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The Old Wild West Chronicles

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London , January , 1868


Matt Smith - in his rather old and full of dust suit - was suddenly covered with vivid scarlet blood as Daisy - his former,erm...lover? - pulled an old gun - probably Mr Lowe's handgun - and simply shot his bride,right in the face. The poor blondie had no second to react. He watched - almost as if it was in slow motion - as the nine millimeters bullet flew across the room,only to reach Lily's lovely forehead. He honestly thought that the bullet would cross her brain and hit him too - as he was dumbly standing behind her - and,in the process,being killed too - and so thought Daisy and everyone else in the room. To their surprise,the bullet got stuck into the backside of her skull - which didn't stopped the blood to fall everywhere,mostly his face and suit.

He still could hear his mother's yells among other women's voices as they runned. His father - poor old man - tried to reach for the handgun - only to have his nose meeting the gun in a fast stroke that was so strong that someone would think that it was impossible for someone like Miss Lowe - tall,skinny dark haired crazy beauty - to be the owner of such strength.

1868 began in a terribly way to both the Thomsons - famous hatters in Britain - and to the Smiths - who,ironically,were all blacksmiths,except the women of the family and,well,Matt himself. Matthew Robert Smith - son of the good old blacksmith David Smith and the housewife Lyanne Smith - was a brilliant young man in his twenties and was as excited to be married as one's excited to his own burial. No,no,dear reader,do not get me wrong. Matthew and Lilian Thomson ( more know as Lily James) loved each other very much,thank you,but the thing was: he had no interest in marrying - at least not in the beginning of his life - and,honestly,he wasn't 'in love' with Lily. He truly had feeling for the pale blondie,but he wasn't sure if it was love - it was more likely to be care and gratitude,after all,her father helped him to reach his biggest dream: to become a lawyer in London. Since his childhood,his father knew that the boy wouldn't follow the family profession and wasn't very surprised to find out that the boy had interest in laws. He and his wife weren't the ones to judge and - contrary to their contemporaneous friends - they approved the boys choice of becoming a lawyer.

They weren't poor - but then again,neither were rich. The Smiths were a large middle class family which - luckly to Matt - were mostly open minded. They lived in the countryside of London,which turned the task of becoming a lawyer even harder. In the 19th century,only a few people were able to go to school and finish their studies - only the noble and rich families could afford a good school to their offsprings. With a lot of hard work of Mr and Mrs Smith,with the financial help of the head of the Thomson family and with a huge amount of luck,Matthew Smith finally became a lawyer at age of nineteen. Obviously he had some trouble at finding jobs - as the Londoners usually prefered more experienced and well know lawyers rather than a "school boy who barely left his diapers", as some defined him. When he was almost giving up on the profession,he received a letter - from Scotland. And that was when he met Ms Swinton and her lovely niece Ms Karen Gillian,and that's,my dear reader,when his carrer began.

It was a difficult and rather too long case (maybe that's why no other lawyer accepted to be part of this case.) - something about Karen's parent's money. Mr and Mrs Gillian passed away and headed to heaven a week after their youngest daughter's anniversary. The lovely redhead was seventeen at the time. After a huge amount of fights between the Gillians,Matt finally had his chance to shine and spoke in the court,directly not to the Juge but to the people there. He wasn't naive nor unprepared,in fact...he was brilliant! He took a sinking boat and turned it into London's fastest bloody ship! Both aren and Ms Swinton were delighted with his work and professionalism,to not mention his charisma and...boy!..he had such a way with words,that he'd be able to make a Math teacher believe that two plus two was three!

The Swinton-Gillian case gave wings to his career and suddenly he saw himself flying around the victorian London with fresh new clothes and a new -his first - golden pocket watch,his pockets getting heavier at each case he won - which were many. He was know as "The Devil's Lawyer" and his nick name was Mr Silvertongue. That's when he met Daisy. Daisy Lowe,a dark beauty,that's what she was. She was the eldest daughter of the gun seller Mr Lowe. The old man was a sweetheart and,after his wife's death,he spoiled his daughter too much,in Mrs Smith's opinion.

