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Day 2 - Swift

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The first thing Kara noticed, after the commotion had subdued and she was finally settled in the Kent’s living room, was the thin golden thread tied to her wrist that seemed to extend infinitely, never touching a thing. She also noticed Clark was the only one who seemed to have one; his parent’s wrists were bare, and Kara couldn't see anything on the people on TV either.


Before bed, when Clark was showing her where she would sleep until they figured out what to do with this situation , as he had put it, she asked him about it.


“Oh, I’ve just always had it, for as long as I can remember. Honestly, I have no idea what it is. No one else has it, my parents don’t know anything about it.”


“Have you ever tried following it?”


“I did, a few times when I was younger. Never got anywhere, just seemed to stretch on and on forever. And I ran after it, at superspeed. Nothing. Then I met someone and it actually ends with her. I don’t know what it means, though. But it’s certainly useful when I need her.”


They wouldn’t talk about it again for a long time.




Earth was a lot and Kara missed home. It was beautiful and so many things were new and different and made her so curious to know more. But it was also a reminder that this was home now and she would never see Krypton or her family again. 


Her developing powers weren’t exactly fun either. She was afraid to touch anything, to run, even to open her eyes in the morning, too scared they would manifest at any time and she’d hurt someone or out herself.


The cat helped. There was a stray one day on her way to school, hiding behind a tree, seemingly alone, so she shared a little of her packed lunch and the kitten had rubbed himself on her legs with a full belly. Kara called him Streaky. He was her only friend, and still Kara was too afraid to pet him in fear of hurting the poor thing. So she started training, everyday, to control her powers. 


The day she finally felt confident enough to run her hands through his fur and rub his belly would be etched into her memory forever.




On the year Kara turned 16 Earth years, she finally got the okay from Eliza to work a part-time job. Alex had gotten her license the year before, after saving up for it herself and Kara, supported by her adoptive mother under the fostering responsibility speech, wanted to do the same. Alex remained skeptical.


“You’re already a disaster on your own two feet, you’re gonna suck at driving.”


Despite her teasing, her sister obliged and tried her best to teach Kara how to drive Eliza’s car.


So, one week after her 16th birthday party, Kara Danvers started her new job at the yogurt shop near the park. Every Tuesday to Saturday after school, Kara would entertain the throngs of parents taking out their kids, teenagers with friends and on dates, and old retired people who liked to sit down with a healthy snack and read a book or people-watch.


When she had finally amassed enough money for her license and passed her test with flying colors, Kara decided she’d keep the job for as long as she could. Turns out it felt good being surrounded by happy people for four hours a day, and she got discounts on her yogurt. Win-win.


“Have you not saved enough to buy your own shitty car yet?” Alex asked after the third night in a row they went out in her van.


“I have, but I don’t want one.” Kara said, humming happily to the song on the radio. “I just wanted to do something normal.”




Kara tried to follow it once. She had long acquiesced to the golden thread on her wrist. She barely even noticed it anymore. But every now and then, she would get the curiosity bug and think back to that conversation with Clark on her first day on this planet. 


Her first couple years on Earth she didn’t have much time to really dwell on it, she was too busy trying to acclimate, to fit in, to feel like she belonged. Then she started getting an itch about it every now and then, and she’d often lie in bed at night staring at it, feeling the ethereal thread under her fingertips, wondering what it meant. It was clear to her that this was something only she and Clark could see, but she wondered if everyone had it and it just wasn’t visible. She certainly didn't have it on Krypton and she was pretty sure Clark’s wouldn’t either.


But in the morning she would forget all about it, get busy with her day, and try to live as a normal human would. Humans, in Kara’s opinion, were very complicated. And to make matters worse, teenagers seemed to be even more. Her popularity didn’t improve by much in high school. She made a few more friends as the years went by, had her first crushes, but never acted on them, too afraid of what that might entail.


