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Stumble, all the way down

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‘Jealousy is such an ugly word, except when you are the one experiencing all those insecure and ugly feelings all of a sudden.’

“So, why don’t you both join us? It’s been a while all of us have been out on the town together after all.”

Hardcase was trying to sell the idea of the group of friends to spend some time on the town now that they all finally gotten some time off at the same time. Having already managed to coax several couples and a few singles too for a night out with drinks and dancing, just hanging out basically together.

Sinker gave Boost a glance, not sure if they wanted to spend their well earned time off going to bars, taking off world even.

Then again, it was true that they had all been working so hard, now that the war was over, the clones establishing their new home world with a lot to do to get the society up and running. And so, they barely had time off. Not that anyone was really complaining, as it was their home they were setting up with their own rules and whatnots.

“Well, it sounds nice and all, going out with the group.”

Boost kept his eyes on Sinker as they had kind of made some tentative plans of their own already. Spending time together rather than taking off world, into a crowded city and get drunk with their buddies. Because that was what usually happened during these, so called outings with the bunch of clones they knew all too well. Usually.


Sinker was rubbing the back of his neck, seeing Boost kind of wanting to hang out with their friends too, at least one night during their mini vacation time. After all, they had been given the full week of from their current positions. And so, guess a day would not hurt? Flying out to the closest system with clubs and all as the clone home wold did not have any such establishments as of yet.

“Guess we could do that. I mean fly off, spend the night and then fly back home and go camping after that?”

Sinker was eyeing Boost whose eyes were lit up at his partner’s suggestion. Because they both loved their friends and spending time with them. And they had worked really hard and earned their time off. And well, guess they could still have their private time and spend some with the other clones.

Hardcase looked at the two, knowing there was something there beneath the surface he could not pinpoint, even if he knew both of them quite well. Having shared most of their lives together, fighting in the war, being best of friends and now, after the war ended, still sticking together like glue to a soft surface. Perhaps, he should ask what it was he had detected at some point…

“Well, if you have other plans… I mean, a lot of people are coming… and I know they would love to spend time with you two too as much as I do.”

Hardcase sounded a tad sad, as he was totally playing the neglected friend card, even if he wasn’t too sure he should as clearly there was something going on with his two best friends he wasn’t let on in. Something, which had most likely happened recently too and neither of them had spilled the beans about it.

“Jesse, Kix, Fives, Tup, Waxer and Boil, Gregor, the lot of them are joining in our little, shall we say shindig. We have the ship prepped and all for the trip.”

Hardcase loved his friends, his family as they were that, extended for sure, but family. And so, trying to get these two to join using all the tricks in the book if necessary.

Sinker and Boost glance at each other again. And as if telepathically discussing their situation and whatever they should do, they simply nodded to each other before Boost spoke out.

“Yeah, I thing we can do that. Come along with the gang and all. It has been a while for us all to have some fun together.”

Hardcase’s eyes lit up.

“You’re sure hon? I mean, we planned the outing of ours for a long time and…”

Sinker exchanged glances for the umpteenth time during this discussion and both of them smiling now and turning back to their friend.

“We are. Very sure and glad to join you all!”

It was Sinker assuring Hardcase they would be joining in the little trip with their friends after all. Seeing how much it meant for their friend in having the other two coming with.

“Alrighty then! I will make sure you have a spot on the ship!”

Hardcase was all smiles, having counted the duo already as part of their trip, so there was plenty of room. But, now that he had a formal agreement, Hardcase could not have been happier.

“So, we leave tomorrow afternoon, the planet is not far, only a few parsecs and we have a rented house for the night to stay in for all of us, so none of us have to worry about being the designated pilot!”

Hardcase had already prepped everything. Having planned the outing as soon as he knew they would have the time off. Wolffe having tried to calm him down, but Hardcase was far too eager to do this whole thing, so Wolffe had let his partner do his thing.

And so now, the group of clones were about to embark on a mini vacation together and have the time of their life while doing so.

“That sounds like a perfect plan!”

Boost chimed. As it was, their little camping outing was planned for a few days and so, taking two off to get off world would be simply fine. No issues for their schedules at all.

“I know, that is why I planned it so carefully. For us.”

Hardcase laughed as did Boost and Sinker too. It was perfect timing after all. To get out and have some fun with the boys and then, have their own special time together, in the middle of nowhere nature. Just the two of them. Simply perfect!