They surely had a thing,but what Daisy failed to notice was that - at the stage he was - he couldn't stop,if he did, "Mr Silvertongue,the Devil's Lawyer" would be long forgotten and he'd be just another face around the grey London. She had a bitch fit and he seriously considered to take her to Bedlam after she attacked his crotch with a scissor - who he luckly god away,thanks to his long fast limbs. Soon after that,he met Lily. They were childhood sweethearts - if you want to call them that - till the day her father - good old Mr Collins,the only hatter he knew that wasn't mad - sent her to study in France,to become a proper Lady. They reunited and their bond returned without difficulty. A few months after that,they -mostly she and her father - decided that it was about time to them to get married. Needless to say that Daisy didn't took it nicely,right?

After the shot - and his father's nose injury - it all happened fast - so fast that he couldn't remember correctly the events that succeeded in that atrocious morning of January. He suddenly found himself in Doctor Tennant's office - the only doctor that was in the church - and was sitting on the wooden chair,barely blinking as David - that is,the Doctor's first name - spoke carefully to him,talking of something about traumas and its consequences...Not that Matt was listening to the older man - the overly handsome Doctor David Tennant was around forty,not that anyone could bet,he had a very good shape after all - to the lawyers ears,the doctor only muffled unconnected words that made no sense - which caused Matt to wonder if David was speaking English. Soon after that,Matt and his family went to their house - across the street. He cleaned himself in the ivory bathtub - which he proudly brought after his second successful case in London's court - noticing how bright the blood was.


Red. It was all red. His feet,chest and hands and his face -- Oh,his face! His angular but yet beautiful pale face was now scarlet. He looked at his hands as he pondered of how could something so dreadful look so beautiful. How could a dead woman's blood look so bright red,so seducing and so intense? Above of all,the blood in his had was a distinct shade of red,Lily's red. How could something inspire both life and death?


He tried to clean his hands,but failed as there was still a bit of blood under his nails. He then looked at the mirror for the first time. Good Lord,his face! Red,red,red,red! Everywhere he looked there it was....RED! His once dark black hair--red as a rose. Yes,indeed a rose. His Lily.

He didn't cried - somehow he couldn't bring himself to cry,but that did not mean he wasn't in pain. Later in that night,he got to know what happened to Miss Lowe and - with no surprise - he found out that the crazy dream ruiner was hanged in public. A life for a life...he thoughtdarkly...It was...Fair enough.


Lily's burial was early in the next day. A Sunday.

He used to love Sundays... well,not anymore.


Later on that day,he decided to walk next to the ocean,he took out his shoes and felt the not so welcoming feeling as the water - cold and salty - touched his feet shyly at first but as the second wave came,he barely could see his toes. He was silently contemplating the air as someone runned through him and caught him off his guard. He held in the stranger - a man,probably as tall as Matt himself - and widened his eyes as they stumbled - correcting,Matt stumbled in the air - and lost their balance,falling on the sand, Matt first and the man he was holding soon afterwards,falling over Matt in a strange way that almost caused the both to accidentally kiss.


"Ouch!" the both groaned in pain. Whoever passed next them - seeing them in this position - would surely think that the reason of their groans was another.

"Sorry!" Matt said,finally opening his eyes and mentally thanking the man as he got off Matt. "Wait..hang on! You were the one who knocked me down!" he pointed an acusatory finger at the man "You own me an apology,Mister...?"

"Darvill. Thomas Arthur Darvill.." the man called Thomas grinned and offered a friendly hand for a hand shake - at least that was that Matt thought so. As Matt shook Thomas' hand,the tall man rose up and helped Matt to stand up properly. "Sorry,mate...but in my defense,you tripped in your own feet."

"I wish I could say I am pleased to meet you,Mr Thomas Darvill,but the circunstances arent the best. By the way,I'm Matthew Smith,lawyer." he answered,trying to clean the sand from his clothes,but failing miserably at this. "Why are you in such a hurry,Mister Darvill,I believe you are a little bit too far from the train station..."

"Train station? No,no...I'd hardy get into those things. I hardly trust ships,how could I trust a thing like that,that moves this fast and barely stops?" he grinned "No,mate..I am searching."