Her passion for journalism grew every year, and she yearned to make a difference in a way that was acceptable, that wouldn’t get her told off by everyone in her life. She joined the school newspaper, did her best to forget about her powers, and tried not to worry too much about Alex’s impending move to university. Soon, it would be just Eliza and her, and as much as Kara loved her adoptive mother, she knew she’d miss her sister like hell. 


On Alex’s last weekend home, in the midst of packing up her things and reminiscing and drying Eliza’s tears, her sister snuck out a bottle of gin that was hidden in Jeremiah’s old office into her car. Kara had been fidgety all week, and the slowly changing landscape of their room had her playing with her wrist way more often than usual. Despite the warm air and the excitement around them in the car, Kara felt uneasy. By the time they stretched their legs on the sand by the sea, taking a gulp of gin each, Alex had picked up on it.


“What’s up with you today? You’ve been nervous all week, but if you weren't  invulnerable you’d have turned the skin on your wrist upside down by now. Spill.”


Kara had never told anyone about it. She didn’t even intend to. But, in that moment, she felt trapped, imaginary walls tightening around her like one of the panic attacks she used to have when she got here, and she felt like Alex should now. It’s not like she would be leaving forever, she’d be just a few miles away in National City, right? But Kara’s heart wouldn’t settle, wouldn’t help but feel alone and abandoned. What if something happened to Alex and she wasn’t there to help? What if Alex made other friends, better friends, and decided having a little sister wasn’t so great after all? What if she lost her family again ?  


Kara smiled nervously. Sitting on the sand on their favorite strip of beach, she told Alex all of her worries, all her insecurities, all of the feelings plaguing her mind about being left behind again. She didn’t want there to be any secrets between them. And when they hugged it out, dried their tears and downed half the bottle, Kara spilled the last secret she had kept from her sister. 


“Shut up… You’re joking right? Stop pulling my leg, Kara.” Alex looked at her, unbelieving.


“I’m not. I swear by the light of Rao, Alex, it’s real. I can see it right now. That’s why I pull on my wrist all the time. I’m playing with it. I swear. Clark and I are the only ones who have it.”


Kara could see Alex was skeptical. But she also saw softness in her sister’s eyes (behind the onset of drunkenness), and she knew Alex was trying to believe her.


“Okay, well. It must be a kryptonian thing then. Clark really has no idea?”


“He didn’t four years ago. I doubt he does now.”


Alex sighed, took another sip and handed her the bottle. Kara took a healthy swig, sat the bottle on the sand in between her feet. 


“Have you tried it?” Alex asks.


“Tried what?”


“Following it, you dummy. ”


“Well, no.”


“Why not?”


Kara shrugged. Looked out into the sea.


“What if it really is nothing?”


“Then nothing will change, and you will know. You live your life. None of us know shit about life, anyways.”




Alex looked at her. “Okay?”


“Yeah, you’re right. I should try at least once.”


“Do it now then, before you chicken out. I’ll wait here.”


“You sure?”


“Be quick or I’ll finish this by myself” Alex said, holding up the booze to illustrate her point.


“Okay...” Kara gets up, brushes the sand off her clothes. “Here goes nothing.”


Then a blur. Looking out at the sea and the stars, Alex hears the ruckus of a few kids partying out in the distance. Takes another swig. Looks at her watch. 


By the time she feels the swoosh beside her and Kara’s dropping back down on the sand, the gin is almost gone.


“So?” She asks, but she already knows the answer. Kara’s shoulders are sagged and her pout is visible on her face. She passes her sister the bottle again.


“Nothing. Just goes on and on.” Kara finishes the gin in one long drink, and sets the bottle back down. “I don’t know why I drink this anyway, it does nothing for me.”


“At least you tried, sis.”




Alex was the first person Kara called when she got accepted into NCU. Eliza insisted on celebrating and made Kara a chocolate pecan pie and they ate in the kitchen with Alex on FaceTime and, that day, she felt truly loved. That was also when they first came up with the idea of a road trip. “To celebrate your last summer of freedom, trust me, I know!”, her sister had said, and they settled on going to Los Angeles.


