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It's cold.

That's the first thing I acknowledge as I am waking up. The second thing that I acknowledge is the pounding in my head, the aches in my body, and the skin at my temples stinging. I groan as I try to move. I seem to be resting on a hard surface that is taking in the cold and making me shiver. The droplets of an unknown source hitting my body in a steady manner doesn't help. Rain? I can smell the rain.

Finally, I am able to open my eyes to find myself lying on my side in the dark woods.

Where am I?

I think back to... the only thing I can remember which is waking up here. My mind is blank. I don't know anything. All I can remember is Mary Alice. Is that my name?

The beating muscle underneath my ribcage starts to quicken and the air coming through my lungs stutters and struggles. I feel on the edge of panicking, hand coming up to rub soothing circles on my chest. I know that I need to get out of here.

I move to sit up and a searing pain in my side has me crying out loud into the night. The only other sound being the rainfall and the animals roaming about. I look to the source of the pain to find that I have been penetrated by something sharp. A knife perhaps? I certainly don't remember getting attacked in any form. The wound is still bleeding but not heavy. I'm afraid to see what it looks like underneath the scrub shirt I'm wearing.

I need medical attention and a shelter out of the ugly weather.

It takes a couple of minutes to summon up the strength to stand up and I stumble but am able to remain upright. I scan my surroundings, but I can't see anything. The moon is barely visible through the thick trees. The rain still coming down with no sign of stopping. My hand instantly comes up to wipe the water away from my face. Not like that does me any good. All I can do is walk and hope that I don't run into any trouble. Or... I guess I should say any more trouble than I already am in.

The mud squishes underneath mt bare feet and in between my toes as I trudge forward. I cringe as I step on a stick. I don't even know if the direction I'm going will lead me anywhere useful. I need to find a road or a house... anything that gives me a chance to find another human being. I'm not sure how long I've been walking but my legs are getting weaker as I keep going. I've had my hand pressed over the wound on my abdomen and my headache is not going away but is instead getting worse. At the moment, I'm more focused on these injuries than the lack of knowledge about my existence.

The rain starts to pelt down on me harder. The shivering of my body is nowhere near ready to cease. The sound of thunder rolls up above followed quickly by a flash of lightning.

Finally, I step through some more trees onto wet asphalt pavement. As more time passes, I feel like there may be no end to this vacant road. Another round of lightning flashes allowing me to briefly see a sign that reads 'Welcome to Forks, Washington'.

Washington. I know of that state, but I don't know the town. At least, I don't think I do but it would make the most sense that this is where I'm from. I literally woke up in the woods somewhere outside the town line.

A wave of relief hits me when I see a light up ahead that's increasing its brightness as it gets closer. The more it does the more I have to squint my eyes. It's too much for me in my current state of unwellness.

The approaching light reveals itself to be a vehicle of sorts. I haven't seen one like it before. I remember things about the world, but I can't remember my world.

The vehicle stops, a man in uniform steps out and walks to her. "Miss, are you okay?" He approaches with a light in his hand beaming at me.

Am I okay? I'm shivering and dirty and I have blood coming from a wound. Plus, the lack of knowing my life history is unsettling. I appreciate the concern, but there isn't anything okay about this.

I open my mouth to answer him, but nothing comes out. I'm too dazed to even answer a simple question. Then a wave of nausea hits me followed by a lightheadedness before I start to fall over.

A pair of strong arms catch me from falling. Through my grogginess I can feel myself being lifted and then laid down. The last thing I register before I pass out is the sound of the vehicle door slamming and the static of a radio as the man begins to talk.