Matt's eyebrows raised,almost reaching his hairline. "Searching? And what--do pray tell...what is so important to find that demands such hurry,Mr Darvill?"

"I am searching something extremely important....something that makes my life worth it! " he grinned before adding "Or do you think I look like a lawyer..a businessman? Or,hell,a doctor? No,Mr Smith. These things are not for me. They aren't flexible. I'd rather kill myself than to live a life just because of the money...!"

Matt winced internally. This man - who was as old as he was - had more courage in a single day that Matt would ever have in his life. After the years passed,Matt's only goal was to make money - no matter what. He barely cared if the one he was defending was guilty or innocent. These thoughts made his stomach swirl.

"Really? And what is your profession then? A bandit? A vagabond?"

"No,I am a decent man. I am an actor!" Thomas bowed theatrically with a grin.

"A vagabond,then." Matt chuckled softly before shaking his head "You see...I've just lost my bride....she was killed,in the church. And you are the first person that I talked."

"I am sorry for your loss..." he commented looking down before grinning and looking up at Matt - which was taller... He was a bloody baby giraffe, thats what he was. "I've got an idea that will cheer you up. Follow me!"

Darvill grinned and started to walk,back to the city. Matt froze for a second. Could he trust this man? He was dressed poorly,and probably could be a thief. He flung his hands into his pocked and sighed in relief as his golden watch was still there. Darvill turned to him - a few meters away,and chuckled.

"Come,Matt,it will be fun!" he grinned and started to walk again,this time being followed by a rather unsure Matthew.

Matt had never done something like this before. They were in the underworld,a rather dangerous part of London. He listened as Darvill spoke of his three guides in life: love,beauty and above of all,freedom. And with these three words,Thomas Arthur Darvill - the vagabond - and Matthew Robert Smith - the Devil's Lawyer - became friends as Thomas showed Matt the wonders of not planning your life,in the best bohemian style.

He only came back home in the following week.

His mother was extremely worried and his father nothing said as he received a letter from the States,an alarming letter indeed. His mother - Madam Maggie Smith - fell ill and the woman who took care of her - Ms Tate,was very worried.

Meanwhile,both Matt and Darvill - now close friends - were planning to travel.

One day - around two months after their first encounter - Darvill came inside Matt's house,breathless and with his face bright red.

"Darvill,people usually tend to knock before walking in." he grinned hugging his friend " What happened?!?"

"It's time,Matthew,it's the bloody time,mate!" Darvill grinned happly holding two small papers. Tickets!

"Time for what,exactly,Darvill?" Matt grinned too,pouring a glass of gin for both him and Thomas. Then it hit him. The travel! "Oh,God,you're serious then?"

"Serious?" He laughed and downed his drink with just one sip "More than I ever have been,mate! Now,are you coming with me to the States? I've got the tickets from this italian man--DiCaprio was his name!"

Matt froze and then pondered for a few seconds. His career was drowning and everywhere he went,Lily came to his mind - and he really wanted to move on. H glared at Darvill as he started to laugh and took a papaper and a pen. He wrote just a few sentences before leaving the letter in the table and running to his bedroom to pack as much money and clothes he could.

Darvill stood there,waiting and decided to read the letter.


"Going to visit Granny in the States,I need a time off here or I will go crazy! I am going with a few friends,don't worry,I'll keep in touch.

Love you all,



PS: No Laura,that DOESN'T mean you can have my bedroom."


Thomas laughed at the last sentence before hurring Matt "We will be late if you don't move your arse faster!"


"Oi! That's no way to treat a friend,ya know?" Matt yelled back,giggling before finishing


"Sorry...Will you,good sir,move your royal arse so we can go to the lovely ship that leaves in exactly thirthy minutes?" he said in a pompous way " Is that better,Matt-boy?"


"Very much.." Matt grinned and went to the living room before widening his eyes "Wait,did you said that it leaves in thirty minutes?!?!?! But it takes at least forty to get to the bay!"


He panicked and Darvill shrugged "It was all I could get,now MOVE !"


They never runned this much in their whole lives. But it was worth it as they found Doctor Tennant was going to the same way - and he had a car. They got there in twenty minutes and rushed inside.

This was the begining of their adventures.