It was the most fun they’d had in years. Sleeping in cheap motels by the road, eating at roadside diners, singing along to the songs on the radio. It was so good, Kara didn’t notice anything strange about her sister until they got to LA.


It was still good. They did all the touristy activities, hung around the celebrity spots expecting a glimpse of someone they recognized, went to indie movie festivals, ate at spots that cost more than they could afford, and spent their nights in the hotel room watching old movies on TV. But every day Alex would drink a little too much, and eat too little, and Kara started to worry. But no matter how many times she asked, Alex would always change the subject or say it was all on her mind. Kara didn’t buy it. But really, what else could she do besides enjoy the time with her sister?


Months later, when things got rough and Alex’s drinking problem got out of hand, Kara would ask herself if she could’ve done more.




Clark and Lois got married on a sunny afternoon during Kara's second year of college. It was an intimate, but beautiful, ceremony, only a handful of their closest friends and family. Kara couldn’t take her eyes off his wrist.


Sitting there clear as day was the golden thread, as shrunk as Kara had ever seen, ending straight around Lois’ own wrist. It stretched when they parted, a push and pull of invisible fabric no one but her could see. She tried to enjoy the night, keep her thoughts stored in a box and celebrate her only living kin, but her eyes betrayed her every time.


It wasn’t until everything was done and they were leaving to catch a plane back to National City that her cousin pulled her aside.


“I need to tell you something.” Clark’s voice was low, almost a whisper, like he was about to tell her a secret. “It’s about the thread. You know.” He pointed to their wrists with his eyes. Kara’s breath hitched.


“What about it?”


“I think I know what it is. Kara, I think it’s a soulmate bond.”


Clark was smiling at her, bright and infectious. Kara felt sick.


“I know it sounds insane, trust me. But it never led anywhere before I met Lois and, well…” he opened his arms, gesturing around him. “I know she’s the one, cuz.”


“But why didn’t you find her before? If that’s what it is, shouldn’t you have found her when you first followed it?”


“I know, I’ve been thinking about it. My guess is, it only leads soulmates together when it’s the right time. When they’re both ready.”


“Have you talked to her about it?” Kara asked, and she felt her throat dry.


“Yeah, but she thinks I’m crazy, that it’s just some kryptonian thing that we never knew about. I’m pretty sure though. I guess time will tell.” He shrugged. “Just. Pay attention, okay? Trust me, you’ll want to.”


Clark patted her shoulder a couple times and gave her a hug, leading her back to the car where Alex and Eliza sat waiting for her. Kara fidgeted with her wrist the whole way home.




It was the shittiest, dirtiest, most disgusting dive bar Kara had ever laid eyes on. But her friends wanted to drink to celebrate her promotion and Alex thought it might do her good, so they went. They sat, drank and played pool and Winn even sang a few songs with her before they were told to shut up (“he’s drunk, Kara, what’s your excuse?”).


All things considered, it was a fun night, filled with laughter and love. So when she stumbled out of the bar at around midnight holding up a drunken Alex, a big smile plastered around her face, she expected anything but to finally - finally - see the end of her golden thread.


She almost missed it too. But Alex’s feet were unsteady and she tripped, and when Kara lurched to catch her and she looked up again, her eyes followed the thread almost casually, like she’d done so many times before. Except now, there was someone else at the end of it. A woman standing on a corner, waiting for a car to pull up.


The golden thread wrapped around her wrist, a lasso of bright yellow on her right hand that was currently holding up her phone. And Kara was so shocked, so utterly dismayed by the improbability in front of her, she didn’t register the woman’s face until it was too late and she was getting into the back seat of a black SUV, rapidly disappearing into traffic.


