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‘Holding onto someone when they are gone is hard, letting go of the memory, is even harder.’


Crosshair was gone, becoming a part of the Empire and Hunter knew he needed to get over it.

Crosshair had made his choice, supposedly freely, without the pressure of the control chip and so now, it was time for all of them to move on.

Still, getting used to sleeping alone, having no one to share his inner most thoughts, having no sex… Well, it had been quite hard for Hunter, pun intended.

But the offer had been made and then, rejected. So what could Hunter do part from maybe shooting the other man with a stun setting on his blaster and force the sniper back?

Not an option really. Even if Hunter entertained the very though for a tad too long.

Hunter was in his bunk. Contemplating on his bad choices. Berating himself as per usual of everything gone wrong. Even congratulating himself for becoming the biggest shebshole known in the galaxy for letting go of his lover so easily. Never even once considering he was the one having made the mistake and not Crosshair.

And so now, all Hunter had, was his memories.

“Please, Hunter, I need you. Now!”

Crosshair pleaded, his impatience shining through. Rather loudly too.

But Hunter was in no hurry. Not at the moment, loving to tease his partner whenever he could. Simply because it got the sniper all riled up and the sex was always so much better during those times.

“I’m working on it.”

Hunter tried to sound annoyed, but he could not help the tiny smirk forming on his lips.


Crosshair was hardly able to form any words, with his lover on top of him. Having Crosshair pinned to the bed. But Crosshair still managed to try to be the top, to be the one in command and to give the orders to Hunter.

“You are too impatient, sweetheart. I will get there when I get there.”


Hunter was not going to allow Crosshair to control their love making even if he was basically controlling everything else in their lives. Not tonight anyway, as it was Hunter’s turn to be the top massiff this time around.

Hunter was the designated leader of their squad. Their Sergeant. But he really did not mind sharing most command related things with his partner. None of the team members really cared about the structure anyways. Sharing was really key to their success in the field.

But, the exception now being the pace in which they were going along at the very moment. No, this night was for Hunter to control and he was going to do things his way no matter how much Crosshair bitched and whined about it. Hunter would get there when he would get there.



Crosshair tried to be, well, polite perhaps.


As it was, Crosshair had been quite frustrated, or rather, horny ever since they had gotten back from their mission. So, his current mood was reflective of that state.

Seeing Hunter do his thing with his vibroblade out there, in the field… Something which always turned Crosshair on no matter how hard he tried to ignore it. Seeing his partner slice and dice the enemy droids with his knife, the movements of Hunter’s body… Well, one had to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see the most beautiful killer ballet Hunter performed with his body and tool and not to get turned on by it! At least in Crosshair’s opinion.


“You are being impossible again! You know how I felt already before we started this.”

There was a small pause, Crosshair, having trouble even thinking, let alone speaking, but he was hanging right there on the precipice and Hunter was denying him his release.

“Please, I really need you to hurry the kark up!”

“Improbable sweetie. Not impossible.”

Hunter smirked then. But, he knew he could not prolong the fine torturous play for too long. And so, before Crosshair retorted to any kind of violence, because he easily could. Hunter decided it was time to let him off the hook.

“But, since you put it so nicely, I will comply.”

Hunter heard the surprised gasp from Crosshair as he pushed all the way inside of his lover. The warm sensations of the rough penetration enough to shut them both up. Both of them simply basking in heat of their merged bodies for a moment longer. Hunter picking up the pace to bring his lover over the promised edge…


“Sleep still eluding you?”


There was a hint of mirth in the tone speaking somewhere close, even if it was a mostly worried query.


Hunter had been totally submerged in his memories and was startled back to the present when a soft low voice spoke close by. The warm breath on his face, having surprisingly caught Hunter despite his enhanced senses.