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New Rome's Coffee and Confectionery Shop

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Nico was pretty sure that if he hadn’t killed Persephone’s favorite plant, he wouldn’t be in this situation. But since Gladilus (he didn’t understand why she named her plants, but whatever) had met an early grave, he was forced to get a job. And that meant getting one at the local mall. It had taken a few different shops and a plead to Reyna, but he had gotten one as a cashier of “New Rome’s Coffee and Confectionery Shop”, a candy/bakery/coffee shop that she was the manager of. The best part was that all he had to do was take the order and Mike would do the rest. No chance of messing up the complicated orders that these preppy high school students ordered.
Despite the fact that it was a well-known shop, most days Nico didn’t have to deal with many people. Reyna had made sure to assign him the least busy days, knowing his lack of social skills. So, when the loud bell on top of the door rang, Nico was a little surprised and put away his algebra homework.

"Welcome to New Rome’s Coffee and Confectionery Shop." He called out, trying to see over the machines. He had to stifle a groan as the sight of a letterman jacket and neatly cut blonde hair. Great, a jock. That was great.

"Hey! You must be new to this shop. I don’t recognize you." The guy answered as he came into view. The guy looked similar, though it might be because he had blonde hair and blue eyes. The only thing that stuck out was a small scar on his lip. The guy stared at him for a minute longer before grinning. "No wait! You’re that sophomore kid that hangs out with Frank and Percy! Nico right?"

And now Nico was sure he knew this guy. Not many people remembered his name, even if he did hang out with Percy. “Yep. And you’re Jason, Reyna’s ex. What would you like to order?”

This comment caused Jason to turn a bright red. “Um, yeah. That’s me. But it was a mutual break up.”

"I don’t really care. Reyna is over it and dating someone new now. Are you here to see her, or are you really going to order something?" Nico asked again, itching to pull out his homework and finish it. Once he got home, he had other stuff to do.

"Oh, a brownie square, hot chocolate, and a blueberry muffin." Jason ordered, looking at the display case. Nico grabbed the two pastries and muttered the hot chocolate order to Mike. "So, why did you start working here all of a sudden? Reyna doesn’t really hire that many people unless she thinks they need it."

Nico handed the pastries over. “That will be $8.36. Do you have a member’s card?”

Jason tilted his head and smiled. “You don’t talk much, do you?”

"You don’t shut up enough, do you?" Nico retorted. Jason let out a laugh and slid over the money and the purple card.

"I guess I don’t." A silence fell over them, with Jason staring at Nico and Nico praying that Mike would finish the hot chocolate. Thankfully, Mike finished it and handed it to Nico with a smile of sympathy.

"Here is you’re hot chocolate. Have a nice day." Nico muttered, still feeling Jason’s gaze on him. Jason grabbed the cup and small bag of pastries.

"Thanks. I’ll-I’ll see you around." Jason said.

"Probably not." it was mumbled under his breath, but apparently the football star heard it. Jason gave him another smile as he walked towards the door.
"No, I’ll definitely see you at school. Believe me, I’m pretty persistent when it comes to making new friends. As soon as he was out of sight, Nico slammed his face down on the counter. He sensed that it was not going to be a very peaceful week.