Her heart was heavy when she got to Alex's apartment, eyes watery and stinging. She put her sister to bed and the next day, when Alex had sobered up, Kara let her tears fall and the weight on her chest be shared.


"You really didn't see her face? Or her license plate or anything?" 


"No, and no, I'm not a stalker. Also I think it was a cab or something, it probably wouldn't help." She let her head fall to her sister's shoulder and sighed. "I don't know what to do. I've been waiting for this for years, and now I feel I let it slip away."


"I'm so sorry sis. I really wish you'd had a chance to figure it out. Maybe this woman would know something. Maybe she's an alien too?" 


"Yeah, about that… I need to tell you something. Kal talked to me about it. You remember he pulled me aside after his wedding when we were leaving?" Alex nodded. "Well, he has a theory. He thinks it's a soulmate bond. His thread leads to Lois."


Alex turned to her, confused, dislodging Kara from her shoulder.


"You're joking. That's ridiculous." 


Kara knew her sister would be skeptical. She knew because it sounds insane, even to her own ears, and Alex had always been so much less of a believer than her. 


"Lois agrees." She shrugged. "But I don't know, Alex. What else could it be? Don't you think it makes at least a little bit of sense?" 


"Well, no. I get your cousin thinks that because his ends with his wife, but yours also leads to a woman. So you can tell your cousin his theory is a bust." Alex finished with a flourish of her finger on Kara's chest. 


"Yeah, so? She could be my soulmate." Kara felt anxiety bubble up in her when Alex's eyes shot straight to hers, her expression changing from a playful to a serious one. 


"Stop messing around, you're not gay. There was Kenny and those other two guys after him." 


"Well, I'm not, but that doesn't mean I don't like girls too"


Kara's eyes were down, and she knew. Alex could tell she was nervous.


"Oh. I didn't know that." 


"It's okay. I never told you. It's just, it wasn't really a thing on Krypton and when I found out it was a problem here on Earth I guess I got scared to say anything, so. There it is. I'm saying it now."


Alex let out a breath, took her sister's hands on hers. Kara looked up. 


"Hey, it's okay. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm sorry you felt you couldn't tell me something about yourself."


By the end of the night, there were three discarded pizza boxes on the floor and lots of shared hugs. Kara felt lighter, but something still tugged strongly in the back of her mind, pulling her thoughts every now and then. 


What if I never find her again? 




The next few days after that, she was a mess. She was sloppy and forgetful and couldn't focus, her work paying the price, and she kept getting reprimanded by Ms. Grant. 


Kara tried following it again multiple times in the days to come, but to no avail, every time coming up empty, the thread extending infinitely again. She had never felt so frustrated about it and for so long. 


It was worse now that she actually knew that there was someone on the other side, another soul that was somehow connected to her in some mysterious way. Before that night, there was only hope, a promise in the unknown of some sort of destiny Kara unconsciously clung to, even when she tried her hardest to let it go. But now she felt a sense of certainty, a sureness she had never known before about her future. She finally had something ( someone ) to look forward to. 




Revealing herself to the world had not been expected, let alone planned. It also hadn't gone exactly well. 


Sure it felt that way the first few times, but with her and Alex at odds every now and then, the people questioning her ability to be an effective superhero, and finding out that not only her aunt Astra was alive and on Earth but that her parents had lied to her and had been responsible for her planet's destruction, Kara felt a little off balance. 


Scratch that, she felt a lot off balance. The high from finally being able to be herself (if not fully, at least partially) and doing what had always wanted to do wore off quicker than she wished for. In its wake, there was doubt for herself and resentment for her family.


Nevertheless, she carried on. She lived her life, she was the best superhero she could be, she learned from her mistakes and tried to learn from the mistakes of those around her. To deal with the added trauma of finding out the truth about her family and feeling responsible for the death of one of the people she loved the most after just having gotten her back. 


