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Mr. Cullen or CEO Desire?

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Alice was once again trying to shimmy her way into making decisions for the company. Something about hiring new people and not trusting some current ones. I told her she could handle it, but she still was harassing me about it. 


I rolled my eyes as she pushed another file over my reading file. "Really, Alice, you can't keep doing this to me. Do you know how busy I am?" I heard an annoyed sigh coming from her. "You," she pointed at me, "brother, need to get out more." She cocked a brow at me. If she only knew…


"I'm going out just fine." she snorted in reply. "Yes, and god knows what you're doing." I frowned at her words. It was none of her business, where I was, with who I was.


"You know, mom and dad would love for you to come home with a girl, Edward." My sister said with care. I huffed, of course, because last time it went so well. I picked up the paper she just put in front of me to ignore her words and read it over. It was an application for the financial department.


'Isabella Swan, fresh out of college, no experience, just another letter about working for a big company. I scanned it quickly and stopped at the photo. Brown eyes, brown hair, marble-like skin, a bit plain for most but timeless beautiful for me. 


I shoved it back to Alice. "Hire her." Alice grabbed the paper and read it carefully. "Edward, she doesn't have any experience." "We need fresh blood Alice; you just pointed that out." 

She hummed, and before she got to reply, the doors to my office opened.


Heidi's tits perked around the corner, followed by her make-up full face. I licked my lips, knowing my dick was in between those tits not even 24 hours ago. 


"Mr. Cullen, your next appointment is here." She broke my thoughts, and I had to readjust my pants and nod quickly. "Thank you, Heidi." I stood up and looked at my sister. "Little sis, always a pleasure." I walked out with that.