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A young girl, only at the age of maybe 14 or 15, entered a plane. She sat down and waited for someone to sit next to her. Her hands shook and her knee bounced in anticipation. She watched as many people walked past her. None of them stopped to take the other seat in her row. Finally, the pilot came overhead and announced their take off. She sighed happily that no one sat next to her, but was still shaking. She gripped onto the seat as the plane lifted into the air.

This was none other than the daughter of Hades, Natalia Di Angelo. You may have heard of her siblings, Nico and Bianca Di Angleo.

She was one of three Hades kids born in the 1930s. Like her siblings she was left in the lotus casino for 70 years. She went to Camp Half-blood when she was ten and at the same time her sister joined the hunters of Artemis and died on her first quest. From there Natalia and her twin brother, Nico ran away and joined King Mitos on his journey into the Labyrinth, but I'm pretty sure everyone knows the story from there.

The battle of Manhattan occurs and Kronus is defeated. Nico and Natalia try to bring back their dead sister and bring back another one along the way. They find camp Juptier. The war with Gaea and both twins end up in Tartarus in their crusade to find the doors of death.

Apollo becomes human and he's sent on crazy quests to regain godhood. Which actually only happened a few weeks ago. You may be wondering 'Why would a daughter of Hades get on a plane?' Well, Chiron was alerted to random disappearances happening in Seattle which was interfering with demi-god business in camp Jupiter and one of the disappearances just so happened to be a daughter of Venus. So they called upon Chiron to send someone as they knew that some Greek demi-gods lived down in a nearby town of the name Forks. Since Natalia was one of the people to have been to the west coast and didn't have a problem with a quest like this she was sent.

Being on a plane, however, was never part of the deal.


I sat there fidgeting the whole plane ride and never settled. Why couldn't I have just shadow traveled? Only Chiron knows.

As for the demi-god that lives in Forks. His name is Charlie Swan, son of Hephestus. Who also just so happens to be the brother of my boyfriend, Leo Valdez. We haven't been dating long, only about a week after he came back from the dead. Charlie also has a daughter named Bella who lives with him, but she isn't able to see past the mist and doesn't know anything of the mythological world.

The plane ride couldn't come to an end fast enough! I jumped out of my seat as soon as the flight attendants opened the doors. I grabbed her bag, the only one I brought and headed for the exit.

I looked around for a minute looking for my ride. Charlie had said he would meet me here, when I saw a man holding a sign with my name on it. "Charlie?" I asked the man, holding out a hand.

"Yes, you must be Natalia," he said with a smile, shaking my outstretched hand.

"It's nice to meet you," I smiled at him and he nodded his head. I'm better at meeting new people than my brother, but not as good at making meaningful connections.

"Here, I'll grab your other bag for you." He grabbed my suitcase and I followed him to his car. "So, you're the chief of police, correct?" He nods. "That's cool. Did you tell Bella that I was coming today?"

"Yep, it's her birthday today, so she's at a party right now, but you can meet her later tonight." I nod and stared out the window, watching as the trees passed by on the way to his house. "How's my siblings?" He asks.

"They're good, Leo took over as head counselor," I explained to him. "We actually started dating a couple months ago."

"Oh, well good for you too, I'm glad he's happy. That you both are, after everything that's happened."

We soon reached his house. He got my suitcase out of the trunk for me, and brought it inside. "Here, I can take it," I offered, taking it from him and following him upstairs.

He led me to a small room to the right upstairs. "This is the guest room, it's yours, you can decorate it however you like. The one next to it is Bella's, mine is down the hall if you need anything, and I cleaned a shelf off in the bathroom for you."

"Thank you, Charlie. Is it okay if I start unpacking?" He nods.

"I ordered Pizza so it should be here soon," he said before leaving.

I gently took a small bag out of her pocket and shook a couple gold coins out of it before heading into the bathroom and starting the water. I threw a gold coin into the rainbow I made with the light. "Oh Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, accept my offering. Show me Nico Di Angelo."

A picture of Nico shows up, but he's currently on his bed with someone on top of him. "WILL, NICO!" They look up hearing my voice Nico pushing Will off him and onto the floor.

"Sorry, I wasn't expecting you to call." I give him a blank look as he rubs his neck.

"I told you my flight would land at 6 which is 9 for you, and that I would call soon after."

"Uhh...Well uh, did the flight go okay?" He asks nervously.

"The flight was okay, only a little turbulence luckily. I met Charlie, and so far I haven't seen anything. Tell Leo, I will call him in the morning." He nods, glancing at the floor every few seconds.

"Okay, Love you sis." I sighed.

"Love you too Neeks, you as well Will," I yelled to Will who was still on the floor out of embarrassment.

"Bye Nat," he yelled back.

I ended the Iris message just as I heard the front door shut. I walked back down the stairs where there were a couple boxes of Pizza waiting.

"Hey, grab whatever you want, there is cheese and pepperoni. I turned the fireplace on so that you can burn some of it." I smiled at him before grabbing some food and sitting at the table.

"Thanks, but I don't really do that unless I'm forced to at camp, or before a battle, I'm a little superstitious," I admitted.

A little while later a distressed looking girl stumbles through the door. This must be Bella. Itook a minute to look at her. She had straight but messy brunette hair and dull, brown eyes. Her skin looks a sort of sickly pale, but hey mine's paler than her and they must not get a lot of sun here. I also took notice of the bandage around the arm, and apparently so does Charlie.

"Bella, what happened?" Charlie asks, getting up from his seat.

"I fell and cut up my arm." She says before glancing around, spotting the new black haired girl sitting at their table. "Who are you?"

"I'm Natalia Di Angelo," I introduced myself, holding out a hand. She ignored it, and looked to her father.

"I'm heading up to bed," she says to her dad before running up the stairs. I looked to Charlie for an explanation.

"She's shy, she'll come around soon." I nodded, not wanting to upset him just yet.

I shook it off, "It's fine," I told him. "People usually get put off by me, say I'm too pale, wearing black doesn't help. I have school tomorrow, don't I? Chiron mentioned something about it."

"Yep, I already enrolled you in Forks High School. Chiron said there was something weird going on at the school. How long has it been since you went to school?" He asked.

"Since about 1940," I told him. "Well, actually I went to that school with the monsters before Percy brought us to camp."

"You'll be fine," he assured me, patting me on the back before I headed upstairs.

I started by taking out some clothes, not all of them just in case I needed to leave unexpectedly. I also took some daggers out of my bag, and hid them around the room. I packed regular weapons as well as celestial bronze and my Stygian iron sword.

I also took a book out of the bag, I wasn't actually going to sleep for a while. I usually have nightmares and being away from Nico didn't make it any easier. I, like all of the others, have dyslexia. I just push through the headache or find a book written in Greek.