On those worst days when rage and guilt shot through her mind like a knife, when it was hardest not to wish she'd died with her homeworld and even the warmth of her sister's embrace couldn't bring her enough comfort, Kara would try to push through the pain by pushing her body. And in the dark of night, when no one could hear her, she would fly far out of the atmosphere, where no one could hear her scream. 


On those nights, she used to dream of her. Of a thin wrist covered by golden thread, manicured fingernails on long, slender fingers gripping a phone. Of a dark blue trench coat and high, expensive heels on the sidewalk. Of the fine line extending from her own wrist like a cobblestone path, leading to the promised land. Kara could never see her face. 




Clark was the first one to see it. Kara only noticed once she was already inside the office, traipsing behind him without a clear idea of what she was supposed to be doing. But Ms. Luthor raised her hand to put away her bag and when she turned around, Kara could see nothing else. Clear gold tangled up over a golden watch, ending on Kara’s own wrist. She almost missed it when a question was directed at her. 


“And who are you, exactly?”


Kara almost forgot her own name. Her heart was pounding away in her chest, threatening to break through its cage. She wanted to scream. Her hands were sweating, clutching tight to her notepad, adjusting her glasses when they were perfectly fine.


It felt like she was hearing everything inside an echo chamber, the voices far away and too close at the same time. She felt her brain and her body were incapable of deciding what to do, a constant whiplash between looking at Lena and trying to catalog every single detail of the face she had been chasing for so long and looking away, afraid that it was all an illusion and she would disappear at any moment.


And then it was over. Clark was leading her out of the office, a hand firmly wrapped on her shoulder, and when she looked back for a second, her eyes met Lena’s. When Kara came to, her cousin was shoving her inside an empty elevator.


“Clark did you se-”


“Not here, Kara.”


The look she got was severe, closer to the one he’d shot her that first day on Earth and didn’t know what to do with her.


When they were finally on the street, walking away from the Luthorcorp building and into a busy sidewalk, Kal shoved her to the side.


“So you did see it.” Kara’s voice was small and frail, like a child about to get reprimanded by an adult.


“Yeah, I did. Did you know?”


“Did I know what?”


“Did you know your thread led to a Luthor ?!” He said the name like he was spitting poison. Kara flinched.


“No. I didn’t.”


Sighing, her cousin closed his eyes and swiped his hand on his forehead. “I can’t believe this. This is the worst possible scenario.”


Kara let go of the breath she’d been holding, willing her heartbeat to slow a little. She was shaking. She finally had an answer to the one question she had since she came to this planet, and she felt like crying. Kal wasn’t helping.


“Look. I know you and the Luthors have a complicated history and I know I’m not a reporter or anything but… I kinda believed her.”


“Yeah… just. Look, I won’t tell you what to do Kara, but just be careful. I know what they’re capable of and I don’t want you to get hurt.”


Kara gave him a weak smile, held his hand.


“I know. Can you be happy for me, though, just today? That I finally found her?”


“Okay, yeah, you’re right. We’ll have to deal with this later but for now I’ll let it go.”


They walked the rest of the way with his arm around her shoulders, and she kept the rest to herself.




Kara didn’t tell anyone. Not even Alex. No matter how much she wanted to, her cousin’s words clung to her head, like a stain she couldn’t get rid of. 


A Luthor.


The worst possible scenario.


I don’t want you to get hurt.




She tried to let it go. She really did.


But then Lena was there, sitting alone at a table and Kara couldn’t help herself. She had to try. So she sat. They talked.


After that, Kara never tried again.




Okay. This is it, Kara. It’s now or never , she thought to herself.


Sitting at a table on her sister's happiest day, watching her play with her daughter and begin a new future with her own family, Kara had yearned. She had felt and mused and, at last, she had decided. Not today, but soon .


Not too long ago, she told her sister she didn’t want to be alone anymore, but Alex didn’t get it. How could she? She’d just gotten Kara back from the Phantom Zone and everything was chaos. Kara wasn’t even sure her sister remembered about the thread, let alone to whom it led. It had been so long since they last discussed it.


