult. billy chuckled.

"and i see you are still a brat. hello, bella. charlie hasn't shut up about it since you told him you two were coming."

charlie awkwardly chuckles, scratching the back of his neck.

"keep exaggerating, i'll wheel you down the hill."

"right after i ram you in the ankles."

'' not before i dropkick your flat ass. ''

gloria joined in. billy takes several rolls at charlie, who dodges and gloria supporting her father.

jacob shakes his head at their two fathers and his childhood friend as he shyly approaches bella.

"i'm jacob. we made mud pies together when we were little kids and gloria would throw it at us."

bella chuckles awkwardly. she never forgot how much of a terrorizing devil her twin sister was when she was young. it's still a miracle to see how quiet and calm she has turned out to be.

"yeah... i remember..."