But since coming back, Kara couldn’t think of anything else. She and Lena had been through so much since that first encounter. So much had been said and done, and worse, so much had been left unsaid. And she almost died back in the same hell she thought she’d escaped as a child. But Lena had saved her.


And Kara wasn’t even talking the sun bomb. No, Kara’s psyche had almost been destroyed in the Phantom Zone, succumbing to the worst of her fears. Only two things had pushed her through: the ghost of her father, and Lena. Lena and that damned golden thread she didn’t know about, and Kara knew she had to tell her. She couldn’t die there, because Lena had to know . She had to know herself. To put an end to all the what if ’s she’d build for herself throughout so many years of loneliness and guilt. She wanted to live, and more than anything, now she had someone she wanted to share her life with. She wanted what Alex and Kelly had. What Nia and Brainy had, what J’onn and M’gann had. Most of all, she wanted what Kal and Lois had. She wanted her soulmate.


But the wedding had passed and Kara held her tongue because she didn’t want the day to be about anything else other than her sister’s happiness. And she and Lena had settled into the most beautiful, delightful routine, a life as domestic as she could’ve dreamed of. Still, Kara said nothing, afraid to break the spell. Afraid she had misread the signs. Afraid to have her hopes crushed. Afraid of a life doomed to be lived alone, with the love of her life just out of touch. 


And she was content, she really was, to have Lena as a friend, to have her in her life in whatever capacity the woman could afford her. Except a weight kept growing in her chest every time Lena got close, everytime their eyes met, their hands touched. Everytime Lena’s heartbeat picked up with no apparent reason. Until the day came when Kara couldn’t think of any good reasons not to live by her own words. Be brave. Stronger together. I don’t wanna be alone anymore .


So she took a deep breath and knocked on Lena’s door, her eyes fixed on the thread around her racing pulse.


“Kara! What a sur-”


“I’m sorry.” Kara blurted out before Lena could finish. Confused, Lena frowned. “I need to tell you something. Many things actually. But first I need to apologize. Please just let me do this before I lose my nerve.”


Lena’s expression changed, grasping the urgency in her friend's voice, and she stood to the side to let Kara in.


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I was a complete jerk to you during the whole Reign thing. I was scared and I let it get the best of me. I was a horrible, condescending jerk when I should’ve been your friend - no, let me finish”, Kara held up a hand when she saw Lena gearing up to talk. “I should’ve told you who I was back then. I tried, and I was a selfish coward and then everything went to hell. And I should never, never have violated your trust the way I did. I’m sorry for that. I did you wrong in so many ways Lena, but most of all, I’m sorry that I called you a villain. I’ll never forgive myself for that, but I did it and I never apologized. So here it is. I’m sorry.”


“I never told you, but something happened that day, and you need to know. Do you remember what we told you about Mxy?”


Lena looked even more confused now.


“The 5th dimension imp?”


“Yes, well, that day, he had come to me and offered a favor. He offered to take me back in time so I could see how things would’ve turned out if I had told you about Supergirl sooner. So I took it and I went back and every time things looked good something bad happened. I saw things crash and burn in a dozen different ways for you and me and everyone around us and it seemed that there was no good choice. I saw you die . No matter how far back I went, I couldn’t make it work. I was convinced there was no saving us. And it broke my heart. So I broke yours, again.”


“Why are you telling me all this now, Kara?”


Okay. This is it, Kara. It’s now or never , she thought to herself. 


“You saved me, Lena. More times than I can count. You saved us all. But me? I never thought I’d miss someone, want for someone, the way I want you. Not after I lost my whole world. I didn’t think I’d ever feel that kind of pain again.” Taking a step closer, Kara reached for Lena’s right hand. It was sweating and cold at the same time, her body rigid and breathing almost at a halt. As if put on wait. Intertwining their fingers, she watched the two threads that had connected them her whole life dance together and took a deep breath. “There’s an invisible string on my wrist. It’s gold and it’s beautiful and no one can see it but me and Kal. His’ leads to Lois.”


Lifting her eyes up to look at Lena’s, she said, “Mine leads to you.”


Kara’s body was still, her mind calm, as if putting it out there gave her clarity. She could hear Lena’s racing heart like thunder in her ears. 


“I saw you once on the street, just after I first got promoted at CatCo. I didn’t see your face and I didn’t know who you were, but it was the first time I knew there was someone at the end of it. After that, I dreamed of you for months, a faceless woman whom I had searched for for half of my life. That day I walked into your office was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. But I didn’t really know what it meant. The thread, or you, what you would mean to me. I do now.”


Holding Lena’s hand between hers, she placed it over her own.


“I love you, Lena. I’ve loved you for a long time. And I think you love me too. Please tell me I haven't read this wrong.”


Lena didn’t move at first. She just stood there, eyes locked to hers, one hand over her heart, another holding her bicep. But then her body shifted and, as if in slow motion, Lena’s body urged up, and their lips were touching and Kara felt like flying even though her body was still firmly planted on the ground.


“No. You haven’t.”




“Here you go, miss.”


The waitress settled the bottle of champagne on the table between them with care, placing a glass in front of each of them. When she motioned to serve, Kara stopped her, motioning she would do it herself. The woman was about to leave when she looked curiously at Kara, who waited patiently for her to say:


“Has anyone ever told you look a lot like that American singer, ma’am? What’s her name again, I can’t recall right now…”


“I don’t think I’ve even heard this one before, no. Sorry to disappoint, but no, I’m not a singer.” Kara answered, amused. 


Looking quizzically at her, the woman tried to pull a memory from her mind, and failed.


“Nevermind, it’ll come to me later. Enjoy your champagne!”


“Thank you!” She called out to the retreating waitress before turning back to her girlfriend. “What??”


“Nothing!” Lena said, “I’m just… it amazes me how much people don’t want to see sometimes. I still can’t believe you don’t get recognized so often.”


Kara shrugged.


“I guess people just don’t expect me to behave, you know, like a normal person. I don’t mind though, it’s better this way.”


A moment after, she was pouring champagne into their glasses and holding it up to a toast.


“To us. To three more amazing years.” Their glasses clinked, and the light reflected on them shone down on the golden thread connected to Lena’s pulse, catching Kara’s eye. “I love you, Lena Luthor.”


“Well, I still can’t believe I let you talk me into drinking this terrible champagne, so I clearly love you more.”


Kara chuckled.


“I didn’t realize this was a competition, babe.”


“It’s not. I’m just stating a fact.”


Taking a sip of her glass, Kara held her hand out for her girlfriend to take and watched the small crowds outside by the lake. They had decided to come to the Lake District for their third anniversary, to have some quiet time. A romantic getaway of sorts. Kara had suggested a trip, and Lena had suggested the place, since she’s always meant to visit but didn’t want to come alone. So here they were.


Almost two years ago, after over a year of hiding her and Lena’s relationship from the rest of the world, Kara had felt it was time to come out. Not only with her relationship, but with who she was. Being Supergirl while being in love had always been a struggle, and they both agreed that Kara’s life would be freer if she could live fully as herself. So soon after their one year anniversary, she sat down for an exclusive interview with Cat Grant herself and came out as Kara Zor-el to the world. After that, she and Lena didn’t bother hiding their relationship anymore, and the world quickly picked up on it .


Now, watching the love of her like sip bad champagne with a frown on her face and a warm hand on hers, Kara felt whole. She looked at the invisible string connecting their wrists, one single thread of gold tying her to Lena, and thanked Rao for whatever luck had led her to the joy of true love.

The grounding weight of the wedding band on her breast pocket was heavy on her mind. Now all Lena needed to do was say yes.